In order to make your custom made boxes look more attractive and highlight the item that is packed within it. It’s a good idea to add sleeves to it. They add a kind of spotlight to your item in the market. You can imprint the designs of your choice on these sleeve boxes. The PrintCosmo provides you with the most advanced and stylish custom sleeve boxes that you can ever desire for.


Sleeve boxes are the economical means that not only promote your business. But also help it reach the heights of success. You can earn a lot through these custom sleeve boxes. But you don’t have to spend much money on the cardboard sleeves packaging. You can order your own custom made boxes from PrintCosmo.

Just tell us the kind of sleeves that you want and our machinery and able graphic designers will figure out the rest. The sleeve plans that PrintCosmo offers are ideal for Cupcake boxes, pyramid boxes, folding boxes, window boxes and many more.

Sleeve Boxes


When it comes to cardboard sleeve packaging, people think that they are the ones with boring structures.  But that’s not true because of our packaging service. PrintCosmo provides you with the long-lasting custom sleeve boxes that can keep your items safe. They are a great way of making your products stand out.

There are a lot of designs available at the PrintCosmo. And you’ve got many options from where you can choose the kind of sleeve boxes that you want. They are constructed in such a manner that enhances their duration. These Folding Boxes don’t break or tear. This kind of custom made boxes keeps your products safe. When they are being transported from one place to another.


Window Boxes are the perfect boxes for attracting your customers.  If you own a bakery and you want your customers to repeatedly look at your products. Even when they are packed inside the boxes, then window Bakery Boxes are the perfect fit.  The PVC windows that are attached to these custom made boxes not only protect the product inside from the pollution outside.

But also make the product look alluring to the eye.  You can wrap the gifts for your loved ones inside these window folding boxes or sweet pyramid boxes. The PrintCosmo has the best Packaging Service for perfect window boxes. The kind that’ll mesmerize everyone.


PrintCosmo is one of the major suppliers of eye-catching Pyramid Boxes at very economical rates.  Pyramid gift boxes come in all sizes and styles.  If you wish to print your pyramid folding boxes according to some theme. Then you can tell us without any hesitation.  With the help of our latest machinery packaging service and our talented graphic designers. We provide you with the best of them.

These pyramid sleeve boxes can be decorated with accessories and other stuff.  They are easy to open and attractive to look at. They come in all sizes and if you wish to put heavier objects in them. Then we can attach ribbons of handles to these pyramid boxes for you.

 Custom Sleeve Boxes


Folding boxes are basically the Custom Cardboard Boxes in which you can put your products. And carry them easily from one place to another. Folding custom made boxes come for almost all kind of products ranging from medicine to junk food, from bakery products to crockery.

When you put breakable products inside these folding Window Boxes, they protect them. You can also put the label of your organization on these boxes. The size of these boxes ranges from the smallest to the largest ones.  You want folding boxes to keep it sale your product in it, just order it from PrintCosmo.


The PrintCosmo provide the service of Custom Made Boxes with a variety of options.  It offers full hued printing packaging service just like any other printing service such as U-line. That makes your product look engaging and eye-catching.  You can mention whatever details you want to mention on the custom cardboard sleeve packaging boxes.  Those clients, who have experienced the services of the Print Cosmo. Know quite well that this company has a way of fulfilling the needs of its clients.


Since PrintCosmo just cannot help but spoil their clients. We have put together a set of services that are completely free. And they are also super useful to go along with your order. Such as, adding a free custom statement. We offer free home delivery worldwide with charging a single penny. You can read about the rest of the perks on our website!