Millions of large and small-scale companies are using cardboard boxes for so many decades for multiple purposes. However, with the advent of new era, these boxes are getting the limelight for so many other reasons. These cardboard boxes packaging is very much renowned in the business world. Today they are not used to pack some old stuff that is not in use now. Instead, they are used for packaging of so many different things, therefore, we accord our customers with different size and shaped custom boxes packaging. These packaging boxes are in the best interest with regard to the security of the products packed inside.

Widespread utilization

There is a huge variety of cardboard boxes utilize in multiple fields of life. Because of this, they are present in different shapes, sizes and designs depending upon their utility. To name a few, shoe boxes, apparel boxes, archive boxes, large and small size favor boxes. Moreover, they also have a significant role in food packaging industry. These Custom Packaging Boxes are also extremely important for electronic industry. As they are very much helpful in wrapping the electronics like fridge, ceiling and pedestal fans, food processors, microwaves and so on. This cardboard packaging provides the safety of the products from atmospheric and physical harms. Factories also make extensive use of these boxes to deliver their consignment safely in them.

Cardboard Boxes wholesale

Innumerable forms of cardboard boxes

Archive boxes are widely used to preserve the chronological records; because of this attribute, these boxes have notable demand. These archive storage cardboard boxes save you from physical and mantel fatigue by placing your documents at the single place carefully compiled. Simultaneously this cardboard molded as white boxes, sports packaging boxes, and wrapping boxes are ruling the business world. These boxes can also be used in gift shop for gift packaging. Their use is not limited to any particular fraternity instead it can be utilized for both personal and professional purposes. Cardboard packaging boxes company, like Printcosmo, manufacture these boxes to help their customers that provide proper packaging and saving their time.

Utility in food chains

You can utilize them in the food chain as food packaging boxes, as well. For this purpose, Printcosmo provides a wide range in sizes and shapes of the boxes. As per the order, we deliver these boxes depending upon the contract, to your doorsteps in much less possible time limit to satisfy our customers. For different categories, our company provides different features that are necessary for such type of boxes. In accordance to food packaging cardboard boxes, we make sure that they remain smudge and grease free while holding food items inside them.

Cardboard Boxes

Quality Manufacturing

As the name suggests, it is evident what specified material our company uses in the production of these cardboard boxes. Nevertheless, one thing about which our company is highly concerned is ‘quality’. Our company did not disappoint our valued customers in the regard of cardboard and Kraft boxes wholesale. Since these boxes are mainly used for shipping purposes; we ensure the refinement of layers, which further ensure the security, and safety of your delicate and expensive products. Kraft Boxes wholesale is made into 3ply or 5ply (3 layers with central corrugation) depending on weight of the product that is being sealed inside them.


With high-quality cardboard boxes, Printcosmo also provides best digital printing facility to its customers. You can get these boxes personalized according to your demands. You can decide any particular color or color combinations together with company’s name and logo. You can also print some important details like contact number, website. These printed cardboard boxes will be extremely helpful in promoting the brand name. When these boxes will frequently use they will definitely highlight your brand among different retailers. That is how these boxes would become moveable marketing medium for your company. These printed specifications will also help your potential clients to contact you.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Flawless lamination

Printcosmo, together with quality manufacturing gives flawless lamination to these cardboard boxes. Our company uses different coating techniques for different types of boxes. The lamination options include gloss, matte, aqueous and spot UV to protect the boxes from harmful effects of the atmosphere. These attributes make these boxes environment-friendly which allows them to stay useful for long period. In this way, we take care of our client and develop strong bond between us. As for us, there is nothing important more than our customers are.

Alternative Practices

The use of Cardboard Boxes is not confined to business fields only. Instead, you can utilize its space for lots of purposes depending upon your imagination and creativities. The same cardboard shoe packaging boxes can be utilized as pet house for your cute little pets. Moreover, you can utilize them as your indoor plant pots and beautify your galleries and houses. Furthermore, the top lid of these boxes can easily transform it into a jewelry box to beautifully arrange your jewelry. In this way, you can display your ornaments on your dressing table attractively. These are few ideas but using your creativity, you can also bring innovation in the efficacy of such boxes.

Printed Cardboard Boxes

About Services

Being the believers of quality, we provide quality services. Printcosmo builds and maintains its trust relations with its clients by providing best quality products and services. We offer list of facilities to our clients before they make any shipment order.  The facilities Printcosmo offers are:

  • Free custom quote
  • Free samples
  • No shipping cost
  • No extra charges for die cuts
  • Fastest turnaround
  • No charges for lamination

You can request for custom quote and free samples at any time. You just have to mention all the details required by our custom quotes, then our sales representatives tell you the best deals available for set of boxes. Usually, our smallest delivery sum are hundred boxes. If you have any other problem, you can contact us on the given numbers and can message us on our page. Our representatives are 24/7 ready to answer your queries.