Tote bags came into life as a replacement for plastic bags and luggage. Tote means” to carry”. The idea of tote bags came into life with the release of L.L Bean’s boat bags in 1944. The main reason behind opting for tote bags instead of luggage was the ease of carriage these bags brought in the life of the user. Soon the tote bags became a symbol of fashion for girls all over. The image of these bags was further enhanced when in 1990’s, Kate Spade started to carry Tote bags as a fashion statement. There are many other benefits of tote bags that make them more preferable compared to plastic bags and luggage.

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Another reason which prompts the people to choose tote bags is them being environment-friendly. They can be used over and over again and don’t need to be thrown away and can be recycled.  A simple cotton canvas tote bag can be used around 327 times before they need to be thrown away or to be recycled. Well, this clearly shows that a tote bag is more durable compared to simple plastic bags. As they can be used for a much longer time compared to simple plastic bags. Let us take a look at some of the best reasons why you need to own fabric tote bags and even get hold of them on wholesale tote bags deal offers.

Style Symbol For Girls:

In the revolutionized world, today in the 21st-century style is everything for girls no matter what age group they belong to. They want everything they carry to be stylish. With all the other designer bags being so expensive, one could really use the options that are rather reasonable and still do not look like a compromise. The fabric tote bags can be further customized to match the style by printing and decorating them with various designs.

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Matches Everything You Wear:

You can wear these custom fabric tote bags with almost everything. The statement that tote bags could be used with anything you wear could be supported by the fact that tote bags come in so many different colors and designs and styles. You can use leather tote bags with trendy outfits such as jeans or leather jackets. Whereas you can use simple canvas tote bags when wearing simple casual outfits such as skirts and summer dresses. And if you want you can even get your own personal tote bag designed and customized just the way you want it to be so it could be carried with anything you wear.

Easy To Carry;

These custom fabric tote bags overcome the problems that girls face while carrying handbags. The most common problem that girls have with their handbag is that they are unable to carry their handbags because of their handles. Sometimes the handles are too short to handle and inconvenient to lug around and on other occasions, they are too big that they just keep falling off their shoulders. But with a fabric tote bag, you don’t have to worry about these problems as tote bags come with handles that you can wear with snug shoulder bags. Moreover, some tote bags come with a two-way handle allowing you carry it the way you feel comfortable.


For women, the handbag is not just about creating a style statement of their own. They use it to carry things around from their makeup products to accessories and other things that they feel they need to be carrying with them. With so much going around, the bag needs to be spacious enough or else it would look nothing less than a stuffed turkey for them. To help salvage the look of the bag, there are occasions when one wants to find wholesale fabric bags that are stylish yet spacious. This is where tote bags come to the rescue.

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Design them the way you want:

The fact that these custom fabric bags give you the freedom to design your own bag is a huge plus point for women who like to add their personal touch to whatever they do. Have them printed, dyed using various color schemes and even decorated with various accessories. Buying wholesale fabric bags allows you to freely leash out your creativity on them and decorate them with the designs that would go with all of your dresses.

If you think that you do not have the knack for it, you always have the option of ordering some fabric bags to be customized for your taste. They not only make up for a great personal style statement but are also good to for giveaways and gifts. Them being environment-friendly will also create a positive image for your company if you choose to buy the wholesale fabric bags for the next event you are holding.

So the tote bags have many features that make it superior when compared to a simple handbag. As all the features are mentioned above you can clearly see the importance of Custom Tote bags. Through all these years, tote bags have really transformed and emerged with an identity of their own. While you can surely make them at home using your old t-shirts and throw away rugs but buying custom fabric bags will save you a lot of time too.

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So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today and get a tote bag that you think matches your personality. You can even get a tote bag designed just the way you want it to be so you could carry it with anything you wear. Our team will be all too willing to help you out in designing the perfect bag for you using some of the finest technologies that we have going on for you.