As we all know, hair extensions have taken the fashion world by storm and almost every company is manufacturing the best quality hair extensions. Experts particularly extension experts put emphasis on the hairs extension packaging as they are planned and responsible for maintaining the true essence of the hair extension. In addition to it, hair extensions are quite expensive and as per the experts, they must be preserved properly as they are designed to be used again and again.


hairs extension packaging


Following are the few factors that must be kept in mind while considering a hair box available in the market or the one being offered by the manufacturing company:

#Size and dimensions of hairs extension Packaging Boxes:

As per experts, it is important to keep the hair extension box small and compact as it will make it easy to carry. But, an important factor that must be considered much significant is the adjustment of the hair extension without any damage. For instance, if the extension is wrapped in a beautiful and colored box and once you open it, the hair extension comes out with waves, there is no use of such box. Thus, size is an important factor in this regard and it must be considered significant.

#Maintaining hair extensions in hair extension boxes:

It is quite easy to maintain the hair extensions if you are using a good hair extension packaging box. A premium quality hair extension box will be small in size with enough space and no hurdle. It means you can easily keep your hair extension back in the hair box once you have used the extension. To get tangle free hair extension every time, you must have finely designed hair packaging box.

#Characteristics of a finely designed premium quality black hair box:

  • Most of the hairs packaging boxes are made up of cardboard material and it is quite low in weight. The material used by us in manufacturing hair boxes are eco-friendly and they can be easily recycled.
  • Our all products can endure different sort of pressures and their corner remains perfect upon delivery.
  • We offer hair extension boxes in different sizes, the number of compartments vary from box to box and you can add portions of your own choice.
  • Hair boxes come in a tray form shape; all you have to do is to slide out the inner cardboard box. This concludes that our hair extension boxes are easy to use.
  • If we focus on the pricing factor, our hair packaging boxes are quite affordable and you get additional incentives on wholesale hair box packaging purchase and services like free delivery.
    hairs extension packaging