Tissue boxes are better than tissue rolls!

What is your opinion on that?

Well, this was a meaningless conversation that I got into last night with my sister. But that conversation did lead me to think that there are so many ways to look at one thing. So, I got ideas of how can I make these custom printed tissue boxes more interesting and yes, I have tried our few too. Here in this blog, I will share some of the ideas about how to make tissue boxes and what ideas can you follow to make the custom printed tissue boxes worth printing and customizing as per your requirements.

Tissue boxes

  1. Promotional tissue boxes:

Well, these are something that you have seen in your daily life. Most of the people do their advertisement and promotions by Custom Printed Boxes. But if you look at them from the creative sense you can do a lot of fun things with these promotional tissue boxes. I recently got to a restaurant where they have put these really pretty square boxes with the oval die cut and printing on them with the funny captions. I glanced at them and then read out that loudly. So, yes! That’s the idea. You can get these custom printed tissue boxes printed with the colorful wishes.

Apart from printing your company logo, designs and other stuff that most of the companies do for their advertisement. Here I have included the picture of custom printed tissue boxes that you can do to make someone feels a little special. Well, you can write your wishes or ‘use me’ verses on them. You can use verses like ‘for your tears’ or ‘Smile’ these positive things will help in making the user more appealing and that also help n promoting your brand.

Custom Tissue Boxes

  1. Custom paper boxes with hook:

You have seen a lot of tissue boxes that are usually put in drawing rooms, and on dining tables and in the restaurants. But these are not the only type of tissues that you need. Sometimes it is necessary to hang the tissue boxes. Even if not necessary but you can still use different ideas to make things convenient for your user. Since working in the kitchen, you can’t open the drawer, again and again, to get these custom tissue boxes out and then utilize them. If you put the tissue roll on the rod, your hands might make the tissue roll dirty or oily. So, you can induce a small hook just like that in this picture and then use them for your use.

Promotional Tissue Boxes

  1. Wooden tissue boxes:

I have seen Custom Tissue Boxes that are wooden and carved beautifully. Since it is hard to find such antique thing from any printing and packaging company as they usually work with the cardboard materials but you can get hold of them from any wood workshop. You can get the side of the box you want which are usually standard sizes. After that, you can make them cover. Usually, a slide of panel is made underneath the box that allows your box to put inside this wooden cabin.

Just as in this picture. It gives a royal effect on the tissue papers but it does not allow you to print and advertise just like promotional tissue boxes.

Printed Tissue Boxes

  1. Pyramid tissue boxes:

You might have listened about pyramid boxes that are usually used for gift boxes and favor boxes as well. But recently when I went to a wedding of my friend, I came across a very unique thing on the table and those were custom tissue boxes in the shape of pyramid. A whole was there from which you can drive tissues out and they were so amazing. I was curious about the idea of alignment of these tissues inside the boxes. How can they be put so that one tissue comes out and then the other? Well, you better use tissue rolls in it that will help you keep the tissues aligned and easy to drift out of the wholesale tissue boxes.

Custom Printed Tissue Boxes

  1. Monster DIY tissue boxes:

This one is my favorite. They are not only colorful but also really unique. You can put them at the side table of your kid’s room or you can also make them as per your party themes. Do I sound absurd?

Well, you have seen Custom Paper Boxes that has been used in the parties and to keep all the things aligned at one place. These custom printed boxes can be used to go with the theme of your party as well. You can just create them in shape and in the colors of your desire and that which matches the color combinations of the party. Here is what you are going to need to make them on your own:

  • Basic stationery including, pens, pencils, and measurements.
  • Cardboard stock of the colors you are going to follow.
  • Best adhesives to make the paper boxes stick together properly.
  • Paints and colors that you will use to cover the base of these custom tissue boxes.

More than that you can order custom printed tissue boxes with the base color and then decorate them with all fancy things you want to decorate. Here is what the end result will look like.

Wholesale Tissue Boxes

To get these custom printed tissue boxes with the die cut on the top and laminations to secure are available at Printcosmo in different designs and in different sizes as well.