Hello to all my business fellows like me! Today I am going to discuss with you the difficulty of packaging that we usually face al through our busy days. Like, every problem has solution; you will agree that this packaging problem has solution in the form of cardboard boxes. Being a business holder, I really find it very helpful. I have been working for last ten years and observed what change and easiness these custom cardboard boxes have brought for all of us; whether we own business or not. To tell you the truth I must appreciate my supporters or trustworthy silent associates for their cardboard boxes wholesale. Oh! Don’t rush I will definitely tell you about them.

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Durable for Shipping Purpose

Cardboard boxes are not just boxes to package the things rather they are the outer layers to protect and preserve them from any damage and spoilage. These boxes are given proper strength and sturdiness by adding corrugated layers. Cardboard Packaging Boxes plays vital role as shipping cartons. I prefer these corrugated boxes as they have rows of air columns, which act as cushions for the material packaged inside. This cushioning facility of air columns makes them durable. Moreover, they are fundamental in providing protection against constant jerks, vibrations, and impact of repeated bumps. Undoubtedly, the safety of content packed inside depends on these boxes. Their strength and durability are extremely beneficial for the pile up position in the warehouse.

Cardboard Boxes

Advantages of Cardboard Boxes

The structural features make them ideal for custom packaging. They have a number of advantages associated with them. Here are some features, which will explain the advantages of using cardboard boxes packaging.


The manufacturing material used in the production of the cardboard boxes are cost effective. The raw material required to mold and fabricate these boxes are inexpensive in such a way, which makes them affordable for us, whereas the alternative materials can be costly. The manufacturing cost directly affect the prices of cardboard boxes wholesale. Moreover, they are lightweight and convenient to handle, load and unload.

Print Friendly

Another advantage of using these boxes is that they have better printing and graphics capabilities. These cardboard boxes have the ability to use different color pallets. Moreover, for digital printing, these cardboard boxes packaging are the best options. Bring your creative and innovative ideas for printed cardboard boxes. For these patterns, select your color scheme. In addition, you can also have assistance from the experts regarding printing.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Advertising and Information Tool

Custom cardboard boxes are very much helpful in advertising your brand in the market. For this, you can imprint cardboard boxes with company name, serial numbers, contact details, address details. Moreover, these cardboard boxes packaging can also be printed with informational details like barcodes, warnings, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates. Most importantly, these details should be printed in easy language that is comprehensible to the customers. The easily understandable language helps the customer in remembering your brand.

Environment Friendly

Since manufacturing, these custom packagings are environment-friendly. They maintain this status until it possesses any life. Moreover, the material used in the process and the procedure of the producing these custom cardboard boxes does not harm the environment and ecosystem. In addition to this, these boxes have recyclable capability, which further enhances its value as environmentally friendly. After having its primary usage, cardboard boxes do have secondary uses, where you can have personal utilization out of them.

Wide spread uses in various business fields

During my visit to market, I observe that cardboard boxes are widely used in various business fields.  The variety, which you can easily observe are shoeboxes, apparel boxes, archive boxes, toy boxes, CD/DVD boxes. In addition, bakeries also use cardboard boxes packaging which includes cake, cupcake boxes, and macaroon boxes. On the other hand, the variety of lunch boxes and custom packaging used by restaurants, small food stalls so on and so forth. Not only for shipment, these boxes are capable of securing lightweight objects at retail shops. Moreover, these printed cardboard boxes play a vital role in attracting your potential customers. Furthermore, the heavyweight industry of electronics also used these corrugated boxes because of the strength and sturdiness of these boxes.

Wholesale Cardboard Boxes


The further benefits of cardboard boxes include that these boxes are easily molded into different shapes. As cardboard is the only material, which is not only affordable, durable but also has the flexibility to show. These cardboard boxes packaging is given different shapes such as truffle box shapes, gable style, pyramid shapes, flip top, bottle shapes with handles etc. There is a huge assortment available of the Custom Packaging.

As display boxes

The commonly seen variety of custom cardboard boxes includes display boxes. These boxes are preferred by the various store honors to display their items small size products easily.  Using these boxes is an extremely beneficial trick to grab the attention of the customers and encourage the last minute impulsive purchasing. For instance, sharpeners, pencils in stationery shops, nail polish, liners, other cosmetic products in cosmetic shops and so on. To encourage impulse sales, the placement of the display cardboard boxes is extremely important. In addition, there are two types of display boxes; firstly, counter top and store floor. Both are vital in bringing the products into the limelight.

Fascination in baking field

I have seen fascination in the customers towards custom cardboard boxes to package their products. Above all, bakeries prefer these boxes for the packaging of cakes, pastries, chocolates and other bakery products. We have seen that people prefer these sweet for giveaway purposes. However, to make those gifts presentable printed cardboard boxes play an important role. Therefore, it is the requirement of the bakeries to have variety of elegantly designed boxes to package as per the demand of the customers and occasion. These cardboard boxes packaging is essentially utilized on the celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, New Year, anniversaries or other festivals. If you also own bakery business, then these boxes are the right options to flaunt your baking skills and products to others.

Printed Cardboard boxes

Importance of size

The size of Custom Cardboard Boxes matters a lot. It looks extremely odd to pack a product in an inappropriate in sized or outsized boxes. As there is a great variety available in the size of these boxes. Size range includes small truffle size, medium, 6 to 8 inches, standard size so on and so forth. Further classification in sizes includes 8×2×7/8″ jewelry boxes, 6×4×4″, 9 ½ ×5×5″, stripped boxes, 19 × 12×3″ two-piece apparel boxes. In addition to these, you can also have 31/2 ×3× 1″ and 7×5 ½ × 2 inches’ pillow style boxes. The benefit of the size is that the size of cardboard boxes packaging proportional to the size of the product. Moreover, there is another facility available in the form of divider. It means as per the demand of the customers is provided with dividers facility that adds to the simple structure of the boxes. These dividers not only enhance the appearance but also maintain the products in a better way.

Effective impact of Die cut windowpanes

To improve the aesthetic beauty of these cardboard boxes, you can add die cut designs. This addition can prove icing on the cake for you as well. To tell you the truth it really helps in attracting the customers. Moreover, it helps you to display your products without unwrapping it. These custom cardboard boxes also increase the shelf life of the products. Interestingly, these cut out are not confined to particular size or shape. They can be on the lid of the flip top boxes or sleeve boxes, on soapboxes, on the front of the truffle boxes. These cut outs can be of square shape, rectangular or flower cut or any other.

Cardboard boxes Packaging

My support in Packaging

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Lamination and Free Shipping

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