Hello to all the foodies. Food has always been an important factor, serving us on various occasions in our life. If I talk about foodies like me then it is a treat to have food of premium quality is a reason to live life. However, for me together with the quality food, it’s packaging also matters. I have seen and received variety of custom food boxes but among all my favorite type is Chinese takeout boxes. For so many reasons I prefer them. For instance, their compact look and ability to store food for a long time without damaging its taste and freshness. This is my view of Chinese takeout packaging boxes as a customer. Interestingly I have found a lot more benefits as an owner of food business. If you also want to know how they can be beneficial then read the blog. I am sure you will definitely get lot of information and details of your concern.

Brand Recognition

As I have already told you that Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes have multiple advantages to be used in the food business. First and foremost is that these boxes are the best way to made recognition in the market. Whenever you enter any business field, you decide for logo and name for your brand. Imprint these Chinese takeout packaging boxes with all the details regarding your products, contact, brand and so on. These printed Chinese takeout boxes really help in advertising. Nevertheless, you should not forget few things. There should be relevancy in your product and brand name. Moreover, the name should small enough to be easily printed on all sizes of the custom packaging boxes.

Chinese Takeout Boxes

Manufacturing Details provides Assistance

As per the manufacturing of the Chinese takeout boxes, kraft paper, paperboard and cardboard materials are used. You must be familiar with the benefits of these materials. The important feature of these materials is that they are best for printing purposes. Therefore, the printing, which is required for above-mentioned brand recognition these materials are highly approved. For Printed chines takeout boxes you can use any of the color pallets such as CMYK, PMS, and RGB. But I will recommend you to take assistance from printing and design experts. This will be beneficial in the sense that you can also tell them about your ideas, which will be further enhance to another level with their expertise.

Colour and Designing Impact

Another important aspect that needs to be in focus with reference to custom food boxes is their color scheme. If you ask me then I would go for subtle background with some vibrant color combination for logos. You can reverse this scheme. As there are variety of food items, therefore, some sort of printing is not preferable. Moreover, their printing over Chinese takeout boxes can also vary with respect of different occasions. Hey, don’t forget these wholesale Chinese takeout boxes are not just for particular foodstuff. For instance, for wedding favor, birthdays, cupcake and donut packaging so on and so forth. Additionally, you can also embellish them with ribbons etc. for these special occasions. These minute details are important in attracting the customers.

Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

Importance of Lamination

Lamination is very important feature you look for. It is process of applying a layer of thin plastic, which provides resistance from water, sun’s heat and from wear and tear of daily practicing while handling of these Chinese takeout packaging boxes. There are multiple options available in the market like matt, gloss, traditional silk, aqueous, spot UV and so on. Important is what type you prefer. However, their application over printed Chinese takeout boxes is important. It also helps in sustaining the printed details over the boxes.

Important Features of Takeout Boxes

Above mention is the important factors, which you must keep in focus while ordering wholesale Chinese takeout boxes. However, there are multiple reasons for which these boxes are opted as Custom Food Boxes. Here are some important features

  • They are stackable and compact for storage
  • Including Chinese, Suitable for all types of cuisine
  • Microwave safety is assured
  • Wire handles are added for easy handling
  • One piece assemblage which doesn’t require separate lid
  • Full lid opening facility, allowing the customers to eat directly
  • Poly coating and other interior features providing barriers against heat, moisture, grease, and leak etc.
  • Suitable for all types of foods such as hot, cold, wet, dry.
  • They are also suitable for directly serving food in these boxes.
  • It is easy to make deliveries using them.
  • They are perfect for folding and holding
  • Made from 100 percent recyclable material.

chinese takeout packaging boxes

Types in Assortment of Takeout Boxes

There is huge variety of Chinese takeout boxes available that you can buy. They have slight differences. However, if you are in food business then these varieties are extremely important as they can play dynamic role in attracting the customers and increasing the sales and profit. The assortment includes colored and brown kraft microwaveable custom Chinese takeout boxes, pagoda microwave friendly Chinese Takeout Packaging Boxes, translucent Chinese favor boxes and smart serve print paper food boxes. All these types have slight difference such as translucent, as its name suggests are lightweight suitable for parties like weddings, birthdays, weddings and so on. Restaurant is nowadays opting these boxes for easy assemblage and delivery of food. As these Chinese takeout boxes maintain the freshness and warmth of food very well.

Appeal through Windowpanes

There is another important feature that will add in the appealing look of the Chinese takeout packaging boxes. This feature is none other than the clear windowpanes. You can add windowpanes on the front, top or wrap around the boxes. It is very eye-catching for the customers when you pack dry products like jelly beans, candies, wafers etc. Moreover, there is a type of custom Chinese takeout boxes completely made of plastics. They are helpful when you have to display some new variety or some previous product to make it visible to the customers. In other word, their plastic variety can play the role of display boxes.

Printed Chinese takeout boxes

Sizes that you can avail

When it comes to custom food boxes, size always matters. As one single standard is not suitable to package all types of food. Do not worry I am telling you about some sizes through which you can take idea.  There are some sample Base 1-3/4″ x 2-1/8″, Top 2-1/2″ x 3″, Base 2-1/8″ x 2-3/4″, Top 2-7/8″ x 3-3/4″, 3 3/4″ x 3″ x 3 1/4″. There is another unit through which you can understand is ounce [Oz]. According to this unit, these Chinese takeout boxes can be measured as 8 Oz, 16 Oz, 26 Oz, 32 Oz, and 64 Oz and so on.

Atmosphere resistant quality

The best part of these Chinese takeout boxes is that they have the ability to resist the atmospheric changes. All the food products really need protection from heat, inside moisture, smell germs, dust and other such atmospheric changes. Moreover, they are biodegradable. These Custom Packaging Boxes are dynamic in providing such services. Moreover, these custom food boxes are FDA approved which means appropriate for direct packaging of food.

Various ways of Recycling

Hey, all the above information as an owner of the business. As a customer, I tell there are alternative ways in which you can re-use these Chinese takeout packaging boxes. As I have turned one of the beautifully printed Chinese takeout boxes into a flower pot, which looks very beautiful on my dining table with fresh flowers. Moreover, you can also transform them into stationary container. In addition to this, they can be the best way to beautifully present and preserve your napkins on the dining table. These are some ways in which I have utilized Chinese takeout boxes. Do tell me about the ways you can or will recycle them.

Wholesale Chinese takeout boxes

Looking for company?

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Other Services by Printcosmo

This company has list of features provided free to its customers. For instance, custom quote. Order your quote and their sales representative will provide you relevant information as soon as possible. Moreover, they also offer free design assistance and sampling for custom Chinese takeout boxes. In addition to this, there shipping timing is commendable and shipment of your consignment will be at your address in minimum possible time. The best part is their shipping is also free. They also provide the facility of add-ons, which includes die cuts, gold and silver foiling.

There is a lot I have told you about Chinese takeout boxes, the company I have to prefer and recommend. If you want to know more about this company and their deals, you can contact them on their given numbers or web page.