Pizza originated from Italy in the 10th century. It is a simple flatbread that is covered with tomato sauce and cheese and is baked in oven further to be cooked perfectly. All we people do is we take out the pizza from the pizza box and eat it and then dump the box. What we don’t notice is that some people really try to put their effort into designing those pizza boxes especially for us. Some of the great artists from Italy have designed some really cool and attractive pizza boxes that are a state of the art itself. Some of the greatest and most beautiful pizza boxes ever designed are as follows in the paragraph further.

Pizza Boxes

1.      5 Cent Success Story

In the early 1995’s one of the famous pizzeria’s of Columbia street and Hamilton Avenue were approached by a renowned printing company Pasgue Trilli from Brooklyn. They presented an offer to Columbia Street and Hamilton Avenue of printing their custom pizza boxes at a low rate of 5 cents apiece.  The box was designed by Holly Del Re and that design was originally a copy of the famous artist Betty Whitaker’s painting. This custom pizza box shows the streets of Italy that furthers gives a message to people about the hometown of pizza in Italy. Well, the main purpose of designing such a pizza box is to promote the background of pizza and to convey people a message about the significance of pizza. The custom pizza box shows pizza placed on a table at the entrance of the street that shows that you don’t need to find a place to eat pizza, you can just eat it anywhere wherever you like.

2.      Pizza with season greetings

This pizza box that has been designed by a famous artist is Rocky Tenn., who is a pizza box manufacturer from the United States of America. His magnificently designed pizza box has won a bronze medal at the International Flexographic Printing Competition in 1998. The adorable and classy pizza box shows the season of love and blessing that is winter. This also shows that it’s the time of Christmas and people are enjoying this time with their loved ones. And once they get back home they should just simply order a pizza for a change in taste to enhance the whole feeling of the vacation season.

Pizza Boxes3.The Simpsons

Another custom pizza box that has been designed in Italy but discovered in Amsterdam has a picture of all-time favorite cartoons of America, The Simpsons. Although some details have been changed to avoid the copy right issue this pizza box is a great idea for attracting the customer’s attention who loves Simpson and other characters of this longest running show in the television history. So this is overall a really good attempt from the artist to increase the significance of the pizza box. This box makes you binge watch the show while you savor the pizza in hands.

4.      The streets of Italy

In 2011, Larry Santora the owner of Picasso’s pizzeria in Buffalo, New York ordered Michael Biondo, a local artist, to create a pizza box which would be a true embodiment of an Italian village. Pizza being a product of Italy, with the pizza boxes designed like these would be all the customers would need to enjoy the taste of Pizza while imagining themselves to be nowhere but in the rustic old streets of the city itself. It will help them connect with the roots of the cuisine so that they can feel the actual taste rather than just gobble it down without paying much attention to the details. Moreover, with boxes designed like these, you would rather sit and state. But this is not where the fun ends. The box had a special message to keep the customers engaged. It came with the invitation for them to find the Picasso in the pic. This made them sit and watch the picture in an intriguing manner while eating more than they had actually planned to. This custom pizza box painting was initially painted with pastels and crayons but later for printing of pizza boxes wholesale were photographed using a four colored process. This made copying easier and more efficient.

Pizza Boxes5. Japanese anime

With so many custom pizza boxes being made, it wouldn’t have been fair to have the king of pizza stay away from this trend. Domino’s is known all over the world for their exceptionally unique and delicious pizzas. They too have become a part of these pizza boxes wholesale designing strategies every once in a while. A new box with a new design is bound to get the brand some recognition and helps them become the talk of the town for a long time to come. It is not only a good marketing strategy but a great way to gain competitive edge in the market too. Domino’s to establish its footing in the Japanese market made use of Hatsune Miku, a singing humanoid. She is a part of an application which helps this character get human vocals by making use of the big vocal bank stored in the application. It was a great marketing tactic which earned them huge rewards.

Pizza Boxes

These are just some of the many names who have been a part of the custom pizza box designing in the past decades. You can follow the suite too and come up with something creative of your own too. If you have a design in mind which you want to pursue further then get in touch with us today and have someone in our team provide you with the best offer for pizza boxes wholesale deals. This way you would be saving money while designing the boxes that are meant to be the highlight of your whole marketing campaign. Moreover, our team would be glad to offer you helpful recommendations on how you can improve your design game with some helpful tips and suggestions.