I just broke one bottle.

How did you?

I was carrying three bottles at one time and one just skid away.

How are you planning to pick up all the bottles once?

Well, this incident recently happened with my kid when I was in the kitchen and asked him to get the bottles from pantry. So, I decided that I will get him a cardboard carton next time to put the bottles in them and then move them from place to place. But I wasn’t sure if the cardboard is enough to hold all bottles at once? So, I did some research and came to the conclusion that there are some of the facts that one has to keep in mind while packaging bottles. With the advancement and constant changes in customs and styles of bottle packaging boxes, things have been evolving.

Bottle Packaging

Considering the quality, here are some of the ways that I’m going to tell you through which you can make the glass bottle packaging appealing in really different way. But for that purpose, here are some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind. Always;

  • Seek for the quality of the cardboard; the reason is that the thickness of your cardboard determines how heavy bottles it can carry.
  • After seeking the quality, look if the tabs of these interlock perfectly.
  • If the bottle packaging boxes are different from usual make sure the slots fit properly.
  • If you are planning for giving some wine bottles or any kind of bottle as gift, you might need specific packaging
  • Make sure your bottle packaging boxes are intriguing and do not get soggy.

Diversity in packaging bottles:

Based on the sizes and shapes of the bottles, packaging of bottles may also vary. Printed bottle packaging comes in different sizes and styles depending on the requirement and product you want packaging for. Here are some of the types of printed bottle packaging boxes for your understanding of the product:

Custom packaging bottles

  1. Custom wine boxes are usually printed with the vintage theme or with the brand names.
  2. Other bottle packaging like water bottle packaging or lotion bottle packaging is also packaged in glass bottle wholesale.
  3. For different occasions, the packaging of bottles may vary as if you are planning for giving some kind of gift before date, you can take a bottle of wine with ribbon.
  4. Not every time bottle packaging means that you have to package bundle of bottles at once, sometimes single bottle also requires packaging as per event.
  5. Sometimes you might need your medicines and syrups to be packaged in a well sturdy way. And the same type of tuck-in boxes or auto lock boxes helps in creating medicine secure.

Here is some other purpose that printed bottle packaging boxes actually serve.

Purpose of bottle packaging services:

To begin with the chapter of how this custom bottle packaging is useful here are few of the answers to your queries

  • Safety of fragile bottles:

The finest aim that these bottle packaging actually serve is that these boxes are manufactured with the sturdy and stiff cardboard that actually make them hard enough to protect your bottles from physical barriers and from jerks. Hence, they are perfect custom shipping boxes to ship your bottle and fragile products. You can use these bottle packaging to protect your cosmetic bottles. They are best perfume packaging options. As these glass bottles are fragile so bottle packaging needs to be hard enough or wide enough to cover the bottle completely. U-line has been doing a fantastic job in protecting the Fragile product during shipment.

packaging bottles

  • Easy and innovative way to advertise:

When we talk about bottle packaging services, it also includes the advertising point of view. Being really expert and well aware of the things, one always looks for the products that give them edge on other marketing brands. So, if you are looking for a best up push, go for best customs to market your products effectively. And printed bottle packaging with your company logo and instructions are the best option to advertise your company. To make the outlook different you can use different printing feature and print the logos of your company or personalized layouts or you can get ideas from Amazon printing services to create the best outcome. This is a very effective idea to publicize.

glass bottle packaging

  • To handle more quantity with quality:

The bottle packaging boxes are manufactured in a way that is more capable of handling quantity in quality. If you are planning on visiting your friend with beer bottles, just get this bottle packaging for yourself, tuck in the bottles and just hold from the holder. These wholesale bottle packaging can serve you a lot more that is mentioned below as well.

Wholesale Bottle Packaging

  • Plant plants:

If you have mass-produced or noticed these bottle packaging you will get the idea that there are specific sections that are needed to be filled with bottle the base auto lock itself and make the packaging stronger. Now all you need to do is to fill them up with wet soil and seeds. Or you can just put artificial flowers on these cardboard boxes so that they look beautiful.

Bottle Packaging boxes

  • Store your jars:

You can fill your containers with the decorative items and then can put them in those sections. If the bottle packaging is not in sections, you can create segments. Or even if there is only one place of bottle you can add lights or glowing balls in them and decorate them by putting into your lawn or in your drawing room. With Printcosmo you don’t need to invest your time rather they offer free artwork and free shipment worldwide.