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Hmm… look there I find it, that hair extension you know well my hair is too short for styling.

What is so special in this particular shop that you didn’t buy it from the previous shop.

Shop is not important dear brand matters. They have a premium quality product with best hair extension boxes.

Women the most attractive creation of this world has a strange ability to charm others with their beauty. Makeup and cosmetic is an important part of their life but with this various hairdos actually, bring the real appeal in the personality. Now a day short, straight, curly hairs are not a problem because all such variety is available in the form of hair extension. Moreover, preservation of this delicate and expensive product is also easy now because of hair extension packaging boxes. Further, if you are selling such kind of products that together with their preservation, protection is also demanded that also explain the quality of the product. For this reason, custom hair extension boxes are the best choice.

Conscious Selection of Colours for Packaging

Being a small member of the fashion industry and sales brand, I am telling you that member of this industry is extremely conscious of their brand and quality. In this quality measure, they also focus on attractive and alluring packaging. For this reason, they keep on experimenting on their assortment of custom printed boxes. Therefore, you find Hair Extension Boxes with different designing patterns and colors. The color schemes are very consciously selected for various types of hair packaging. The benefit of having different colors or combination is that together with a company the customers can also differentiate between the types of hair extension. Moreover, if you have observed vibrant color scheme is mostly used so that the customers can easily be attractive even from the distance.

Printed Boxes for Promotion

Custom printed boxes have a lot of advantages. As told above their colors become a source of attraction. With this particular color scheme with a prominent logo will be extremely beneficial in promoting and highlighting your brand of custom hair packaging. Moreover, you can customize this hair packaging with other details like manufacturing country, product’s essentials, warnings, precautionary measures and the materials with which the product has been manufactured. These details actually help you to communicate with your customers even in your absence. In addition, the customer will be able to utilize this information while using your brand. Moreover, barcodes and web URL address [that are the necessity of the day] can also be imprinted on these hair extension boxes.

Experimentation with shape of the packaging Boxes

As discussed these custom hair extension boxes undergoes several types of experimenting, which include their molding and folding into various shapes. Hair extension packaging is available in various shapes and sizes. For instance, pull out or drawer style, flip top two-piece hair packaging, pillow style, narrow rectangular shaped hair extension boxes with magnetic closure, weave style pillow packaging with a handle to carry and so on. All these custom hair packagings are further embellished with ribbons and bow ties to utilize as gift extension packaging.    Here is some further description

  • Pull out/drawer boxes for clip-on extensions

Hair extension boxes that shaped like a box but opens sideways as a drawer are really strikingly attractive boxes that seek the attention of the customers quickly. These hair packagings are not only sturdy and tough in nature but also provide maximum safety for different types of hair extensions. Once they are opened they gracefully reveal the product lying in the box. Drawer style hair extension packaging is not very costly and do not add extra cost and money to the price of the product since extensions are already on the pricier side.

  • Lid box for professional hair extensions

You must have heard about professional hair extensions boxes that are used for the packaging of professional hair extension. They are relatively big boxes and are sold in complete sets for hair specialists and hair experts. These custom hair packagings are tough and robust, which does not require fancy printing. This gives them professional look. They are plain and simple and let the product speak for itself. The companies or brands that have an established name and identity in the industry opt this simple looking hair packaging with lid, to let their clients know that they only believe in the quality of the products.

  • Long flap hair extension boxes for lesser strands

Longer hair extension boxes can be in the shape of a horizontal box, drawer or a simple lid box that have flipped top opening. These are the custom hair packaging for the hair extensions for personal use. Still, the thin narrow rectangular shaped boxes have enough space for strands of hair to be kept inside nicely and safely. Thin and narrow hair extensions packaging may have a display cut out on the top, therefore, the customers can have a look at the color and compare it with the color they are looking for.

  • Hair extension box with product visibility through Display Window

As per my research, there are a lot of hair extension packaging manufacturers who offer to package with a display window on the demand of their clients. With this addition, the custom hair packaging further transforms into more alluring and appealing form for the retailers. Further, it also helps the salesman display his assortment without opening them. These Custom Printed Boxes are made in assorted shapes and sizes to cater to different demands and orders of all sizes. As all hair extensions are not of the same size so to keep customized hair packaging wholesale manufacturer them into various sizes.

  • Reusable hair extension packaging boxes

As a user and dealer of these hair extensions packaging, these packagings are easy to deal and utilize for secondary uses, which means when their primary purpose of packaging hair extensions are fulfilled they can be utilized in several ways. Moreover, all the hair extensions are not of the same type. Some are taken off after use and need to be packed again. Therefore, to keep them safe from dust, dirt, and damage for further use these hair extension boxes are utilized. This also helps in maintain the shine and keep them in order. Custom hair extension boxes are inexpensive packaging that is made in such a way that they can be used several times very conveniently. The boxes’ closure is made in such a way that they can always open easily, take out the extension and close it back as many times as you want without tarnishing the packaging.

Folding & Rigid Types

There are further two types of hair extension packaging. The shapes help the retailers and the salesmen to categorize them into different categories. The categories in which this hair packaging falls are folding and rigid type of custom printed boxes. The rigid type boxes are not flexible instead they remain in the position in which they are manufactured. The drawer style boxes, narrow rectangular hair packaging, and other such type fall in this category.  On the other hand, to make custom foldable hair extension, flexible manufacturing materials are used. In this category personalized hang-able hair extension boxes and pillow hair extension packaging fall.

Manufacturing Material & their Advantages

To achieve all the above-mentioned features what is required most is the best quality of manufacturing materials that can easily be molded into any size and shape. To fulfill all these requirements cardboard and Kraft paper materials are the best options to choose from. Manufactured from most premium quality materials, these cardboard and Kraft paper provide a number of benefits to the manufacturers and retailers. The advantages of these materials are:

  • Hair extension packaging together with cardboard made boxes print friendly.
  • Hair packaging made from these materials can easily customize into assorted shapes and sizes.
  • Both of these resources are environment-friendly and they can be recycled and if required they can be easily disposed of properly without damaging nature.
  • They can easily be utilized in the machines to mold and fold into various shapes.
  • For Custom Foldable Hair Extension Boxes, Kraft paper is the best option’ as it has both the quality of flexibility and sturdiness.
  • Cardboard and Kraft paper are affordable, which makes these custom hair extension boxes available at affordable prices.
  • Another advantage of custom printed boxes is that they can also utilize in their natural look.

Smooth Surface of Boxes

After fulfilling all the requirements of custom printed boxes, there is another feature, which is extremely important for these hair extension boxes. This feature is none other than the application of lamination. It is the process in which a thin layer of silk or plastic is applied to the hair packaging. This layer provides them smooth surface and shiny appearance. It also helps in retaining the printing over the custom hair packaging. So the logo and other details remain on it for a longer time. The preferable options for laminations are gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and semi-matte AQ. These glazing not only give a silky and polished effect that enhances the beauty and shelf life of the custom hair extension boxes, instead help in the hair extension boxes to resist the dust, dirt, moisture, and smudges to get inside and harm the boxes.