I have always heard about cardboard packaging. Is there anything like kraft boxes John?

Are you kidding me? You don’t know about kraft packaging boxes?


Well, this type not only exists but also vastly used in almost every field for packaging purpose.

Kraft Boxes wholesale has transformed and modernized the world with their multiple packaging uses. They have brought ease in our lives with respect to packing so many different products. Although the market has a variety of custom cardboard boxes nowadays, customers also prefer kraft made packaging boxes for the number of reasons. First, they are user -friendly, as they are made from excellent pine wood material. These boxes are completely recyclable. Secondly, they are sturdy enough to hold the product or products safely in themselves. Thirdly, the pine pulp plays a vital role in the manufacturing of the quality boxes. Moreover, the usage of the resource is not harmful to the ecosystem.

Kraft Boxes

Kraft Packaging and various Packaging Fields

Well, this kraft is a material to manufacture these kraft boxes that is why they are named after it. There is a great range of boxes that are used in every field of business that you even cannot imagine. Their wide range of uses has introduced us with a wide range of custom kraft boxes. Let me share some kraft packaging boxes with you.

  • Kraft display boxes

First in throw are the packaging boxes that are known as kraft display boxes. These types of custom kraft boxes we all have seen in almost all types of stores. Starting from candy shops to cosmetics, decorations, even grocery shops have this variety available on their countertops. The benefit of using these kraft boxes is to attract the customer and enhance the impulsive purchasing in them. Even the in big brand outlets the reception table have these boxes for advertisement purposes as well. Moreover, these boxes do not need much space for placement.

  • Custom kraft Jewelry boxes

We all are aware of jewelry boxes. Well, this is another type of boxes manufactured for the jewelry business. Together with it, for cosmetics, these packaging boxes are extremely suitable. As we know very well the products that need to be used on the skin needs premium quality packaging that protects the products inside them. Therefore, kraft packaging boxes for lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows and foundations are seen and also used in our daily routine.

Custom Kraft boxes

  • Kraft bakery packaging boxes

Customers have a strong fascination with kraft boxes to be used to package their products. For this reason, bakeries have a preference for kraft boxes wholesale to package cakes, pastries, chocolates, and other bakery products. We are well aware of the fact that now a day gifting sweet treat on different occasion is on the hike. Therefore, it’s the requirement of the bakeries to have the variety of elegantly designed kraft gift boxes as per the demand of the customers and occasion. These custom kraft boxes are essentially utilized on the merriments like birthdays, Christmas, New Year, anniversaries or any other festivals. If you also own bakery business then grab kraft boxes wholesale are to flaunt your bakery products to stand out in the market.

  • Kraft shoes and apparel packaging

Now let us observe our most visited clothing and shoe brands. If we take a keen look so together with Custom Cardboard Boxes, you will also find the kraft made boxes as well. The most renowned white kraft boxes are in great demand for shoe brands and also for shirt packaging in apparel variety. As per the variety of clothes, for instance, shirts, ties, unstitch fabric these kraft packaging boxes are easily tailored into any of the size and shape.

  • Kraft gift packaging

Have you heard about the above-mentioned category? If not then be sure you must have observed them and received them as well.  These kraft packaging boxes are widely used to pack the gift instead of wrapping them. These packaging boxes have really brought for its user; as it gives relaxation from getting into the mess of wrapping sheets glues, tapes and all such stuff. As mentioned above the important events like anniversaries, birthdays, and several other personal and cooperate parties these kraft gift boxes are performing their duty marvelously.

Kraft boxes wholesale

  • Kraft Lid Boxes

Box with lid is very simple and common type in kraft boxes with the strong base, side walls and usually a top lid. The sides are usually stapled or sometimes glued together for better results and security. Once the item is packed inside these packaging boxes, customers can also seal it with tape. This is might not the most secure packaging but still suitable for a large type of products as packaging. However, this material is ideal for small-distance deliveries. These kraft packaging boxes with lids can be separate two-piece boxes or with combined magnet closure. The latter will give a luxurious impression of the packaging.

  • Kraft postage boxes

These kraft boxes even have the variety in postage boxes. As their name suggests, these packaging boxes have the ability to deliver your parcels and products to short and long distances. Their large assortment includes self-locking die cut boxes, boxes with envelope base and five panels and so on.  These boxes are conveniently used to lock the package properly, which ensures the security of the items inside them. Moreover, for the particularly delicate type of fragile and delicate products self-locking die cut type custom kraft boxes are very much suitable. I would recommend sealing the top with tape for extra security otherwise there is no hazard in using them.

How these boxes can be Customize?

As I told you above about the types of kraft packaging boxes with respect to different fields but there is a need to print them as per the product’s requirement. Otherwise plain and unattractive packaging boxes are not going to attract the customers. As per printing designs and patterns over Wholesale Kraft Boxes different techniques are applied. For instance, graphic, laser, and digital printing. Use which suits you best and fulfills all your requirements.  For printing on these Kraft and custom cardboard boxes, the multiple options are included in the list, which are CMYK [Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key] and PMS [Pantone Matching System] color facilities. Moreover, you can use the appealing range of Kraft boxes to enhance retail packaging, which will in return increase your sales revenue. Consult a well-renowned printing company for this. As people with experience must have highly skilled and equipped engineers, who can guide you.

Kraft gift boxes

Benefits of Personalization

When you talk about personalization, it means to have effective, efficient and faster interaction with the customers. kraft boxes provide you with a number of such benefits. Well, the focused benefit of these kraft packaging boxes is that they are print friendly. You can print and personalize them with your company’s logo and its other details like contact number, website address, which will turn them into marketing medium for your company or brand. Further, as kraft gift boxes they can be embellished with stickers, stamps, ribbons and so on. This printing of details and other things like manufacturing and expiry dates, instructions, precautionary measures (if required) will be brought you to interact with the customers in your absence. Other than electronic and social media, printing over packaging boxes benefits you in communicating directly with your customers in an easy and inexpensive way.

Fine Lamination and Embossing

As I already told you about customization, but there is another step, which is extremely important for kraft boxes wholesale.  This step is known as lamination.   It is a process in which a thin shiny and silky layer is applied to these kraft packaging boxes to create the smooth, shiny and smudge-free surface. Moreover, this layer of lamination actually protects the printed designs, details and the product inside. For lamination, Printcosmo a trustworthy company introduce the list with so many options. This list includes gloss, matte, Spot UV, AQ and so on.  Moreover, their die cut designing is the real beauty that completes the finishing look and enhances beauty by giving shine to Packaging Boxes.

If you are looking for any company to provide you assistance and remain in your budget, then contact Printcosmo. They are simply the best that’s why terser is a great demand for this company in the market. Moreover, they give a lot of free features to their customers. For instance:

Kraft Packaging boxes

Design Assistance Sampling and shipping

This company provides design assistance and sampling for free, which is like a great treat for the customers. With this facility, you can conveniently contact them for their help about the designs and patterns over kraft and custom cardboard boxes. The graphics representatives will welcome your ideas and do tell you about the practical potentials in your ideas, range, and categories of printing with its functional cost. With the help of the graphics engineers’ skills, you will definitely get a polished consignment of kraft packaging boxes. Moreover, their free sampling will ensure that you will get the required design before you place the order.  Together with these facilities, they provide free shipping of the consignment to the different part of the world with great care and ease. This company is well known for its fast turnaround.