Soap boxes are boxes just like other items? Why do they need treatment of lamination and effects?

This is something that comes to my mind while I was looking at the soap boxes. I have seen people who put their soap in soap wraps instead of putting them in soap packaging boxes and then use them in the hour of need. So, why do we need custom soap boxes for our soap when we have options to make them look simple and easy to handle? These were my thought before I have researched on the uses and manufacturing details of soap packaging boxes. Here are some of the benefits that are discussed in this blog and some of the key factors that you should look for when looking for custom soap boxes.

soap boxes

Difference between Soap boxes and Soap wraps:

Soap boxes are somehow similar and different as well. They help in their own way. One provides physical protection while others provide the attractiveness and less cost. Similarly;

Soap boxes Soap Wraps
Soap boxes cover your soap from all sides in a square shaped box or any different shape box that give hard covering. Soap wraps are usually stick with the soap inside making it vulnerable to physical harms.
Soap boxes help in keeping the soap dry unless and until you use by getting it out of the box. Soap wraps get wet themselves as they are stick to the soap and can get wet easily.
Soap boxes help in printing of details and secure your product more elegantly. Soap wrap forms the shape as that of soap and not recommended for shipment.

Soap wrap

Eloquent quality:

Well, if you are one of the manufacturers of soap, you might feel these soap Packaging boxes wholesale is your best investment. But this will only be true if you select these soap packaging boxes with best quality printing and in cardboard. You might get the right thing. Here are some of the things that you have to look for in the custom soap boxes:

  1. Look for the quality of material used in the manufacturing of these soap boxes.
  2. The cardboard must be ink friendly in case of printing.
  3. Kraft soap boxes must have proper die cuts and tabs that will interlock into one another perfectly.
  4. These Custom Shipping Boxes needs to be hard enough to hold your soap.

Considering the above checklist, you need to look at the soap boxes wholesale which fulfills all the requirements.

soap boxes wholesale

Kraft soap boxes:

Well, the Kraft soap boxes are best as the Kraft paper is stiff and in brown color. It absorbs water and makes it look really elegant at the same time. You must have observed that when soap is put on the paper, it usually gets wet even with a quarter of the drop. But if you have used these Kraft soap boxes, you might not get disappointed. As they not only absorb the water but also protects your soap from getting wasted.

The best thing about these Kraft soap box is that they do not let your soap harm from outside physical factors. All you have to look for is the best Kraft paper. These soap packaging boxes can be manufactured as per your customization. Most people out there make soap that is organic so it does not have any specific shape. These are like crystals or like the rolls of scrubs. So, you can vary the shape of these soap box wholesale as per the requirement of your product.

soap packaging boxes

Custom shipping boxes:

This is the factor that is really important for the selection of your Custom Soap Boxes. All you really need is to make sure they are best in providing protection and sturdy enough to handle the pressure of the environmental things. With custom shipping boxes, you not only have to look at the quality of the box, but you also have to look at the brighter prospects as well. And that is your product marketing. Since you are manufacturers of soap boxes wholesale, you really need to look forward to the advertising factors as well. And printing these custom shipping boxes for your soap brands and delivering them is the best way to market along with that you can add the contact details like where to get you and at where should they find in the hour of need.

Custom shipping boxes

Lamination need:

Since I have told you earlier that these soap packaging boxes get wet if hold with wet hands or with the greasy hands. So, to make them durable and long-lasting as per the printing you need to laminate them with some matte or gloss coats. Usually, gloss coats are being done in order to make them attractive and water resistant to some extent as well. I have ordered my soap boxes from Printcosmo that provide us with the best Custom Specialty Boxes laminations possible along with complete details of the artwork. They also helped in selecting the best color combinations.