You will get internet flooded with the web pages flooded with the paper boxes that can be printed and that can be used for your business and stuff. You don’t always have to invest in things that you believe you can do on your own. I believe strongly in making things and experimenting with the color combinations and structures so that you not only evolve new things but you get to learn a lot. So, here is what I will try to convey in this blog. Not only the method of making these paper boxes but also some of their uses.

Custom paper boxes for storage:

Let’s begin with the easiest one and the most resourceful one. You cannot deny the fact that we look for every opportunity to store things that we know are close to heart or can be restored. Since, we’re talking about Custom Paper Boxes here it so it would be wrong to expect that these paper packaging boxes is going to hold a lot of stuff in it. These paper packaging boxes helps on keeping the small things stored.

You can use them to store your pencils and erasers. You can make pencil box and add your pencils in it if not than other stationery items can be stored in it like your bookmarks, paper clips and other stuff. All you really need to make these paper boxes is proper template from google and basic stationery items. Follow the instructions and you will get to the ultimate result that is paper boxes.

Paper Boxes

Paper packaging for gift boxes:

Since, these custom boxes cannot handle a lot of pressure or heavy objects, it is recommended to use these paper packaging boxes for light weight objects. You can give different shapes to your paper boxes and then put your jewels in it or you can add other small gifts as well.

If there is some special occasion lined up, you have best chance to surprise your loved one by putting gift in it. The best part of these custom paper boxes is that you can write on it. If you are using a paper that is corrugated or Kraft in nature, you can add a small chit to it. For gift boxes, you can add ribbons and flowers on it. This way its is best and new than using outdated gift papers again and again. That not only make the things boring but also expected. The best thing is to add the element of surprise in your gifts.

Hexagonal paper boxes:

Here is what makes these paper boxes valuable. Experiment with the shape. Although, it seems difficult to make something that has not being experimented before but that is something that makes you different as well. So, all you need is to get a pattern of hexagonal Custom Boxes on Pinterest or Google. After getting that get your basic stationery that is:

  • Pencil, eraser, marker
  • Ruler
  • Paper stock of different colors
  • Glue and scissor for sure

After getting all these lined up, just follow the instructions. There are two ways you can make these boxes either with separate lids or with the lids attached. If you want to give them as gift boxes for birthdays you can make these boxes as the size of cake and can decorate it in the same way. That will look as cake that can be opened.

Paper boxes for valentine treat:

Valentine is all about hearts and red colors. So, you just follow the trend and make them look amazing for your special ones. You can add a heart die cut in the center of these boxes and wrap them with the red ribbon. You can add sweets, biscuits or anything that you want in these paper boxes. This is the basic idea in which you can use your paper boxes.

Another really creative gift that you can give to your loved one is the box contain some of the reasons to love him/her. Or you can make open up letters. It can either have something to eat or it can be completely handmade with the customization of wishes and lucks you want to give your love one on the special day of valentine.

Printed Paper Boxes

Animal paper tube boxes:

If you think that your kids are really after something that looks attractive and alluring, you can make some of that stuff at home with these paper boxes. Different animal faces can be printed and pasted on the top of these boxes. You can wrap the candies and tooth brushes in the shape of tube boxes with the opening of animal figure. Just print and cut the fox, cat and bunny on A4 sized sheet then wrap the pintables round an excess paper cardboard tube. Press the bottom together to form a box flap, and there you have it! Paper gift boxes that are so charming, and cost practically nothing to make!

Custom Paper Boxes

Pie slice boxes:

You must have seen Custom Kraft Boxes that are used to wrap one slice of pizza. Well, per slice boxes are similar to those. You can ad glamor to it by using it in different way. You can add an ice cream touch to it with the whipped cream on the top. You can make it in different sizes as per your requirement. If you are going to make the one with die cuts. You need to make the tabs that interlock into one another perfectly.

Wholesale Paper boxes

Custom Kraft boxes:

Kraft paper boxes are usually in brown color and add a little vintage look when your gifts are being packaged in it. But with custom paper boxes of brown sheet all you really need is the embellishments. You can add flowers with some pintables and wishes. You can tie them with the ribbon on them and that will add glamor and decency in the custom paper boxes. You can always make die cut windows on them but that look cuter if laminated with transparent sheets.

Paper Packaging Boxes

Printed paper boxes:

I decided to discuss these printed paper boxes in the end because I believe that above all the types of paper boxes somehow contain printing ingredient in them. But apart from printing wishes if you are ordering them for your business you can add your business details. Most of the time people make things at home but they don’t know how to ship them. Well you can do them with printing your contact details and your company logo designs on it.

Your clients will get to know you and will come back to you as well. So, print them well and completely.