No matter how valuable, and superior the products are, they never go anywhere without the proper packaging. If you sell beverages, bakery products, medicines, or garments, you need to make sure that you have an outstanding appearance & extra care for the elegant custom boxes. At the best market rate, our Gable Boxes are provided. This is because we want our consumers to please themselves with our high quality and inexpensive packaging boxes. For your business, our packaging cases are of great value. The materials are environmentally sustainable. Our boxes satisfy your packaging requirements and also protect the environment.

At the highest discount price, we sell inexpensive gable sets. We not only have affordable boxes but have made these boxes with high-quality material to safely and securely supply the items. To avoid any dissatisfaction, we build these boxes with durable stuff. We will add Windows to these gable boxes if you want your items to be noticeable. You may also add pictures, text, and other ornamental elements to make your products appealing. We craft these boxes with numerous captivating colors for jewelry pieces. We print these gable boxes with specific designs, according to the requests of our clients. Print Cosmo is an American company and a top gable box maker. We operate in the USA, but our customers are around the world. This popularity has only been earned from our consistency and competitive rates. We respect our clients and support our consumers with our product packaging.

Quick turnaround

Our gable boxes are provided at the expected time, no matter the number. In 6 to 10 business days, we send our items. Regardless of the number, we do not sacrifice the standard of our boxes. Your goods will be delivered directly to you promptly at your doorstep.

Free shipping

We supply all customers in the USA with gable boxes free of charge. Free shipping doesn’t mean we charge our boxes additionally. Our packing boxes are sold to our consumers and various businesses in the USA at the lowest selling cost. We are equipped with high-quality gable cartons for safe security, shipping, and distribution of your goods. You should contact our designers if you need any help with your packaging. Hundreds of models are crafted by our graphic artists to help our consumers select their preferred packaging boxes. To receive free models, you can contact our designers anytime.