Pack that dress! After selecting the bright yellow knee-length frock, I was waiting for the cash to pay the bill. It was at that time the purple and orange boxes caught my attention. It made me more than happy when I was handed over one of the same boxes with my dress packed therewithin. I paid the bill and left the boutique satisfied.

Apparel boxes and wraps are customized boxes to pack the dress after it is bought. It is an innovative idea to market and promote the clothing line or brand. You make a permanent customer by the quality of the product you are selling and the effort you put into packing their package. The extra care, creativeness, and those bright colors are always a plus in the wardrobe.

apparel packaging

Apparel boxes are known to serve the following purposes:

  • Marketing the Product

It usually carries the brand name on the box and this is a good marketing tactic. The next time you open up your wardrobe, you are definitely reminded of the hospitality of the brand.

  • Safety

Careful packing ensures the safety of the product. There is no way you can see a spot of oil or candied fingers on that $100 dollar prom dress.

  • Gift Item

Apparel gift boxes are a new trend. Packing it in an innovative manner make it look like a gift. You don’t have to buy extra gift paper sheets and ribbons to pack your wife’s surprise anniversary gift.

apparel gift boxes

  • Compact Look

The apparel boxes give a compact look to the dress/shirt. Your dress no longer looks crumpled or is all over the wardrobe; in fact, is contained in the box.

As marketing trends are touching new limits every day, innovative new ideas are flowing in to gain the buyer attention. Every extra bit down by a particular brand is noticed and appreciated thereby increasing competition.

Apparel packaging is a new trend and thereby fancying-up every day.  Let’s list down some of best apparel Packaging Ideas.

  • Two-piece Boxes

These boxes are made up of cardboard and come up with a base and a lid. The shape and size of the box may vary from a square to a rectangle to any customized polygon appealing to the creative team. These also come up in various shades; from bright colors to giving it a light sophisticated touch, everything is in vogue as far as it catches the buyer’s attention. The lid and base can come up in contrasting colors or different hues of the same shade as well. Again, it’s all about making that box look super good.

Apparel Boxes

  • Fancy lids

When it comes to decorating the lids separately, there are a variety of ideas to choose from. Some of the outstanding ones include glossily finished lids, fabric lids, buttoned upper portions or that paper mache top. Different finishing touches like writing the brand name in bold and catchy fonts may also help in marketing.

  • Cute bases

You may think there is not much to do with the bases. The bases also come up in different colors and fancy finishing touches. They also may include patterned cardboards with self- prints and logos.

  • Single package

The apparel boxes may just be one single box with the lid and the base attached to one another. This idea comes in handy too and makes the gift look creative. These Custom Boxes have customized tuck-ins so that the box does not open or remain loose.

Custom apparel boxes

It’s all about being creative with the ideas at your table. The apparel boxes can make your business become a fast-selling brand. People like me may just be seen gathering the boxes because they are oh-so simply beautiful, amazing and worth stocking. A lot of companies these days are dealing with manufacturing of custom apparel boxes, thus saving the brand from the hassle.

We, at, deal in different custom apparel boxes. These are available in all shapes in sizes as per your requirement. We offer a number of stock and finishing options. The most famous finishing options include glossy, matte, spot UV and aqueous coating. Moreover, there is a select range of add-on choices with 100% price and quality guarantee.