Bottle packaging has taken the world by storm as newer designs are coming to life with new packaging ideas for wine bottles and other liquors. Bottle packaging boxes are the most popular packages for giveaways and takeaways at food chains all around the world.

Bottle packaging

Online researchers show their increasing popularity amongst restaurants for food delivery and takeouts. Bottle packagings not only protect the juices and drinks for a longer time period but also are added with boundless customization options for servings.

Best designs for glass bottle packaging!

The most appreciable thing about Bottle packaging boxes are that they are manufactured from a high-quality reliable material which not only gets molded in every shape and texture easily but also gives unlimited designing options such as coloring, fonts, themes etc. You can add as many colors and combinations as your imagination conceive.

Special fonts can also be utilized to add more beauty and make the box an outstanding piece. As a matter of fact, these bottle packaging boxes may be availed in every shape and every size. CMYK coloring options are widely available with technologically advanced setups that will definitely offer the box with a fantastic and amazing look, a fantasy which is marked with the flavor of your ideas and approach.

Bottle packaging

How is Bottle packaging boxes created?

Printcosmo starts its packaging services from the scratch to make Custom packaging Bottles the most suited packages for your food items and other giveaways. The most remarkable packaging material is picked after cautious examination to give eco-accommodating substance. From that point forward, exceptionally advanced technology give boxes the shapes which coordinate with the surfaces and styles of your items.

Exceptional manufacturing and inserts inside the boxes are added to make handlings for bottle packaging boxes. You can employ a number of other options that can give the best look at your boxes. It must be noted here that if you are confused about the design and colors, you can use Google as the major source for the latest designs. We are moderate with major emphasis on printing and other processes. We design the best boxes by keeping your ideas and requirements in our mind.

Chipboard versus Layered container bundling bottle packaging boxes

When choosing packaging ideas for your product and business, it’s anything but difficult to get so you must finalize one concept for designing and remain stick to it for all the products. Be that as it may, the kind of container box you select is similarly as critical as the pictures you print outwardly.

There’s a ton that goes into figuring out what kind of box is best for the product and that will go with requirements, yet to start with, you should attempt to comprehend the contrasts between chipboard versus layered boxes so you can choose which one will work best for your business.

Layered Boxes: an attractive approach!

At the point when individuals think about the expression “cardboard box,” as a general rule, they’re really imagining folded boxes. On the off chance that the case you’re imagining has fluted, fan-like folds squeezed between two durable layers of cardboard.

Bottle packaging

Regularly, ridged boxes are utilized to transport massive and heavier things or delicate things that need extra care, as the folds give additional quality to strength and durability. Creased cardboard is additionally the material that bottle packaging custom boxes are by and large made out of since they can deal with stacked loads and are sufficiently tough to withstand the normal pressure while shifting.

Creased boxes are frequently reused while moving; sending extensive machines and mostly mobile phones, and they can even be utilized for transporting sensitive things like plants and animals. These boxes are designed in such a manner that they can be helpful with all kinds of materials. They’re likewise an ecologically mindful alternative, as they can be produced using reused materials. Also, we’re glad to state that our folded boxes are 100% recyclable.

Chipboard Boxes

Now that you’re sure about the meaning of a layered box, you might ponder what chipboard is. Chipboard is frequently built from reused paper (not wood, as the name may recommend) that has been layered and squeezed into an assortment of thicknesses.

Chipboard is utilized for die cut cutting tasks, in scrapbooking materials (like those offbeat, raised letters and outlines you use to add life to the pages), as envelope stiffeners, and even on the backs of scratch pad and notebooks.

Like a large number of our other container styles and uses, chipboard packs and give additional pad to items that may have an odd shape or may be particularly delicate. Chipboard custom boxes are normally parceled with the goal that every individual item is secured. Frequently, chipboard bundling can be somewhat less expensive than the layered choice, and it, for the most part, takes up somewhat less space and weighs not as much as a riged box. It’s a given that it’s likewise recyclable.

Ideally, we’ve cleared up any misinformation you may confront when choosing layered cardboard and chipboard boxes. Both give additional help to guarantee the security and protection of your items and obviously both can be customized to any shape and size so as to add appeal to the business,

Bottle packaging boxes and glass bottle packaging boxes, in particular, has a lot to offer us as only bottles can be maintained with the best packaging. It is important to notice here that people are using these, particularly for wine bottles.

Bottle packaging

Still, have questions about what box is right for you? If you’re ready to get started on your own design or want to place an order, reach out today to get in touch with one of our box experts to get started.

You can get in contact without top representatives and you can get sample designs as well. This will help you in getting the best wholesale bottle packaging idea. With Love, Team Pritcosmo!