There are many in the packaging industry who claim to provide boxes as per your demand. Not all who claim fulfill what they say. Commitment to clients is a matter of honor and not everyone can handle this. Keeping customers in our priority list, we have established a successful brand name in the world of packaging industry. We give you the advantage of buying directly from us without intervention of any intermediary and enjoy huge savings. Being a one stop store for your packaging needs, we don’t play the role of middle man. Our bakery boxes are uniquely designed, customized and put into final shape following the defined parameters of what our customers ask for.

Bakery items are not just limited to cakes, candies etc. There is much more as a result of advancement in choices of eaters. Don’t worry, there won`t be any product that we don’t pack. We serve you for all and we manage all. Have a look at some options for bakery items. I am sure you will get your pick from this list, if not, don’t worry, write us what it is and let us make this happen happily.

  • Boxes for cakes
  • Boxes for cup cakes
  • Boxes for pie
  • Boxes for pie slices
  • Boxes for pastries
  • Boxes for donuts
  • Boxes for cake pops
  • Boxes for candy apple
  • Grease proof papers
  • Boxes for brownies
  • Boxes for macarons
  • Colored boxes
  • Black n white boxes
  • Simple boxes
  • Themed boxes


People regard us as source for premium packaging boxes. We enjoy great relationship with bakers which allows us design & manufacture boxes. These boxes reflect stuff that all bakers want a reflection of when it comes to cake packaging. You pay wholesale price for top quality boxes.  You might be think that cost for these would be more, but this isn’t the case. We offer discounts and ship your boxes at the address you provide within time promised.

Printcosmo can help you elevate elegance of these bakery items by using our professional cake boxes. We understand the importance of product quality and also we provide quality bakery boxes.  If you want a perfect match between price & performance, let us maximize your value for the money spent. For each of your needs for not only bakery but all other sort of boxes, come to us.