Die cut stickers are a popular kind of stickers. They fit your designs whatever it may be. The most important fact about these stickers is that it is made public. It could be put on an advertisement of your brand, publicity of your rock band, or a fascinating image that you want the world to see. The better the style of your die cut stickers, the more they will be shared. They resemble custom suits and must be made perfect to fit your message.

Die Cut Stickers

Die cut sticker printing is carried out on vinyl material which assists them in staying greatly strong, supple and even competitive for a long period of time. The benefits of vinyl die cut stickers can be enjoyed to decorate the children bedrooms, bars, casinos, theme parks, different art galleries and even museums. Together with advantages, they do have some disadvantages too. To be fair, let us highlight the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Advantages of Die Cut Stickers:

Vinyl die cut stickers enjoy a great number of advantages as compared to those typical screen printed ones. Here are some obvious advantages:

  1. Long-lasting:

Die cut stickers are strong and long-lasting. Their colors do not fade and they are more durable than other sticker types. This is simply because die cut stickers are made using ink that has a strong, constant color and does not fade soon.

  1. Using constant dyes:

The type of ink used to print kiss cut stickers or others is different from the regular ink that is being used for the general sticker printing in general. In the process of coloring die cut stickers, some amount of support pigment of a constant color is added which makes the colors a lot more durable and tough to fade.

Die Cut Stickers

  1. Clean Cut:

Vinyl die cut stickers pick out only the planned design essentials as compared to the traditional screen printed stickers which are made only by their extra white filler, the background, and the material used to create the border together with the design.

  1. Sharp Contrast:

Often a sharp contrast is created by these vinyl die cut stickers against whatever the surface or background it has been applied to, be it a window, wall or any other painted surfaces. It is not impressive about the regular screen printed stickers that they are classically adding their intermediary background or layer of border that tends to get in the way.

  1. Good for Application on Windows:

Vinyl die cut stickers are made so that they do allow the light be able to get through from the areas between the designs or pattern. But as for the typical screen-printed ones, they are made with the filler or background material that completely block all of the area or part that they have been attached to.

  1. For the Purpose of Promotions:

When it comes to promoting, the vinyl die cut stickers have endless benefits. They can be used to familiarize people with the product’s identity and may even be applied as warning labels on any kinds of dangerous industrial machineries. They are often used for the purpose of promoting a fundraisers program by a school, gyms or athletic clubs, some churches or even other non-profit establishments because the vinyl die cut stickers are a rather economical and effective means to get your message across about whatever your business may be.

  1. Customized Vinyl Die Cut Stickers:

You even have an option to customize your stickers with letters, logos, slogans or images carry information to deliver a certain message and to carry out boldly the names of any of your brands or businesses. In fact there exist a number of die cut sticker printing companies that offer and provide the clients with a diverse range of fancy fonts that have the ability to improve your lettering styles by giving the name of your company a gift and personality. In this process of customization, your letter stickers may also be made smaller in size and affixed to items or products that you may have intended to give away during advertising proceedings too. These stickers remain durable and clear for a long period of time and give you chances of consistent, reasonable and self-promoting publicity. In fact, some vinyl die cut printing companies may also provide you with considerable discounts on orders given in bulk form.

Die Cut Stickers



Disadvantages of Die Cut Stickers:

  1. Available in Limited Colors:

Vinyl Die cut stickers have a limited choice of colors to select from. Sometimes colors wear out in these kiss cut stickers or have only limited solid color codes or non-color gradation. However, this issue can easily be overcome by various animation procedures that use Corel trace or some other available applications. But it must be stated that no matter what, the vinyl die cut stickers do have neater results.

  1. Further complicating

The process of manufacturing of the die cut stickers or kiss cut sticker is often a lot more complicated and difficult as compared to the printing processes of the other kinds of stickers.

  1. Long Procedure:

The whole process of the manufacturing and printing of these die cut stickers is a lot longer when we compare it to the time taken for the printing of the other different kinds of stickers. Some steps for the printing of die cut stickers require manual power, therefore, they require more time comparatively.

The standard and typical vinyl die cut stickers can be used for any of the indoor uses as well as even some outdoor ones.  Companies offer various optional materials from clear gloss laminate protection added to the stickers. These stickers can survive easily in the outdoor environmental conditions for as long as 5 whole years, bearing the harsh ultraviolet rays, different types of harsh cold and hot climates, scratches and other damaging conditions. Therefore, these stickers are simply perfect to be used on rear windows and logos, sports equipment, any team or club stickers and even vehicles.

Die Cut Stickers