When it comes to business and packaging the companies are looking for solutions which are feasible and bring a lot of ease to their packaging needs. In today’s times when customers are given the option of getting the products delivered anytime anywhere, it would help the businesses to get hold of packaging which is safe for transfers and would be economical for them. If you are looking for options that would be safe for all kinds of shipping then die cut boxes are something you need to know about.

Die-Cut Boxes

The die cut boxes can either be in the shape of folding cartons or come in rigid boxes that retain their shape no matter where they go. For heavier items, the latter is a better option since the box keeps its shape intact to prevent the items inside it from getting damaged. Another thing which works for the benefit of the die-cut boxes is that can be wrapped and designed in creative ways to boost the businesses and help them make more sales. The die cut packaging boxes are used to ship candies and confectionery items, healthcare products and other food items which would otherwise go bad if not shipped with care. Depending on the amount which needs to be shipped, the size of the die-cut boxes may vary. Moreover, you can even save yourself a lot of money if you choose to buy the diet-cut boxes wholesale since it will discount for you.

In the recent times, a trend has been observed in the die cut boxes and the wrapping techniques which are involved with them. Companies are looking for economical yet creative ways through which they can design and decorate their boxes. It also serves as a marketing tactic especially cause the box will ultimately be traveling long distances.

1.     Thermochroic heat

This is the new add-on which is being used for die-cut boxes. Since it is summer time in most parts around the world, the boxes will be subjected to higher temperatures. So, why not use it to add a creative touch to the design of the boxes. Most of the companies are looking for thermochromic ink in their design. When subjected to heat, the ink reveals itself along with the design hidden with it. It is a challenge to use it to the companies advantage and this is what is making it such a hit.

Die-Cut Boxes

2.     Fragrant boxes

How would you feel if you had to open up the die cut packaging boxes to feel a burst of fruity flowery smell revive your senses? Wouldn’t it be a refreshing and surprising effect especially since it is not something you would expect from a die cut box? This is the reason companies are investing in including fragrant bursts in their packaging solutions to catch their customers at the receiving end off-guard. If it is a food item which is being shipped, the boxes can contain a smell of one of the ingredients of the products to get the taste buds tingling even before they get a taste of what is inside the box.

3.     Glistening details

Have you noticed that most of the packaging boxes nowadays contain details in the shades of silver or gold? This is because these two shimmery colors add a touch of royalty to the boxes and give them a premium look which can make the customer feel valuable and important. It may not be the main part of the color scheme but certain details can be highlighted using the metallic colors or shades of silver and gray to have them glisten when exposed to light.

4.     Lamination

It not only makes the whole packaging look more professional but also adds to the protective factors associated with the items that can easily get damaged. Laminating the box once it is packed will give it a more premium feel too. Custom die cut boxes can be made more secure this way and the designing can be protected from all sorts of wear and tear which can affect the box and its overall shape during the shipping process.

Die-Cut Boxes

Moreover, there are so many options which can be made use of when you decide on laminating the box for a more glossy finish. You can either go for the routine glossy laminate which is commonly available or tries to wrap the box with matt laminate cover. You can also go for a more sleek look with the silk laminate. When you weigh your options for wholesale die cut boxes, this is one thing you will have to decide upon to avail better discounts on the final products.

5.     Glow in the dark

Who doesn’t love things that glow in the dark? From kids to the adults, we all have a thing for the stuff which glows in the dark. Having packaging designed with ink which glows in the dark will make it easier for the authorities to find your boxes no matter what time of the day it is but also arouse a sense of excitement in your clients when they receive the custom die cut box. For added effects, you can issue special instructions so that the box gets shipped to its destination at night to have the add-on make the statement you would want it.

Die-Cut Boxes

So, if you are looking to give your own personal effect to the custom die cut boxes you order for your business, make use of one of the add-on options we have discussed above. They are economical and would give your boxes the stand-out feature needed to give you a competitive edge. Getting wholesale die cut boxes will save you a lot of money and would allow you to account for the added cost which will come with these fancy add-ons. It is these little things which help make all the difference whenever it counts. When dealing with customers it is these little efforts which can take the business to new heights of success.