Do you ever face difficulty in choosing the gift for your friends and family?

And you have so many options for the gift but you keep thinking about the packaging?

So, if you also think about such stuff, then you might be interested in these custom jewelry boxes. These kraft jewelry boxes are mostly very elegant and more than one thing can be stored in them because they have foam inserts inside of them. These custom jewelry packaging boxes are available in different colors, designs, or even in different printing. It depends what type of gift you want to give and does it have to be jewelry or something apparel related can also be added in it, they are usually handmade boxes in which jewelry is put.

You might be wondering that why jewelry boxes are needed to make the outcome look more attractive and how that can be done? Well, this blog is to help you in making special packaging for your gifts. But these are some requirements of custom printed boxes which should be satisfied:

Jewelry Boxes

Look for:

  1. Quality is the key, it is the basic structure of cardboard Jewelry Boxes.

So, it is essential to use the finest quality.

  1. Excellence in printing to make the outlook attractive.
  2. Neat edge cutting
  3. Cover/laminate to assure the protection of printing for a long time.

After fulfilling these quality check points about custom jewelry packaging, here are some characteristics that will help you influence your clients and also the receiver of these Cosmetic Packaging boxes.

Printed jewelry boxes

  • Printed jewelry boxes:

Here is the one option to make the appearance more attractive and less time-consuming. This is by getting your jewelry boxes in different designs and in different printing. With the Printed jewelry boxes, the exterior of boxes can be really charming and attractive. The first look at the box says it all. So, if you are giving these kraft jewelry boxes to your loved ones on some specific occasion, you might like to add a card or a greeting or get custom printed as per the occasion requires. Staples has so many designs and color combinations that can give you really great ideas for your greeting cards.

For instance, if you are planning to give the printed jewelry box on the occasion of birthdays as birthday present, it would be really cool if the box has wishes on them. Similarly, you can add color themes as your options as well.

Custom Jewelry Packaging

Color theme:

You can get the whole box colored with its base, printing doesn’t mean that you need to get these jewelry boxes in sort of wishes for the occasion. Cover of these boxes can be customized according to the color themes of the occasion. For example, if you are giving these cardboard jewelry boxes for Christmas boxes or for holidays, you can combine the colors of white green and white or according to what suits it. Or If you are giving it on valentine’s day, red would be the best option.

  • Flip over custom packaging boxes:

With the Flip over Handmade Jewelry Boxes, you make sure there is only one piece and it turns over when it is opened. So, it either have magnetic lid to be flipped from the top of the flaps are made in style of ribbon attachments. Printing can be added inside and outside too for making it engaging and beautiful for your receiver.

You can embed in them to make the product secure and protected. These flip boxes are generally handmade. Depending on your product you can also get these boxes in cardboard style. If your object is not heavy, I would suggest you use short end boxes as they are easy to collect. But if you are using heavy boxes like for shipment purpose, I would suggest you use with thick Cardboard Boxes.

Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

  • Foiled Logo Kraft jewelry boxes wholesale:

All you need is not only printing as per occasion but you also need printing as per the foiling. You need foiling in gold and silver as to make the outlook great. Most of these handmade jewelry boxes are embossed in the matte lamination. You can get them done as per your requirement and in the sizes and shapes of your requirement as well. You can get them from Printcosmo printing and packaging boxes as per the requirement.

Handmade Jewelry boxes

  • Unique gift boxes:

As we are talking about printing and logos, I also wanted to tell you how to enhance the charm of your gifts or products. You don’t have to be limited with the boxes like you can add a set of shirt, tie and cuffs in one box and name that box unique gift box similarly you can add jewelry and other products too and name it as cosmetic packaging box. You can get ideas of printing from Vista Print and other printing companies to make your box printing appropriate and accurate for the accessories like shirts, jewelry items etc. This could be a gift to your loved ones. And feel free to think new ideas and create gift boxes of your choice.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes

  • Promotional cardboard jewelry packaging boxes

It is not important to promote your photos with custom box and logo on it. There are many ways through which promotion can be done. You can select gift of your choice like keychain, mugs etc. and put them in the same box. Along with that you not always have to send the gifts rather most of the times, giveaways are really important for promotion. It really helps in the promotion of your product as well as the company. It is best for beginners, and they can come up with innovative ideas.