Mom look! That box is more beautiful than the toy packed in it.

Yes, the great display of that toy. That toy is not for you dear s but I might buy it just because of its packing.

Ha ha ha. Yeah, they are made like this to fool you, people.

Packaging boxes, these days have become a real relief providing the services they are made for. It has brought a visible comfort with various types especially die cut boxes. Die cutting is basically a process in which a thin flat sheet of different materials, mostly plastic, is given specific shape and size and embedded in the box using machines or steel cutting die plate to make the product more visible. In the manufacturing process of these die cut packaging boxes, the steel plates are punched in the shapes or patterns which make these boxes distinctive from each other. In this way, the whole sheet is designed more conveniently in less time. Therefore, use of custom die cut boxes to pack the retail and other products are highly preferred now. Other than preserving the products, these boxes help in providing fascinating displaying features. In addition, there is a strict competition going on in between the suppliers providing wholesale die cut boxes.

Die Cut Boxes

 Manufacturing Material used for Die cut Boxes

There is a huge variety of products in this world like food, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and electronics and so on. For all of these various types of printed die cut boxes, different materials are used depending on the products to be packed in it. These materials possess different qualities based on which they are preferred for certain type of products named as custom cardboard boxes.  These materials include Kraft paper, paperboard, fiberboard, clear plastics, corrugated cardboard and so on. For some products, packaging with features like sturdiness, strength, and heftiness is needed. For such merchandises, corrugated custom die cut boxes are ideal. As the corrugated layers have the ability to bear heavy pressure and help delicate products to protect from breakage and damage.

Folding and Rigid Types of Boxes

There are two types of Custom Packaging, rigid and folding. Both of them are widely used in the business industry. The major difference in folding cartons and rigid boxes is that its former is flexible enough to be bent and can be reassembled whereas later type retains the form in which they are first manufactured. Both have their own benefits and uniqueness. For instance, folding boxes are shipped flat at low transport cost, less expensive to produce and their production rate is faster whereas in a rigid type of die cut packaging boxes expensive dies are not required. They create a strong perception of the quality and look of the product.

Custom Die Cut Boxes

Role as Shipping Boxes

Shipping is a very sensitive issue for all kind of products. The question which comes in mind is that what you are shipping? Is it heavy, fragile or moist resistant? Where are you supposed to deliver that consignment? Therefore, for the protection of the merchandise custom die cut boxes plays a significant role. The company I found is specialized in taking great care of all these details.  In addition to this, die cut boxes have following advantages as per shipping:

  • These die cut packaging boxes are attractive and give a good presentation of product packed in it.
  • Manufacturers create thick walls of container to make them strong as compared to regular boxes.
  • Corrugated die cut boxes require less tape than RSC, which gives it a clean and attractive outer finish.
  • Further, these boxes require less manufacturing cost so they are more effective and efficient.

Types of Die Cut Boxes

Together with custom die cut boxes, there are several other varieties of boxes that are ruling in the markets with the same specifications as die cut boxes. In addition, these types of custom die cut boxes are highly eye catcher for the customers. For examples:

Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Mailer Boxes

Die cut mailer boxes are the top of the line style in packaging boxes.  One-piece of box attached with a self-locking lid that can be opened and closed as many times as you want. They are suitable and in demand to pack the retail products.  Mostly they are preferred for online product sales. Additionally, customized insertions are induced in these die cut boxes to place and fit more than one product at once properly.

Suitcase Boxes

Looking for a self-closing box with an attached lid to cover it and handle to carry it then the best choice is to have custom die cut boxes in suitcase style. These boxes are ideal for different conventions; trade shows and adds a unique twist to the conventional style packaging. For products like children’s toys, promotional products and footwear die cut packaging boxes are considered as top of the list.

Shipping Boxes

There is another form of custom die cut boxes that are really in demand and helps a lot in the business field. This particular type is known as Shipping Boxes that needs to be sturdy and strong to ship the materials and products safely throughout the journey till the desired location is reached. Such type of custom cardboard boxes is easily stackable as well I the storehouses for the later use of the products

Ballot Boxes

All of you are aware of such type of boxes and the events on which they are highly used. Mostly on the shopping malls and outlets, they are preferred for lucky draws, as complaint boxes or suggestion boxes for suggestion giving purposes. These Die cut ballot boxes have a drop slot in the top of it for the people to submit their quires, suggestion or complain written on a paper slip. Moreover, Custom Die Cut Boxes are useful for election purposes. It helps in containing peoples votes without reviling them. Further, they have other variety, which referred to as custom bin boxes, gift boxes so on and so forth.

Printed Die Cut Boxes

Utilization in Various Fields

As being ideal for packaging, they are being used in various fields of the industry. Their unique designs are extremely efficient in attracting the customers and in return boost up the sales and profits.  Following are some examples from business fields, which use these boxes.

Fascination in Bakeries

Bakeries have always been known for their innovation and uniqueness in taste and style of presentation. For this reason, bakers are always conducting experiments on their designs. Together with the taste, looks are considered equally important to focus. That is why they have to start preferring numerous varieties of boxes for products like donut, cupcakes, cakes, pastries and so on.

Improvement of Jewelry Shops

Another business field in which these wholesale die cut boxes have proved themselves very important for packaging purpose and stick to their motive of fascinating customers is jewelry shops. With the help of innovation in custom die cut boxes, the customers move out of the jewelry outlets with happiness on their faces. Especially in jewelry boxes, the die cut portion is of glass material, not plastic, to give it some extra safety and clear view for customers.

As favor/gift Packaging

Gift packaging is a whole different industry trending nowadays to enhance the beauty, appearance and the value of the gifts for your loved ones. These die cut packaging boxes are ideal for gift packaging on one hand and also works as favor boxes in the parties on the both. You can pack chocolates, candies and similar stuff for your guests and especially the cute little ones to show them a good gesture. Moreover, you can fill them with sweets and almonds so the guests can take them back to home and will remember it as a good memory of the party as these die cut boxes will leave an unforgettable impression on them.

Wholesale Die Cut Boxes

Boxes with Logo and its Benefits

When you talk about personalization, it means to have effective, efficient and unbreakable interaction with the customers. These die cut boxes provide you with a numerous benefit. Highly concentrated benefit of these boxes is that they are easily printable.  You can print and personalize these die cut boxes with logo and other description of the company. For this purpose, selection of colors is significant. In my opinion, choose a lighter tone for the background and dark color for writing or vice versa. Furthermore, stickers of the product and stamp logo can be used too. Custom Cardboard Boxes have capabilities that support printing options such as lithographic [shortly known as lithe], digital and even screen-printing. In addition to artwork, you can also print significant details of your products and company vision. This printing of details will bring your brand into lime light and boxes will become the marketing medium with the highest benefit as well. Other than electronic and social media, printing over custom die cut boxes benefits you in communicating directly with your customers in an easily understandable manner.

Right choice

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