Product boxes have always been a landmark of quality of the product packed inside and for the company using them. The products are judged by these custom packaging boxes. As a person, I am of the view that appearance does matter especially in the case of business. There are variety of products available in the market from food to fruits, shoes to sports kits, accessories to apparels, from books to stationary and makeup. For all these merchandises, what needed the most are custom product boxes to pack the products and make a better engagement with the customers. These boxes are the real reason behind the smart, sleek and attractive look of the products. Attractively designed boxes make an easy way from shop shelf to home shelf.

Available Assortment

There is a huge variety of goods, we see all around us. Therefore, as per the products, product boxes are designed depending upon the size and shape. Let me give you some examples of custom Product Boxes, like bakery boxes, candy boxes, toy boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes. Cosmetics include a long list of beauty products from lipsticks to base cakes, eyeshadows, contours etc. Likewise, bakery items further have lots of variables such as; cakes, pastries, donuts, cookies, macarons and so on. Moreover, for tools like screwdrivers, drilling machines etc. most of all these boxes are customized according to the category of the products, as it will be odd to pack a makeup kit in cake box. What do you say?

Custom Product Packaging

Experience leading to curiosity

Let me share one of my experience as how differently designed custom packaging boxes become the solution to my problem on a particular event. I decide to buy a cake for my friend on Christmas party so, I went to a bakery shop [which I will not name definitely] I select very nicely decorated cake but I was bit uncomfortable with the usual packaging. To my surprise, the sales representative showed me some samples of new innovative designs in packaging boxes. They were so beautiful that those boxes could play the role as bakery favor boxes. Moreover, there were no extra charges demanded. Along with package, the advantage of the box was that it enhances the value of my gift among other gifts. Even my friend was so much moved by the packing.

Curiosity is beneficial

As I am an inquisitive person so my experience mention above pushed me to search for the product boxes. When I started my search, I was completely astonished to see a huge assortment available under the heading of custom product boxes. There were pizza boxes, cereal boxes, apparel boxes for shirts, ties, suits, bridal dresses and so on. In addition, there was number of shoe boxes, soap boxes with amazing printing and designing. To give us another surprise there is a variety of homemade boxes with beautiful designs. Then I ordered some pieces of those boxes through the sampling procedure after making comparison among different companies. As there are variety of boxes, there is number of suppliers as well. And it was confusing to choose a right company. Otherwise, it could be risky too.

Product Boxes

 Handmade Boxes

To tell you the truth, those ordered Handmade Boxes were so beautiful and creatively made that they blow my mind. They were available in different sizes, shapes, and even colors. The range of these boxes starts from a small truffle size to a medium and standard size boxes. The shapes in which these boxes were present includes pyramid cut design, sleeve style, and flip top lid style. Moreover, the use of color combination was so good. In addition to this, minute details were also focused in the form of organza ribbons and butterfly knots. Most importantly, they were made of the different materials. Some were made of cardboard and some were of kraft paper. However, all were sturdy and reliable enough to re-use.

Alternative Uses

As a user and utilizer of the of the custom product boxes of the same company, I can guarantee that these boxes are extremely recyclable in number of ways. I transformed one of my attractive apparel box lids into my ear studs display stand, which looks very beautiful on my dressing. About the box, I prick two holes on both sides of the box and adjust a small bamboo stick between these holes. In this way, the box is ready to hold delicate wristbands, hair bands or any other item. However, by re-designing this box I properly arrange my wristwatch collection in much simple but creative way. Moreover, they can be reused to package the gift as they are so beautifully designed.

Product Packaging Boxes

Product cardboard boxes

Nowadays artworks are at its peak and people are promoting their skills on different social websites. I have seen people recycling beautiful product boxes and show their creativity in the artwork. So to give you an example, cake boxes that are still present in smudge free condition are unimaginatively being used in the manufacturing of handmade cards. Even bigger size custom product boxes of cardboard stuff can be utilized to make an appropriate magazine closet to have easy access to magazines. Furthermore, they can be directly used to arrange the messed up documents as well. There is the number of ways of utilizing these boxes, I have suggested few; now use your imagination to work out a new plan that shows your creativity.

Fine Lamination and Embossing

I found these homemade and some sample of custom packaging boxing with creative and artistic embossing. Furthermore, there finishing look was so good. It was so fine and effective in protecting the printed design underneath. For lamination, this company have many options and even more their die cut designing is like a frosting on the cake, which enhances the beauty of the Product Boxes. These features made these boxes extremely appealing for the people, as I have already told you that business does depend on the formula of ‘attraction in appearance’.

Wholesale Product Boxes

Recommendation of the Company

In today’s era, the internet has changed the world into a global village everything is a touch away.  This facility has made life too easy especially in the case of purchasing. However, we have to be very careful in this regard, as we can be tricked easily as well. As per the range of custom product boxes, there are so many companies advertising with almost similar variety of boxes on the internet. This thing will blow the mind. However, for the people who are about to start any kind of small or large-scale business or have already started their business, I will love to recommend a company. A custom packaging boxes company like Printcosmo has gained the experience of so many remarkable years in this field. This company has been really working hard to bring new and innovative ideas fulfilling all the quality checks.

Necessity of Printing on Boxes

Owning and running a business requires blood and sweat of the owner. Moreover, in almost all the businesses packaging have always played an important role. There was a time when we spend a lot of time and money in thinking and manufacturing product packaging with novel ideas for different products. Now from last few years, there are companies facilitating us by bringing new and improved ideas in the form of custom product boxes. Printcosmo is among those reliable companies on which we can easily rely. This company also provides high-quality digital printing over product boxes. In this process, we can give suggestions and company’s skilled engineers are present to guide and assist us regarding designs and color scheme. These colors have becomes the reason of attraction for the people to look at your product. Therefore, company has CMYK [Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key], RGB and PMS [Pantone Matching System].

Product Packaging

Printing aids in Marketing

Another reason why printing is necessary is that these printed Custom Packaging Boxes are essential in promoting our business. We can imprint these boxes as per our requirement to advertise our brand. There is a list of details that can be imprinted on the product boxes.  These details include brand name, product serial number, quality checks, contact number, and web URL, which will help the customer in remembering the brand for future use. Moreover, these details are much more beneficial in highlighting our company among national and international retailers. Therefore, small and large-scale business does not matter what matter is its appropriate preparation and presentation.

Quality Services

There is number of facilities, which this company provides. In addition, this company provides many features free to the customers. To name a few, Printcosmo provides

  • Free custom quote
  • Free sampling
  • Free die cut designs
  • Free gold and silver charges
  • No plate charges

Furthermore. The orders are taken in as much small quantities as possible. The delivery timing of the company is also commendable. As they deliver the order in minimum possible time. In other words, fastest turnaround time. All the quality measure are strictly checked. Furthermore, if the company claims they are 24/7 available then I tell they really mean it. We can contact them any time on their given numbers and message on their web page to ask anything relative. Furthermore, if you want to say and ask anything then comment below in the comment section.