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Kraft Boxes have revolutionized the world with their multiple uses. They have brought ease in our lives with respect to packaging of so many different products. Although market has a variety of cardboard boxes nowadays, people prefer Kraft made boxes to cardboard for number of reasons. First, they are user and eco-friendly, as they are made from excellent pine wood material. These boxes are completely recyclable. Secondly, they are sturdy enough to hold the product or products safely in themselves. Thirdly, the pine pulp plays a vital role in the manufacturing of the quality boxes.

Resistance of kraft paper box

Kraft boxes have great quality of resistance. These days Kraft paper is much recommended by the companies and customers. Kraft is a special type of material, which can bear all kinds of pressures. Moreover, these boxes have the ability to add corrugated layers, which gives it more strength and sturdiness. Another reason for wide use of custom Kraft boxes is their recyclability, which makes them eco-friendly and cost-effective. Moreover, they also have the biodegradable feature that is extremely important. They can bear most of the adverse climatic conditions like moisture/humidity, heat, and even shock. In other words, they are very beneficial because they can easily protect the products within the boxes intact and prevent any damage.

Custom kraft boxes

Variety of Designs

Kraft boxes are flexible enough to manufacture and mold into different shapes and sizes. They are employ in different fields of business and houses for easy packaging.  These custom Kraft Boxes can easily have shaped into oval, rectangular, and square. Moreover, requirement of size is also considered of high importance when it comes to packaging different articles and objects. These boxes are use as bakery packaging, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, perfume packaging, soapboxes, apparel boxes, counter display boxes and so on.  Furthermore, there is huge variety that you can avail in different designs e.g. flip top, window boxes, sleeve boxes and much more. Different cut out shapes is vital in appealing to your customers. This die cuts windows are also helpful when you want to give clue about the product without opening it.

Importance and Availability of different sizes

When it comes to custom boxes, their size always matters. Because same standard size is not suitable for different products. Although all the boxes have same basic features for different size and number of products; change in size and shape of the boxes is necessary. For instance, 8×2×7/8″ jewelry boxes, 6×4×4″, 9 ½ ×5×5″, stripped gable boxes, 19 × 12×3″ two-piece Kraft apparel boxes. In addition to these, you can also have Kraft pillow boxes of 31/2 ×3× 1″ and 7×5 ½ × 2 inches. Furthermore, you can avail assortment of one-piece Kraft gift boxes. On the other hand, for heavyweight consignment avail, Kraft boxes as their strength and sturdiness protect your delicate products from damage and dirt. To conclude, you can say that boxes of various sizes are available for packaging of different kinds of products.

Kraft gift boxes

Personalization and its benefits

When you talk about personalization, it means to have effective, efficient and faster interaction with the customers. Using these Kraft boxes provides you with a number of benefits. Highly concentrated benefit of these boxes is that they are print friendly. You can print and personalize them in different ways including printed patterns or can embellish them with stickers, stamps, ribbons and so on. Custom Kraft boxes have graphics capabilities that support printing options such as lithographic [shortly known as litho], digital and even screen printing. In addition to artwork, you can also print significant details of your products and company. This printing of details will bring your brand into limelight and boxes will become a marketing medium as well. Other than electronic and social media, printing over custom boxes benefits you in communicating directly with your customers in easy and affordable way.

Avail for Gift Packaging

If you want to give gifts or make statement, then do not get confused make right choice by using Kraft boxes customize for giveaways. Whether you want to give wedding gift or birthday gift, these boxes are best options. These custom Kraft boxes are personalizing according to the events, festivals or any upcoming celebrations.  Therefore, whatever the event is you can have them themed and schemed properly. For instance, Christmas, Easter, new year, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers or any religious event. Even they can be utilized as favor boxes in corporate parties. Moreover, custom Kraft boxes are your problem solver, as they are not gendered or age biased. Therefore, you can use them to gift anyone and of any age.

Kraft boxes wholesale

Food Packaging

Kraft boxes make the perfect packaging option for food items. They are made into a variety of shapes and sizes with sturdy material. These boxes usually come with handles that make the carriage of food items convenient. These custom boxes are preferred in bakeries for cake, pastries, cupcakes, macarons packaging and so on. Moreover, these boxes can be used to pack lunches for your kids, husband and even for your own self with ease, as they are firm enough to carry weight. These custom Kraft boxes are even preferred by the restaurants. These boxes efficiently package the food and help their customers in easy handling. Moreover, they are also helpful in promoting your brand and product on the market.

Cardboard Boxes

As I told you before, Kraft boxes are much preferred these days; but Cardboard Boxes have their own importance as well. They are so important that a product without such boxes seems to be incomplete. For almost every kind of product, there is number of assortment available. The structural features of custom boxes make them ideal for packaging. They have a list of advantages associated with them. Inexpensive raw material used for the production and fabrication of the boxes made them affordable for the customers. Well-designed and aesthetically appealing customization on these boxes will grab the attention of the people and will provoke the urge to become your customers.

Kraft Packaging boxes

Comparison b/w two types of boxes

Kraft and Cardboard boxes share a lot of qualities. For instance, both are eco-friendly and have the ability to be recycled and reused for different purposes. Like former, the later type is also available and used in different divisions of large and small-scale business sectors. Moreover, they both are customized into different shapes, sizes, and designs to attract the customer. This feature helps to increase the sales. In addition, they both are very much preferred to package and safely deliver large consignments across the town or across the boundaries. Both types of custom boxes are manufactured in such a way that they remain affordable for the customers. However, Kraft boxes are bit expensive because of its manufacturing process and extra layering, but it provides more strength and sturdiness.

Recommendation of the Company

In today’s era, internet has changed the world into a global village everything is a touch away.  This facility has made life too easy especially in the case of purchasing. However, you still have to be very careful in this regard, as you can be tricked easily as well. As per the range of custom Kraft boxes, there are so many companies advertising with almost similar variety of boxes on the internet. This thing will blow your mind. However, for the people who are about to start any kind of small or large-scale business or have already started their business, I would love to recommend a company. Printcosmo a custom packaging company, offering you best quality Kraft boxes. This company has the experience of so many remarkable years in this field. This company has been really working hard to bring new and innovative ideas fulfilling all the quality checks.

Kraft Boxes

Impressive Services with Quality

There is number of facilities, which Printcosmo provides to its customers. In addition, this company provides a number of free features to the customers. To name a few, they provide

  • Free custom quote
  • Free sampling
  • Free die cut designs
  • Free gold and silver charges
  • No plate charges
  • Free design assistance

Furthermore. The orders are taken in as much small quantities as possible. The delivery of timing of the company is also commendable. As they deliver the order of custom Kraft boxes in fastest possible time. In other words, they are very much punctual about their deliveries.  Most importantly, all the quality measure is strictly checked before supplies are sent.

Lamination and Stock

Lamination technologies are getting advanced with the passage of time. Therefore, this company uses effective glazing. Moreover, these Kraft boxes are given proper coating of lamination to secure the colors and details printed on the boxes. For lamination, there are multiple options present to avail which give fine finishing look. These options include matte, gloss, aqueous, spot UV and semi matte UV.  These laminations not only protect printing over boxes but also make them heat and atmospheric resistant. This quality glazing also aids in protecting the product packed inside the boxes from atmospheric changes. Their stock of custom Kraft boxes includes from 14 to 18 and 24 in Price Target. Other varieties in store consist of White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, and 120lb.

Furthermore, company is 24/7 available. You can contact them any time on their given numbers and message on their web page to ask anything relative to Custom Boxes. So, if you like my suggestion then comment below and get in touch with the company to have a good experience.