Corrugated boxes are the best options if you are shifting or simply delivering the consignments around the town or world. These boxes are strong enough to accommodate varying weights and are all approved for shipping. These boxes are the best possible solution for shipping and storage needs. As the owner of a manufacturing business, I have national and international customers and delivering my products to them safe and sound is the vital part of my business practice and custom corrugated boxes make it promising. These are designed by optimizing the quality of corrugated board. This corrugated board gives inner supports to the box. The products also provide support that helps in maintaining the balance throughout its packaging. Moreover, its closure option is considered of importance as they provide stacking strength. If long-term storage of corrugated custom packaging in high humidity is expected, then extra strength and moisture resistance are applied. It is not just some boxes to wrap up the product, it also has a long list of benefits with it.

Numerous benefits of corrugated boxes.

  • Efficient and Effective mailing

With our large selection of mailing boxes, I am practically guaranteed to find the perfect box for each of my shipment. All of our boxes fold together easily, so shipping is as quick as packing and posting. I am so interested in tab lock tuck top features of these boxes. The tab lock helps to hold the lid in place during the shipping process. I find these packing materials affordable on our site, so I make sure to not only adequately pad my shipment with products like cardboard sheets, but securely close it with tape as well. Corrugated Boxes are ideal for shipping because they are made to cushion and protect the products. The corrugated layers between the cardboard sheets provide sturdiness and strength, which protects the package from any sort of damage during shipment. Furthermore, it also enables the boxes to have resistance against compression, piercing and other damages involved in shipping.

custom Corrugated Boxes

  • Durable storage.

For some reasons the custom corrugated boxes are good for shipping, they are also good for storage and moving. The ridges and grooves support boxes and the materials packed inside for prolonged periods. These custom boxes are efficient enough for shifting the products from one place to another. The cardboard material means that I can advertise the contents of my business and products on the outside of the boxes to make it more prominent and appealing to my customers and let them easily find what they are looking for. No more searching through boxes for that one book or small trinket. Moreover, just because some of my boxes are labeled as a mailing boxes does not mean that my customers cannot use them for storage. These boxes have such strength and robustness that helps them during their pile up positions in storerooms.

  • Printed designs.

Social media and advertisements on television are the main source of marketing of your brand but printing the logo of the business with slogan statement and contact details, I found it more convenient in spreading my product information in the market. More than half of the reviews from my new clients mention that they found about my business and products from packaging boxes. I always try different color schemes and designs to make my packaging more attractive and eye-catching and this factor directly affects my turnover in a positive way. Custom Packaging enhances the beauty of the product as well as fulfill the requirement of different sizes and weights. Custom corrugated boxes fulfill all the requirements of different suppliers according to their product. Like in my business, I need approximately six different sizes of these boxes as I am working in wholesale and retail markets so the number of units in every order is fluctuating. Here these custom packaging not only save me but also work as an advertising campaign.

Corrugated Boxes Wholesale

  • Environmental friendly

Since the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, until it is of no use, there is not a single moment when they are harmful to the society or environment. The material and process used in its manufacturing do not harm in any way and once they have played their primary role they have many secondary roles to play their part. People use custom packaging for their personal use, storing their personal items or using them when moving from one place to another, break them down to use for floor padding during a home renovation or craft project. There are even ways to turn these boxes into furniture with a little skill and effort. Try your hands on them and take a seat, because these reliable boxes will support you and all your needs. Moreover, once no life has been left in it, it can be recycled again and can be used in the same way or some other way.

Variety of shapes

Corrugated boxes have different sizes and as well as different shapes as per the requirement of different products. The type of shape, which is highly in demand nowadays, are Die cut boxes. These boxes have different windows in it that helps to visualize the product at the time of purchase. The important functions of these boxes are to provide crush resistance means product protection and adequate strength for stacking in warehouses and it is assured that these windows would not affect the strength of overall box.  These types of boxes are highly in demand in every sector of industry especially in food market and toy industry. These die cut boxes have some of its own subdivisions.

Corrugated Boxes

Types of die cut boxes

The ballot boxes are a type of corrugated boxes that have a drop slot in the top for people to submit entries and suggestions. These boxes are great for any type of contest or election style promotion. They are made small for a countertop or a Standup style for events and trade shows which can be printed in 1-4 color process. Moreover, for toys, jewelry, bakery, and so many other product packaging Die Cut Boxes are preferred. It helps store owners to display their products without unstacking them. They are considered ideal for promotion of your products. Furthermore, they are attractive enough to allure the customers. They are best for retail use and can be made with custom inserts to hold things. The gift boxes are a promotional style of boxes, which can be made of paperboard instead of indented cardboard and many more. Mailers and bin boxes also fall into the category of custom boxes. As they are very much helpful in arranging the shelves with supplies, magazines, newspapers and a lot of other products like these. They can be customized into different colors which is an easy way to recognize and differentiate them from each other.

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

My suggestion of a Company

To avail corrugated boxes with such benefits you require right suppliers. My personal choice is Printcosmo. They have exactly the right material for manufacturing and have a team of experts who suggest the favorable designs to be your brand logo. They also have customizing options for their customers. They also let their customers share their ideas and make it more presentable with their own skills. I personally tried different suppliers in different times and every time the ultimate results showed that it is not a good match but since the day, I started business with Printcosmo, I am free of all the worries associated with printing packaging boxes. Box compression testing is done for evaluating boxes, stacks of boxes, and unit loads under controlled conditions. Another reason for preferring this company is that they seriously take care of all the circumstances including weather conditions in which these boxes are usable. Therefore, package testing is often conducted to verify these assessments. And Printcosmo does these testing periodically to maintain their level of reliability.

Printed Corrugated Boxes

Other features they Offer

They have innovated new designs to make my brand look more appealing. In addition, they do it after every short time of span so the brand and product remain fresh in my customer’s minds. They act as if they are not just my packaging boxes supplier they are more than that. They are like my business partner who thinks for my business as I do myself. Being a Custom Packaging company, Printcosmo fulfills all quality checks during the manufacturing these boxes. While producing them, their company highly focus on the sturdiness. These boxes also have impeachable reliability. They do not provide plain printing instead, laminate the printed stuff with matte and gloss coatings. For this purpose, they use spot UV and aqueous coating over printed boxes that make these boxes eco-friendly and heat resistant. That is how it protects the products pack inside.

To conclude, if anyone of you requires quality product with quality services then contact Printcosmo. All contact details are available on their official website page. Their representative is 24/7 available to answers every general query.