How are you going to manage your luggage to shift into another home?

Is that secure to have all your things in one box?

Are you going to have some cartons?

Well, these are some of the things that you can do with your custom corrugated boxes. They have helped me a lot when it comes to carrying out my things during shifting from one home to another. Here I have come across a lot of new ideas to use these corrugated boxes wholesale in new and innovative ways. I have used the same boxes even after getting my things shifted to the new house. So, it would not be wrong to say that these corrugated packaging boxes are best for securing your things even after they are used once. You can try these things on your home on your own. But before getting into the details of why these cardboard corrugated boxes are best for your use, it is necessary to understand them.

Many people confuse these corrugated boxes with Cardboard Boxes. Here, I have decided to make things easy and clear for you so that you can look for the type of boxes that will best go with your products.

Corrugated boxes

Difference between corrugated and cardboard boxes:

Corrugated boxes Cardboard boxes
They are three-layered boxes. The center layer of these boxes is curly and provides protection from physical factors. Cardboard boxes are best for lighter weight objects. They can be made hard by adding more thick layers but those are pasted without any spaces.
Most of the mailer boxes are corrugated and they are used for shipment purposes. Well, you need to protect them more as compare to corrugated boxes as they are not that hard.
Shoe boxes are usually corrugated boxes as that have to carry the heavy weight of sole. Most of the packaging boxes are made from cardboard. Like bakery boxes, candle boxes etc.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes for shipment:

When it comes to shipping of your things, we all get conscious about the security. So, corrugated boxes wholesale with the three layers to interlock the external pressure is best for your products. I have seen a lot of people wrapping bubble wrap before putting them for postage so, Custom Corrugated Boxes have these layers which works exactly like the bubble sheet which prevent pressure to break the brittle object. So, to make your objects landed safely to the destination, corrugated packaging boxes are the best option. Many of the printing and packaging companies like U-line make sure your products land safe and also provides you with the barcodes and other significant things so that you get the data of your consignments with you.

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Corrugated packaging for your shoe boxes:

Well, some of the products require corrugated packaging boxes for security purposes while some require these because of the weight. You have seen most of the shoe boxes are rough and are heavy. As they are designed to carry heavy weight. There are many shoe boxes that are manufactured with cardboard boxes but are not that reliable. When it comes to sports shoes or shoes with the heavy sole, the best choice is corrugated boxes with the printed logo of your company on the top. These Custom Boxes are usually used for men shoes.

These corrugated boxes when used for shipment usually has one piece that keeps them together but when it comes to shoe boxes, they can be one piece or you can make them separate with the lid.

Custom cardboard packaging

Boxes for storage:

Like I have mentioned earlier, these corrugated boxes have helped me a lot. There are different sizes in these corrugated packaging that helps keep things in them. Since they come in large sizes as well so you can use them for storage boxes or as your Archive Boxes. At the beginning of this blog, I have mentioned that these boxes are best for professional and personal use. So, if you are using these cardboard boxes for personal use, you can have them as your memo boxes. That I have mentioned in the last blog about the memos and how I have kept track of my memories. Similarly, you can use these boxes for storage of your memories or for the files if you want to use them on a professional basis.

Corrugated Boxes Wholesale

Printed corrugated boxes:

Now talking about professional use of these corrugated boxes, you can get them printed and for those designs, you can look at Vista Print that actually gives novel designs for your printing and packaging boxes. You can make them profitable for your business as that enhance the impact. If you have seen most of the Pizza Boxes are printed with the logo of the pizza makers and for that same purpose, you can get these corrugated boxes printed with your company logo and designs. Most of the pizza manufacturers use these printed corrugated boxes so that it not only keeps the pizza warm but also secure it in the process of delivery. I have got these corrugated boxes wholesale for my shipment process from Printcosmo printing and packaging boxes and definitely, I would recommend you the same.