Mom… this shifting process is becoming a stress for me.

Why Honey?

I am left with nothing like packaging boxes but a lot of my stuff is still left.

Don’t worry. Get those corrugated packaging boxes from the store.

You must agree with me that shifting is really a great burden on shoulders. We all get panicked and stressed out because of this. There is a variety of stuff like delicate, heavy and also products like clothes. To find a solution for all of such stuff is another mind-boggling task.  Moreover, if you buy anything from market that will increase the budget.

But not anymore.  There is a solution of a number of packaging problems and that solution is called corrugated boxes. Moreover, I have seen that many companies prefer custom corrugated boxes for making the deliveries of consignment.

Do You Know?

Hey, do you know that there is a complete history of corrugated boxes as how they were made? When they were manufactured and stuff like that.  As I work in a packaging related company so I know it so, let me share it with you the fact that Corrugated Boxes Wholesale have the history of a complete century. Their construction includes the combination of two paper sheets glued together. These three layers assembled that gives the strength and sturdiness to overall structure of corrugated packaging boxes. Moreover, there are several types of corrugation, each with the induction of different layers called flute, which helps in taking the shape to these printed corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Boxes Wholesale

Advantages of Corrugated Boxes

  • It helps in Safeguarding products

There is number of advantages provided by these corrugated packaging boxes to the customers but the one most important is the protection of the products. The corrugated layers provide the strength and rigidity from within. These have the ability to absorb and resist the various forces like jerks, bumps etc. as already told they are available in various thickness, they are the best option to opt as custom shipping boxes. As for long-distance routes, these boxes fulfill all the requirements, which are needed for shipping purposes. For this reason, many companies prefer these corrugated boxes.

  • Easy to Customize

Customization is an important feature of these corrugated boxes. These boxes can be printed in anyways depending upon the demand of the customers. When it comes to the personalization, this is the easiest and efficient way to interact with customers.  Therefore, these custom corrugated boxes are printed with company’s logo and details. For printed corrugated boxes, there are various options to select. For instance, digital printing, screen, and lithographic printing. This printing will turn your boxes into a marketing medium for the company. Moreover, these corrugated boxes wholesale are available in various shapes and sizes. As corrugated material are easily molded.

  • Sustainable and cost-efficient

Another benefit of corrugated boxes is their sustainability. Moreover, they are cost-effective, which means that they are manufactured with inexpensive tool at low cost. In addition, custom corrugated boxes require less labor than other materials, which turns these corrugated packaging boxes highly affordable.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

  • Light Weight

As these corrugated boxes are best for shipping your consignment, there is an important feature that is a real treat for the customers.  This feature is none other than the light weight of these Custom Shipping Boxes. Though these boxes have the flue layers inside them still these boxes have very light weight of their own. Moreover, they are efficient in wrapping up the heavy products like refrigerators, ACs, ovens etc. Custom corrugated boxes provide this robustness to these heavyweight products to protect them from the outside effects. Moreover, they are stackable in the stores for future use.

  • Environmental Friendly

Since the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, until it has no life left with, there is not a single moment when they have harmful effect on the environment. The material and processing of these materials do not harm in any way. Moreover, once these corrugated packaging boxes are done with their primary role they have many secondary roles to play their part. People can use custom corrugated boxes for their personal use. For instance, storing their personal items especially using them when moving from one place to another. They can be collapsible to use as floor padding during a home renovation and also for craft project. There are even ways to turn these printed corrugated boxes into furniture with a little skill and effort. Try your skills on them because these reliable and will support you. This can fulfill your time requirements. Therefore, they can be recycled again and again to be used in several ways.

  • Resistance

Corrugated boxes have great quality of resistance as these boxes have the ability to add multiple corrugated layers, which gives them more strength and sturdiness. Another reason for wide use of these corrugated boxes wholesale is their recyclability and biodegradable feature that is extremely important. In other words, they are very beneficial because they can easily protect the products within them that can prevent any possible damage.

Corrugated Boxes

Kraft Boxes

Custom Kraft Boxes are another variety in the packaging world that is even offered by many of the companies. It has also has revolutionized the world with its multiple uses. They have brought with respect to the packaging of a number of products. Although market has a variety of cardboard boxes nowadays, people prefer these Kraft made boxes in place of cardboard material for number of reasons. First, they are user and eco-friendly like corrugated boxes, as they are made from excellent pine wood material. Secondly, they are sturdy enough to hold the product or products safely in themselves. Lastly, the pulp of pine plays a vital role in the manufacturing of the premium quality boxes.

Cardboard Vs Corrugated Vs  Kraft  Boxes

For all my readers, you must know the difference between the three different types of materials. All of these materials are quite different from each other whereas people mix them with each other. So, the difference is that cardboard boxes are a type of chipboard that is generally used for the packaging of lightweight products like food, jewelry, clothes and so on. Unlike cardboard, custom Kraft boxes are made from Kraft paper, whereas it is used for the packaging of same type of products.  On the other hand, corrugated packaging boxes are the best choice when it comes to the shipping of the fragile and heavy products in bulk, as they have better resisting features.  Thus, it is important to know the difference among all these types of boxes otherwise you can be of no use.

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Impeccable glaze

There is another option that you can avail is lamination.  It is an important feature. Basically, it is an application that gives these Kraft and corrugated boxes a well-organized and smooth surface. Well to boost the outer look and enhance the life of printed corrugated boxes, lamination coats really works. The options that are preferred nowadays are Matte, gloss; spot UV, aqueous, semi-gloss AQ. Avail any of them for your corrugated and Custom Kraft Boxes. Grab any of the available options for various reasons such as they give a proper finishing look to the boxes.

Design Assistance

You it well that corrugated boxes can be folded into any shape and size. For designing, I have already mentioned the printing options above. Other than this you can also go for the design or designs you want. If you are facing any problem, then you can take help from the company. As many companies together with which I have worked also provides design assistance for the logo and other stuff for printed corrugated boxes. Moreover, if you have any idea I the mind then take that to them their skilled engineers will further transform them with their graphic skills. Oh, I forgot to mention, the company I worked with is none other than Printcosmo, a well-known printing, and packaging company.

Printed Corrugated Boxes

Free Sampling

When it comes to design assistance for corrugated boxes, there is another important feature which Printcosmo provides for the facility of its customers. This feature is providing the sample before the confirmation of the order. This helps the customer to get assured of the design over custom corrugated boxes. In addition, this facility is provided free.

Free Shipping

There is another amazing feature, which this company provides to its customers. This facility is providing free shipping. This facility is worth having. Moreover, they take great care of their shipments of corrugated packaging boxes in flattened form. In addition to this, their delivery timing is commendable. In short, they have fastest turnaround and you don’t have to wait for so long for your deliveries.

To conclude, if you want to buy these corrugated boxes wholesale, then don’t go anywhere else. Just contact this company and avail their services. Moreover, if you want to know more about the company and their other products then just visit their official website or contact on their given number.