Rigid boxes are one of the most popular and in-demand packaging boxes. Rigid boxes are usually used for luxurious and expensive products because of their strength, durability and firmness. Just like other packaging boxes, Print Cosmo offers various designing facilities for customization of rigid boxes. We make sure to design the perfect structure of rigid boxes before delivering it to you.

What do we offer?

Custom rigid boxes are used for a variety of purposes. We offer customized services for the rigid boxes. You have the freedom to design rigid boxes for your valuable products. Mostly our clients love to choose custom rigid boxes for the products of different sizes and value. We make sure to deliver the right product to our clients. We give special attention to the firmness, designing, and the overall appearance of these boxes. We ensure the quality of the boxes while beautifying them. Our rigid boxes ensure the safety of your products by providing perfect protection. We design these boxes with care and make sure to use the highest quality material for it. Our rigid boxes can be used for multiple purposes like for a gift, storage and transportation purposes. For some products like chocolate, candies and sweets, we add additional designs to beautify the rigid boxes for special events. We offer all our packaging boxes at affordable rates. It is a misconception that rigid boxes will cost you too much. With our services, you don’t need to get worried about the price of rigid boxes. We offer guaranteed lower prices of rigid boxes as compared to our competitors in the USA.

Things we do?

Customization is the first thing that comes to mind while getting packaging services. Printcosmo are specialized in providing customization services to our customers. Looking for the customized rigid boxes? We are here to provide you with plenty of options to get your job done in right hands. We offer the following services for our rigid boxes, but that’s not all. We also love to hear from our clients and provide them with exactly what they want.

  • Our company is highly skilled and we offer coloured printing facilities to our customers rather than boring and typical boxes.
  • Want embossing or stamping for your packaging boxes? We will do it for you.
  • It doesn’t matter whatever is the size of rigid boxes, we provide full customization services to our customers.
  • We deliver the boxes according to your preferences. We offer both fully assembled and partially assembled boxes after manufacturing and designing.
  • Our rigid boxes are available in multiple colours, designs, shapes and sizes. However, you are free to get the design based upon your ideas.
  • Our finishing services are excellent. From simple rigid boxes to well-decorated boxes, we offer a complete range of packaging boxes.
  • Our decorated rigid boxes are perfect to present as gifts on special occasions. We make our decorative rigid boxes with special designing ideas, patterns, embellishments and ribbons. If you are looking for rigid boxes for candies, chocolates or sweets for special occasions, contact us to get the unique boxes for your products. Besides food items, you can also use these boxes for jewellery, watches, perfumes and a lot more.