Mom, can I get this sweet cupcake for my friend’s birthday?

Yes, why not. Ok, which one would you like to give?

One, which has lovely pink packing with it.

Oh that one, that is really pretty.

Hello to the bakers and confectioners! Who is either home-based or have started their own bakeries. I have taken an initiative to make my bakery items recognized among my friends and family. I have been cooking and baking stuff for my family and acquaintances, often I bake cakes and stuff for my friends as a custom or for giving away as tradition. From innovation, in cakes and baking, I have made innovation in cupcake boxes to present my baked items too.

If you are wondering how I did the designing of my custom cupcake boxes and what changes has it brought to my kitchenette, stay with me till the end. I’ll tell you all the details and information about my supporters who actually helped me in achieving the best marketplace. Some of the companies and inspirations would be mentioned here too so that you could contact them if you want to.

Cupcake Boxes

Starting from logo to Recognition:

The major concern and difficulty which I had to face in making decision were to look for the logo and name. You can either choose your own name for the logo or the name that would definitely intrigue your customer. This is your first shot to attract the customer towards your product. Since I want cake boxes that will not only package my cake in them rather also help in advertisement of my product. After detail research of Cupcake Packaging Boxes online and on different sites which provides your ideas to create a name, I came to conclude the name of my company. Though I have started baking at home I was definitely not capable of doing such large investment on these boxes, hence, I tried and used different online sites to make logos to be printed on my customized cupcake boxes.


With the logo printed on custom printed boxes, you get recognition for your product and people will get to know you by your name or the name you have decided to tell your clients. There are few requirements of your logo as well

  • It should be related to the product selling.
  • It should be precise enough or one word so that would be easy to remember by the customers.
  • Visible on the background.

Classification of different designs:

Holidays are very special for everyone. It becomes even more special with the cake packaging boxes that are provided according to the event specialty. Therefore, to make it more special and rememberable I made some special efforts through printed cupcake boxes. Like special and unique designs for kids and young ones on Halloween, Christmas, and other events. Therefore, in all the decorations these boxes help in raising the shine of the party to a new level. For this, I have customized these cupcake boxes by adding balloons and small toys. Recently, I have started the offer to print them with the names or pictures as well for birthday celebrations for kids of all sizes and ages.

Custom Cupcake Boxes

Selection of color combinations:

The next major aspect that is to be kept in mind while printing cupcake packaging boxes for your cupcakes or bakery item is to follow the proper color combination. That follows that the background must be light and logo and printing should be dark or vice versa. The color combination of the cake boxes should not be that bright that it would itch the eyes rather smooth and attractive colors must be kept in sight. I have customized the color schemes according to the traditions and events. For instance, if you’re baking a customized cake for birthday party, you can customize the cake boxes according to the birthday party pattern. Which involves balloons and party poppers etc.? Here are some of the innovations you can make according to the occasion:

Packaging for various Events

With the balloons and party poppers and other birthday celebrations, you can print the cupcakes and cakes on the cupcake packaging boxes in which you have to put the cake. This will specify the box for cake. You can leave the space between blank so that you can write the name of the birthday person.

For bridal or for other casual functions, you can make customize cake boxes and then package them in multicolor printed cupcake boxes. Following the trend, I have started the scheme of 6-8 cupcakes all themed up for the event. Some of them have written while others have pictures customized on them. When you put such effort on the manufacturing of cakes, your cakes demand perfect cupcake packaging boxes for the protection as well. Thence, it is necessary to provide your customer with the option to return to you again with intriguing designs on customized cupcake boxes.

Cupcake Packaging Boxes

Boxes for Wedding Event

For events like bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries, I have options to imprint the custom cupcake boxes with the names and the picture of the bride and groom with some message showing the love to the newly married couple. In addition to this, for graduation parties I have the assortment to offer, customized and Custom Printed Boxes in the shape and designs of books, graduation hats, and gowns, which can easily be identified with the event, and celebration of the clients. When it comes to wedding, mostly cakes are in step and stories. So, to make the cakes protected you definitely need cupcake packaging boxes that will cover the sides of your cake and protect them from getting ruined. So, here comes the decision of selecting sizes. You have to select the measurements of the sizes and you have to make sure these measurements are in accordance to your sizes of cakes.

Sizes and Shapes:

Different sizes and shapes give different impact on your sales. So, with the different shape of cakes, you can change the shape of their cupcake packaging boxes as well. Well, the plus point is to both buyer and investor. Investor invests in variety while the buyers make sure they have options to select from diverse range of customized cupcake boxes. It becomes economical as well. The buyer looks for their budget and then select accordingly.

Customize Cupcake Boxes

Uniqueness with Window

Well, another trait that I have learned that has polished my packaging boxes is induction of window. If you want to enhance the appealing factor of your cupcake packaging boxes, this particular induction will definitely bring boost. This really helps in attracting the customers. In addition, with the help of window over these cake packaging boxes customers get the idea of the product inside. It helps customer get the idea if the product is fresh or not and if the icing or the topping of the mini cupcakes are done in a classy manner, your customer would definitely get attracted towards it.

After making your printed cupcake boxes all alluring from outside, it is time to look if check these customized cupcake boxes. As their base is eligible for handling the pressure and weight or not. This, you get to know by looking if the tabs are interlocked into one another properly or not.

Customization and classification

Another way of customizing the theme printing that is loved by the cute little kid customers. Different favorite cartoon characters are printed over cake packaging boxes for making it more attractive. For instance, characters like Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Cinderella are extremely attractive for cute little female customers. It is the case with adorable boys. They must be attracted to animated characters of superheroes. This variety really attracts potential customers. Truly, these Cupcake boxes help in boosting my business as well giving me recognition among my cute little but important customers.

Printed Cupcake Boxes

Boxes for Serving and Giveaway Purposes

The best part of these custom Cupcake boxes is that they can be used for both serving as well as giveaway purposes in the party. Instead of using simple cardboard made disposable packs and other accessories use Cupcake boxes to serve your guests.  Moreover, there is a trend and tradition to give thanksgiving favors to the guests at the end of attending the party. For instance, you can have truffle size customized cupcake boxes for giving favors to your friends and family attending the party after taking out time from their busy schedule.

For the customers, there is another way in which these Cupcake packaging boxes can play an important role. Most importantly they are given as invitations to the guests. Grab these printed Cake Packaging Boxes customized as per the theme of the party, printing all the important details of the party.

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