Candy boxes are always too pretty to be given away. They are somehow designed to promise you the pleasure of the land they behold within them. The delicate boxes which are wrapped with the promise of sweetness and ultimate goodness. But what exactly do you with the candy boxes that are designed really beautifully? We can’t just throw them away because that would be a crime especially if someone has the candies sent out to you in one of those intricately designed custom candy boxes. So, here we have compiled some creative ideas on how you can bring those candy boxes to good use and declutter your life.


Candy boxes

1.Sort the jewelry

Have you ever realized that when the time comes for us to wear our favorite earrings, we always end up in a complicated mess where one earring is entangled with the other in ways that would baffle even the biggest mystery solvers in the world? Even after a long battle with the whole mess, we often fail to get the one rescued that we have ever eyes on. With the candy packaging boxes in sight, you only need to spend some good time on sorting through that mess to clearly place each pair in a different compartment never to get entangled again. Once done through that, you will be free to pick up whichever pair you want to wear anytime of the day.

2.Cheesecake bites

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love cheesecakes? We don’t. It is that one creamy delicacy which is bound to have anybody’s mouth water just at the mere sight and this is what the biggest problem is. As delicious as it tastes, we often can’t just stop at a bit or two. We have to gobble down the whole big slice only to curse ourselves later on for giving in to our guilty pleasures. With those pretty candy boxes in hand and totally vacant, you can create a solution to this problem. Start making bite sized cheesecakes in those boxes by making use of the paper bags the candies were compartmentalized in. It will also make up for a good storage box while the guests arrive at your place.


Are there some medicines that you use very frequently at home? It can get pretty annoying to take them out of the locker every time you have to take them just because you can’t keep them out in front of kids within their reach. Now, make use of the candy packaging boxes to separate out the most used medicines and keep them out somewhere the kids reach. It could be on top of the fridge or in the top drawer of your cabinet, anywhere which is convenient to you.

candy boxes

4.Needles and threads

It has been the age old use of the old candy boxes which are no longer in use. Instead of stomping over one roll of thread or the other or leaving them out to get entangled with one another, why not just pack them up and put them away in one of those fancy custom candy boxes? Moreover, it would also help keep the needles safe and somewhere you can find them when you are in need of one.

5.Piggy bank

Glue the lid back on the box and cut out a small slit on top of the candy box carefully. Use it to store all the change and extra cash. Piggy banks are a fun way of saving money and what better way to make use of the candy boxes than to turn them into your DIY project.

6.Plastic tray for paints

If you have kids at home, you will understand how messy it can be when they begin painting. No matter where you go, you find little splashes of paints that they have been trying to mix together to form new colors. With the plastic tray still inside the candy box, you can have your children use it as a paint mixing tray. Have them work on it and wash it off once they are done using.

candy boxes

7.Herb Butter

It is very easy for the fresh herbs to go bad within just a few days. One way to store and preserve their natural goodness is to mix them up with some butter or olive oil and freeze them for later use. Put in the herb of your choice in each one of the boxes in the plastic tray and start filling it up with some oil. Freeze and keep them away in the zip lock bag to be used when the need arises. You can also use the tray to store the left over pesto so that each section of the tray can be scooped out and thrown in the pasta for some quick fix pesto pasta.

8.Personal cookie box

You can also use the box to store your own personal home baked goods and cookies. Keep them on your desk in the beautiful boxes that are meant to bring a smile on your face every time you lay your eyes on them. The custom candy boxes are designed to be unique and you can even reuse them to give away your own personal baked goodies to your friends and loved ones.

9.Lipstick box

If the box is of good height, you can use it to display your lipsticks so that you can handpick the one you would be wearing that day instead of going through each one of them individually. It will save you a lot of hassle on the busy days when everything is going against you.


candy boxes

10.Bobby pins

Instead of not finding a single bobby pin when you need it the most, why not stock them away in the custom candy boxes so that you find them where you left them the last time.

These are just some of the many ways you can make use of the candy packaging boxes in creative ways. How have you been using these boxes till now? Do let us know in the comments below.