How have you packaged tiffin for your school going?

Not asking what have you packaged but what do you look before putting something in the food packaging box?

Well, when I did a survey of these food packaging boxes, I came to realize that these food packaging boxes are made perfect with the use of food grade material in manufacturing. Paper boxes, Kraft boxes, and corrugated boxes are the cardstock usually used in the manufacturing of these food boxes. Here, I have mentioned three types of food boxes that actually covers all type of food packaging. Different food products require different packaging. along with different packaging, they also require different material to support and protect its product from inside. For this purpose, I have mentioned three types of packaging boxes that covers your food from morning Cereal Box to the junk pizza boxes.

Food boxes

  1. Paper food boxes:

Well, you have seen different carry bags that use to have food inside and that helps in making them attractive and secure your food at the same time. You must have seen most of the food delivery companies get these wholesale bag sacks that are brown in color. Most of the food packaging companies prefer to use wraps. These are used in printing and can be manufactured with the auto lock style but pasted. They are perfect for taking away. Well, you might be surprised that the only difference between different packaging boxes is because of the medium used. They are usually in brown sheet but they can be in different colors and well. You can get some of the printing ideas from Amazon Printing Press who print materials.

Paper food boxes

  1. Kraft food boxes:

Well, when comes to Kraft boxes, you can see that most of the packaging is brown and preferably lightweight. They are perfect for carrying out and storing food in these boxes. Well, these boxes and board box boxes are usually the boxes that are used in the manufacturing of cardboard boxes. These are used for cereal boxes and often induced with die cuts as well. They are not manufactured with hard and stiff cardboard but one thing that is really obvious about these Cardboard Food Boxes is that they have proper interlocking tabs that help in keeping the cereal or any product of your use safe and protected from falling down.

Kraft food boxes

  1. Corrugated food boxes:

If you are familiar with the corrugated boxes, you might know that the curled layer between the two layers make one unit and that is called corrugated boxes. These are usually used when you have to put your food through home delivery. Most of the Pizza Boxes are corrugated and they help in securing your pizza during delivery.

These corrugated cardboard boxes are used in the manufacturing of custom food boxes that are heavy or larger in number. You can put more burden and number of fruits in these corrugated boxes. You can add fruits if you want them to be delivered from one place to another or you can use these cartons for other purposes as well.

Corrugated food boxes

Properties of food packaging material:

When comes to the packaging of food in packaging boxes, you need to be really careful that what material it should be and how can you make your food more protected even if that material comes in direct in contact with the food.

Most of the wholesale food boxes suppliers make sure they use food grade technology to manufacture these boxes. It is the protective covering that keeps the food secure from fungi or getting soggy if the steam affects the cardboard of these packaging boxes. It is the lamination that covers the food packaging boxes from inside and outside. You can completely rely on custom food boxes by Printcosmo as they use high standard technology to manufacture these food boxes.

Custom Food Packaging

What are Takeout boxes/ Gable boxes:

Take out boxes Gable boxes
These can be of any of the above stock as the only thing that has made them popular among the market is their use. Similar to takeout boxes these boxes have also gained their repute in the market because of the purpose they serve.
Manufactured in different styles and usually have a logo of the company on them. They can be flip box or like container. They are auto lock and can’t be manufactured in any other bottom base. They have handled that make them capable of being used as bags or containers at the same time.
Chinese Takeout Boxes or simple takeout boxes are usually for restaurants takeout. They can be used as Party Boxes or as the takeout boxes. So, it would be okay to say that these boxes are type of takeout boxes but manufactured with Kraft paper usually.

Wholesale Food Boxes

What type of Lunch boxes are best?

Well, lunch boxes are the best. Because they can be in different shapes and sizes. Not every day is a good day. Sometimes, all you do is to make the food and as being in hurry you forget to eat. So, get your lunch boxes for your kids. If you are the person who is looking for the Lunch Boxes wholesale, you better get the printed lunch boxes. Since they are best and that gives you an opportunity to advertise as well. So, it is better to use lunch boxes that are perfect in shape and sizes and also send you messages or contact information about your company.