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An incredible way to pack your adornments, undergarments, small trinkets, etc. is in pillow boxes. You can also use these as an alternative in place for apparel boxes. Because of their novel shape and structure, the container frames a pocket-like shape. You can get significant brand recognition by adding your logo onto your Custom Pillow Boxes.

Custom product boxes Designed at PrintCosmo Is usually manufactured by using paper board. You can Alter the Thickness of your folding boxes according to your requirement. There are several sizes available for the production of your pillow gift boxes.


You can order small boxes to pack in your jewelry and other small trinkets. To pack in your gifts, you can order medium-size boxes through our website. You also have the option to add a handle on top of your custom packaging boxes. Nowadays, people prefer to pack their gifts in these unique custom product boxes. When it comes to the mediums in which these boxes can be designed, PrintCosmo has got you covered. You can get your pillow boxes in any material ranging from a white stock, natural craft, corrugated cardboard, etc. However, you can also have these boxes in any customized colors that you like. The best part about the packaging supplies that we use at PrintCosmo is that all our products are eco-friendly. Which means that they can be recycled and reused several times

Pillow Boxes


But if you don’t want to order your pillow gift boxes because of an issue. We have an alternative for you. You can make these custom product boxes at home yourself as well by following the super easy step-by-step guide. By making these boxes at home, you will be able to Save Quite a few bucks. You can make Custom Folding Boxes according to the gifts that you intend to pack in the Kraft boxes.

Another advantage of printing your pillow boxes at home is that you get to play with a lot of creative ideas. For example, to decorate your Custom Packaging boxes you can make use of ribbons, lace, sequins, decorative tape, Etc.


Following Are the list of Packaging Supplies that you will need:

  1. Colorful card stock
  2. Adhesive glue
  3. Sharp plate or scissors
  4. A ruler
  5. Pen
  6. Ribbons, lace, and sequins for decoration

Step 1: select your design from the internet and print it

First of all, you need to decide the theme of your pillow boxes. After doing that, you will be able to look up patterns and designs on the Internet more effectively. After choosing your design, you can print it out. For example, you can make your Pyramid Boxes by following a Halloween theme. You can search and print the design of a jack o lantern and paste it onto your box.

Step 2: Cut out the shape of your box

Cut Around the container design by following the dark lines. Your pillow gift boxes will only be able to hold in your items and stay sturdy if the cuts that you make are sharp. Otherwise, it will collapse and fall apart. Using a sharp knife may destroy the surface of the table that you are working on so do not forget to lay down a cutting mat beforehand. If you are doing this DIY with your kids, then handle the art blades yourself as they are very sharp.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Step 3: Assemble the pillow box

Score along every one of the two straight overlay lines and the four bent crease lines in red. Make use of a pen to make an indent on the cardstock.

Step 4: Glue together any loose ends

The glue that you use in this project is essential. If it is not of good quality then your custom pillow boxes will break very soon. So, it is important to invest in premium quality glue. Tenderly squeeze the two box edges that you just glue together, making the top and base bow out. Voila! Your custom packaging box is now ready to be used. You can now decorate it any way you like.

Just by using this guide, you will be able to make several types of boxes. For example, pyramid boxes, square cardboard boxes, folding boxes, diamond-shaped boxes, Etc.


Now that we have given you a detailed guide on how to make your pillow boxes at home. We will also let you know about the perks that you will get here at PrintCosmo if you choose us. We excel at manufacturing custom packaging boxes regardless of the nature of the Die Cut Box. We can make all kinds of Custom Product Boxes. But all we need is the theme of the box that you have in mind and requirements that you want us to fulfill. By telling us about the color choice of your box as well as the shape and size, we will produce a box that will match all these details.

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