Today one of the main points of stress for almost every country’s government is the increase in tobacco consumption. Even though the government has increased the taxes and rates of cigarette in their countries to discourage smoking still there is no effect on consumption.  Today it is not the cigarette that sets men apart from the boys but the packing of the cigarette box. In the high class societies the packing of cigarette plays a vital role in determining the class of people. So today people often flaunt off their custom cigarette boxes to show their status and to set them apart from others. Even though cigarette has many harmful effects on our body still today class and image is everything so people who don’t even smoke carry a fascinating cigarette pack with them just to show off amongst their friends. Below is some of the unique and most popular cigarette packaging of 2017.

Cigarette boxes

Cheeky Smokers Rolling box

The packaging of this custom cigarette box has many beneficial aspects which makes it distinctive compared to others.  Well this cigarette box is what you would need if you want to maintain your image in your social circle. It has a rolling paper installed in this custom cigarette box which is not found in many classy cigarette boxed today. The bottom section of this cigarette packaging box has one large compartment and many smaller one to increase the capacity.  Well the best part is that even though it being so affordable it has another compartment holding a 50 mm grinder. So when it comes to buying any simple cigarette box from wholesale, this cigarette box beats the others and should be bought. As it is affordable and has some great qualities as discussed above.

Cigarette boxes

Vintage Wooden Cigarette Box

Well this unique custom cigarette box known as  Vintage Art Deco Wooden Cigarette box is one gem of a piece. As the name itself says that it is quite old and further we know that it is from between 1930s-1950s. So a custom cigarette box that is so old and vintage would be a symbol of class and show off for anyone who would own it. It may have some distinctive and attractive qualities that the cigarette packaging boxes these don’t have in them which may increase its value. So if you own this gem you would surely love to smoke more as you would have this awesome cigarette box. Maybe the price of this cigarette box may be high due to it being vintage and having some distinctive qualities that most of boxes don’t have in them still people would buy it. Well as far as the cigarette boxes are concerned this box would beat all the boxes of this century for sure.

Antique Middle Eastern Silver Cigarette Box

This custom cigarette box is a wonder in itself. Whoever would buy it would surely love this state of an art piece.  This cigarette box has a unique packaging that comes in two colors; silver and white. So if you like your cigarette box to be simple you could go for the white one. But if you like your cigarette box to be a bit classy and you want to show off then silver is the best one for you. The best part about the silver custom cigarette box is that you can use it for as long as you want and the color will not fade away. One of the main problem that people face today when they buy these fancy cigarette boxes is that their color fades away. But we present you this antique middle eastern box, which you can use for as long as you want and it would stay the same and will not lose its color. And the best part is that it is portable and could easily be carried in your pocket unlike many others who are so big they can only be carried in your hands. So if you are looking for a fancy cigarette box in a decent price range the I suggest you to buy this antique middle eastern cigarette box.

Cigarette boxes

White Metal Cigarette Box

This custom cigarette box is a solution to those people who are looking for a heavy and shiny cigarette box. This white metal cigarette box overcomes all the problems of weight and surface. As it is made of metal so it has a weight and due to its white color on metal gives it a nice shinny look.  The best part of this custom cigarette box is that it has two compartments.  One is for standard sized cigarette and the other one is for the king sized cigarette such as cigar. So you would not need to buy two different cigarette boxes when you can have the qualities of both in one. The main problem with most cigarette boxes is that if they fall down the have scratches all over them which gives them a dirty look. But this is not the case with this cigarette box as this is made of stainless steel so even if you rub it against the wall it will not lose its shinny surface. So I suggest you if you are looking for a heavy and stainless cigarette box to buy then his white metal cigarette box is the best option to buy.

Cigarette boxes

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