E-commerce has grown exponentially over the past few years. To put this in figures, statistical data reveals that retail e-commerce fetched $ 1.3 trillion in revenue in 2014. This amount has grown to $ 2.3 trillion for the year 2017 and is expected to reach $ 4.8 trillion by 2021.

From a customer’s point of view, e-commerce allows one to visit a shop at any hour of the day. Moreover, clients will not have to physically go out to marketplaces and have to go through the hassle of buying a product of their choice. They can find their desired products at home and can make a comparison with other suppliers relating to quality, prices, and lead time.

From business’s point of view, online trading allows expansion to distant areas and eliminates the geographical limitations. Moreover, with SEO tools, businesses advantage by gaining new customers. Similarly, businesses can make use of an algorithm that reads a visitor’s activity and buying habit. This allows for an expansion of product range.

Custom Finger Chips boxes

How Packaging Plays Its Role in Securing Your Sales?

As it is with all online traders, the first impression that is left on a client is when they receive their order. Hence, businesses are equally concerned about the packaging as much as they are about the product itself. The goodwill of your business also builds up with the packaging. Excellent packaging has now become a prerequisite for any business.

If you want your business to stand out from the rest, you would need custom packaging boxes. The unique style of your custom packaging boxes becomes your identity. These boxes can be embossed or the cover can be designed with the laser cut. A hot stamping or a gloss lamination can give your packaging boxes a luxurious outlook. There are numerous ways to design your Custom Packaging Boxes. Are you looking for free quotations for custom packaging boxes?

Finger Chips Packaging Boxes

If you are an eBay entrepreneur or have your products listed on Alibaba, your products are being reached by potential customers worldwide. When shipping your orders, it is utmost important that your products reach in their actual state. Items differ from each other in their characteristics. Some are very delicate items such as wine or perfume, or they could be rigid items such as items that are made from steel. In addition, each product within an industry differs in size from other product. Consider, for instance, hospitality industry. It supplies crockery items in large supplies, each batch different from the other. Multiple designs of glassware, plates or bottles need to be shipped. Similarly, an electronic industry ships items such as laptops, televisions, and refrigerators among many others. While shipping items, there exists an inherent danger of items colliding with each other.

In order to avoid such mishaps from happening, it is necessary that the items be packed in custom shipping boxes. Consider a scenario where a product that was shipped, was found damaged. You are not only bearing a loss on that specific sale but also losing a client for an entire business life. Thus, items such as LCDs or laptops would require a slim shipping box, while hospitality industry would require Custom Shipping Boxes, each made specific to stock requirements. Experts are of the view that companies using custom shipping boxes tend to earn more sales revenue than companies plain packaging boxes.

Printed Finger Chips Boxes

These boxes can be tailor-made taking into account product’s characteristics and client’s requirements. Available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, you can choose a whole variety of custom shipping boxes from the available stock or mention your requirements for our experts to design for you. to talk to experts our now!

Wait! It’s Not Over Yet

If you own a small food business or a well-established fast-food chain, you must be offering finger chips. Before proceeding, let us talk a little about what stock can be used for manufacturing of finger chips boxes.

  • 18PT / 300GSM
  • 24PT / 400GSM
  • 18PT Kraft / 300GSM
  • 24PT Kraft / 400GSM
  • 18PT Metallic / 300GSM
  • 24PT Metallic / 400GSM

Finger Chips boxes

Finger chips boxes must not be too deep to dig nor should they be too small that fries spill out. When customizing your finger chips boxes, we offer our clients with complete freedom of designing. Whether you want to imprint your company logo or want to have any promotional text, printed Finger Chips Boxes can be very helpful.

Since packaging is considered the fifth P in marketing terminology, a good packaging box surely does leave a good impression on customers. Our company offers a wide range of solution to your packaging needs. Our packaging solutions are environment-friendly and strictly comply with the prevailing safety standard. To find out more about our product range, aesthetics, promotional offers, and discounts, visit our website PrintCosmo.Com before it’s too late!