Wife:       Honey! What you think are these truffle boxes going to look good at the party?

Husband: Why not dear I think using them is a good idea.

Wife:       Ok then, come and help me in deciding the design and size.

Truffle… as its name suggests is the real delight to have on any or every occasion. If I am not mistaken people of all ages likes to enjoy their beautiful moments in the presence of these sweet delights. As this delight, spread the sweetness from body to the soul. However, there is an important factor that plays a significant role in its selling and purchasing and that is truffle packaging boxes. The time you bakers spend on the making and baking of the truffle, in the same way, you should consider the importance of custom truffle boxes. Otherwise, all your effort will be in great loss. Therefore, I would suggest you go for truffle boxes wholesale, like did.

Truffle Boxes

Importance of Truffle Boxes Packaging

As I already told packaging plays the role in perceiving the value of the product that’s why simple and plain boxes do not worth it. Especially truffle boxes for food and confection needs proper presentation. Therefore, to have custom printed truffle boxes customization is important. In addition to this, there are different color pallets available to imprint these truffle packaging boxes with various color schemes and designs.

Personalization as per Events

The best thing about custom truffle boxes is their capacity of being personalized into various ways. As chocolate truffles are the yummiest delicacy for all ages, in the same way, customization of truffle and Custom Chocolate Boxes is achievable for all types of events and ages. Moreover, you can also have the customizations as per the category of individuals. Through this, products are preserved in truffle packaging boxes effectively for the celebration and festivals like birthdays, Christmas and wedding favors. Additionally, for festivals like Halloween [the real celebration of sweets and chocolates], get custom printed truffle boxes with different printed patterns, shapes and sizes. For children, they can be made to order in accordance with their favorite cartoon or superhero characters.

Role as Favor Boxes

For giveaway purposes or to be utilized as favor boxes, these truffle packaging boxes can show your gratitude towards the guests for taking out time from their busy schedule and attending your party. Furthermore, some messages or good wishes can be crafted on them or can imprint them with the name of the people in the name of whom party or the event has been organized. This will help your party to be remembered for a very long time. For this and more you can ask for several other additions in truffle boxes wholesale. For instance, organza ribbons, baker’s twine, and various die cut designs, petal top or bow tie top etc. In addition to this, these custom truffle boxes are available in assorted sizes and shapes such as flip top clear plastic lid, book shape boxes for the customer’s study related events and so on.

Custom Truffle Boxes

Colour Scheme

Colors are that exceptional feature in the customization, which completely transforms plain, simple and ordinary looking truffle packaging boxes into something special. Always select the color scheme with great care and consciousness. Though, it seems easy but professional in colors can tell what it means to make the right selection of color combination. There are unlimited colors but not every color is for everyone and every theme. As there are some events that already have their own colors like Christmas and all. Moreover, some people like a vibrant and sharp color whereas some prefer sober, light and dull. Keep your target audience and targeted event in your mind while selecting your color scheme for custom made truffle boxes.

Company’s logo on Boxes and its Benefits

When it comes to personalization, it means to have effective, efficient and faster interaction with the customers. These boxes provide you with a number of benefits. Another highly focused benefit of these truffle boxes is that they are print friendly.  Therefore, you can print and personalize them with logo of the company. For this, the selection of color again is significant. In my opinion, choose a light and dark combination. Further, you can use stickers, stamp logo. Custom printed truffle boxes can have graphics capabilities that support printing options such as lithographic [shortly known as litho], digital and even screen-printing. In addition to artwork, you can also imprint significant details of the products and company. These Custom Boxes with Logo will bring your brand into focus light and they will become a marketing medium. Other than electronic and social media, printing over custom chocolate boxes benefits you in communicating directly with your customers in easy and affordable way.

The prominence of various Sizes

In packaging, there is an important aspect and that is the relevant size of truffle boxes. Suppose you need to pack four truffle chocolates to present as favor on the party, how odd would it look that the boxes are either too small to fit in the truffles or too big that they slip here and there. Therefore, I am providing the various sizes of truffle packaging boxes for varying number of chocolate packaging. To give a proper packaging to different amount of chocolate delights you must have them at your stores. To mention a few sizes which can be preferred are 13/8 × 17/16×23/4″, 13/8×13/8×41/4 inches, 41/4×15/8×81/2 inches with positive interlocking tabs. Moreover, there is a variety of custom chocolate boxes such as 5×10×10 cm and 6×3.5 ×2.5 cm in Christmas tree shape etc. To make it even more comprehensive for you dear readers, the assortment includes custom made truffle boxes for single, double, 4, 6, 10, 15, 24, 28, 32 and more personalized chocolates and truffles. You will see that these custom truffle boxes will do their magic in your confectionery business.

Custom Printed Truffle Boxes

Window and Divider Insertion

Well, another feature that will further polish the outer appearance of truffle packaging boxes is the introduction of windows on the top or on the front. If you want to enhance the appealing factor of your custom chocolate boxes, I would recommend you to induce this feature together with handles to easily hold by the customers. These features help in seeking the attention of the customers and allure them to buy your products. Moreover, with the window induction boxes customers can easily get the idea of the product inside for instance, if the product is fresh or not and if the icing or the topping of the chocolate made truffle are done elegantly. Moreover, the addition of die cut divider inserts can be added so that will not let the chocolate truffle move in the truffle boxes but manage to hold them firmly at their place.

Finishing Look

After doing all the effort with printing, to preserve it for longer time lamination is necessary. This glazing is applied over truffle boxes wholesale that do its magic by providing a smooth and shiny surface. It is a kind of thin silky layer, which protects the truffle packaging boxes from various harmful factors like moisture, dust, dirt, and smudge etc. Moreover, the manufacturing material includes food grade material, which makes them suitable for food packaging. It also helps in protecting such lavish and delicate products. Further, for lamination over custom printed truffle boxes the available options in the market are gloss, matt, spot UV, aqueous, semi-gloss AQ and so on, that’s how you can give apply these glazing and gives a silky and polished effect that enhance the finishing look.

Truffle Boxes Wholesale

Custom Quote

To get profited by all the above-mentioned features then contact the company I prefer, which is Printcosmo. To have a good experience contact this company and order one custom quote and you will yourself feel the difference in your custom box printing. With this, they will tell you all the relative details about the orders like custom truffle boxes. Interestingly, this facility of custom quote is completely free.

Design Assistance and Sampling

This company provides free design assistance, which is like a delight for the customers. With this facility, you can easily contact them for their assistance of your truffle boxes for the designing process. They welcome your ideas, tell you about the possibilities, categories, and range of printing together with the applied cost. With the help of their skilled and professional engineers, you will definitely get polished work. Moreover, they also provide you samples before you finalize your order of the consignment. Both these facilities are free for their clients.

Truffle Packaging Boxes

Atmosphere Resistant Quality

The best part of these Custom Truffle Boxes is their ability to resist the atmospheric changes. All the chocolate related products like truffles, plain chocolates, pastries require protection from heat, inside and outside moisture, dust, dirt, insects attack and other atmospheric changes. Moreover, they are eco-friendly. These truffle packaging boxes are dynamic in fulfilling these services.

Shipping facility

Another reason for referring Printcosmo is their shipping facility. This feature is provided free throughout the world. Moreover, their delivery timing is worthy. They make deliveries of the consignment of truffle packaging boxes at your doorstep in the least possible time. In this fastest turnaround service, they take great care of your shipment with great care.

That is all what I feel would be a beneficial information company. To know further about anything about the company, their services, and products even the new updates, you will be welcomed by the company. You can contact this company on their web page or contact them on the given number. This company is 24/7 available to answer your queries.