The world of fashion has witnessed an immense revolution and has dramatically frown to become one of the most followed niches in the world. When we talk about beautifying the customers, a lot of different products might pop-up in our mind. One of these products are hair extensions. Since the last few decades, hair extensions have grown in terms of popularity, is are being used by some of the most famous parlors and beauticians in the world.

hair extension boxes

However, there are certain firms, who do not know the importance of custom hair extension boxes and custom hair packaging. Here is a concise account of how this packaging can affect your brand image and help you rise above a cluster of competition.

Benefits Of Hair Extension Boxes:

  • Durability & Sturdiness:

One of the most engaging benefits of custom hair extension boxes is that they offer exceptional durability and sturdiness. The main reason behind this is that these sorts of products usually bear a lot of shelf life’s wear and tear, and need to be strong enough to withstand such conditions. Moreover, being manufactured from hi-end cardboard, these boxes tend to offer longer lasting life than it’s competitors.

  • Versatility Of Shapes & Sizes:

When it comes down to offering versatility to the customers, firms need to recognize how wide-spread the shapes and size options are offered by custom hair packaging, and how it can help the firm. These boxes are manufactured according to the different needs of the customers, which allows them to cover almost every shape and size there might be in the marketplace – especially when it comes down to hair extensions.

  • Brand Promotion:

Promoting the brand, enhancing the brand awareness and being known locally and internationally is what every firm wants, right? Well, wholesale hair extension boxes can certainly help these driven firm owners achieve this. These boxes can lay a major impact on the existing and potential customers, which allows them to be referred through their clientele – and grow their presence in the market.

hair extension boxes

  • Enhanced Protection:

Hygiene is exceptionally important especially when it comes down to your skin, your health and obviously, your hair. Some packaging options might not be suitable as hair packaging supplies, given that they do not hold the certificate of being clinically safe. However, custom hair packaging is made from 100% safe wood, which is not just eco-friendly, but do not pose any threat to the customers as well.

  • Easily Printable:

Another very common, yet enticing benefit of custom hair extension boxes is that they are very easy to print on. This is a major issue which arises in packaging options, when firms are looking to implement their own creativity, but cannot print properly over the boxes. However, custom hair packaging boxes have an exceptionally smooth and glossy surface, which helps firms in printing anything they want; without any hassle at all!

  • Personalized:

Last but not the least, being easily personalized is one of the most common perks which packaging options need to offer. In the case of custom hair extension boxes this is relatively true. These packaging boxes can be personalized in any way the firm might want. This not only allows the firm to build a healthy relationship with their clientele but also helps them in promoting their brand name and brand logo in an engaging way.

Alternate Uses Of Hair Extension Boxes:

  • Jewellery Boxes:

The top of the list of the engaging stuff you can make with custom hair extension boxes at home is a wade-array of jewelry boxes. Most people tend to keep their valuable jewelry pieces at home. Why? They feel it is more safe and they have easier access to it. However, when it comes to managing this jewelry properly, people might find themselves exhausted and out of options. You can easily turn your custom hair packaging boxes into tiny, attractive jewelry boxes.

hair extension boxes

  • Business Cards Organizer:

You might meet a lot of people in your life, and most of these people might offer you their business cards, especially the ones you meet in your work circle. However, when you have a large stack of business cards, you might find it very daunting to arrange them properly. In such cases, you can easily turn your custom hair packaging boxes into business cards organizers and manage these cards easily.

  • Tourist Kit:

Are you a travelling fanatic? Have you been an adventure-savvy person, but you can never keep your things in place. Avid travelers sometimes misplace smaller stuff, which might be very important in certain situations. However, not anymore. If you have a couple of custom hair extension boxes, you can turn them into tourist kits, and keep all your items in one place.

  • First Aid Kit:

Having a first aid kit is very important, especially if you move around a lot. You need to make sure you are well-prepared for any sorts of calamities and save yourself from long-term damage as much as possible. Rather than spending a lot of money on factory made first aid kits, you can easily empty your hair packaging supplies, and use them in the form of first aid kits.

What To Look For In Hair Extension Boxes:

  • Hygienic Element:

One of the most important things to look for in custom hair extension boxes is the hygienic element. As your hair is very sensitive and can bear lesser damage than your skin, your firms need to make sure that you offer your customers with all-round protection, all the time!

  • Material Credibility:

There might be a lot of different materials when it comes down to custom hair packaging, but you need to make sure that you choose the best. The material needs to be smooth in most cases, as it provides advanced protection to the extensions. Moreover, if you ship your products internationally, make sure to pick the finest material possible.

hair extension boxes

Custom hair packaging is one of the best ways to promote your existing or newly launched hair extensions line. Hence, if your firm is looking forward to achieving a name in this field, make sure you consider custom hair extension boxes as your packaging option.