Soaps are a crucial part of our lives. From eating out to playing, from going to work to exercising soaps are used extensively throughout the day from the moment we wake up till we go to bed. Some of them are good for germ protection while other promote healthy vibrant skin. But no matter what the purpose is, once cannot deny the huge importance they have in everyone’s life. Keeping in consideration the importance soaps have in our lives, it is important that special attention is paid to their packaging.

For soaps, the packaging is not only about the brand but a symbolism of quality. For the customer, anything which is visually appealing and attractive sells and is widely appreciated. The Same rule works for the soap boxes too. This is the reason some companies have taken it upon themselves to come up with trendy handmade boxes meant exclusively for soaps. This might sound daunting at first but with the right company to help you with packaging it is as easier as it can get. But when designing the custom handmade boxes, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Be daring and go for origami

Have you ever come across handmade boxes that simply swooped you off your feet? It is boxed like those which leave a long term impression on the customers’ minds and forces them to keep coming back for more. Origami designs might sound tough in the beginning but once you have come up with a style you would want to go for, it shouldn’t be difficult to manage. Moreover, you can come up with origami styles in various colors and designs so that the consumer would want to keep the handmade giveaway boxes as collectibles.  There are already so many templates readily available over the internet that you can make use of but if you are looking for something unique then we can help you with custom handmade soap boxes.

Keep it simple

You need to believe in the fact that the simpler the design is, the better it connects with the consumer’s mind. If you want your designs to take the breath of your customers away then you need to focus on keeping it simple yet impressionable. There shouldn’t be too much going on at once to leave them confused. In fact, it should be simple yet engaging. Moreover, try to keep the labels easy. Nothing is more annoying than labels that would take forever to come off. Make sure the labels you use are easily removed and do not hide the true design of the handmade giveaway boxes that you have designed. You can simply make use of stickers in the form of labels as they are easy to produce and apply. Without wasting much of your time you would be able to apply the label and edit it too when you would feel like it.

handmade soap boxes

Change the look

Who says that handmade soap boxes have to follow the same rectangular mold? It is your personal soap and you can certainly get creative with the way you would want to shape it. The more creative you are with the topography the higher the chances you would have of creating something unique out of the custom handmade boxes for these soaps. Such designs speak of quality and brand power and make it possible for you to attract the fashion conscious class in the market too. With you selling something unique and pretty, you would have a better chance of becoming a brand the customers would aspire to own.

Natural works best

When choosing a color scheme always go for colors which do not clash with the senses. Go for pastels and natural earthy shades since they give you more room for creativity and are easier to handle. From a design perspective, it is easier to match and contrast such shades with different colors. With you focusing on the shape and look of the handmade giveaway boxes, you wouldn’t want anything to take the attention away from the design you have worked so hard to create.

handmade soap boxes

Solid photography

So what is the selling point of the soap that you have made? Is there something specific about it that you would want the customer to focus on? Well, use that in the photography and bring it to spotlight. With so much going on the box already, it can be difficult to have the customer see the things that make the soap special the best thing about handmade soap boxes is that you can create your own design. Go for a subtle background and solid photography skills. One picture set against a light background using a simple font for the labeling gives a chic and modern look to your handmade boxes. Try to follow the pattern and stick to basics when designing the custom handmade boxes. You can also go for painterly finishes for your design but in that case, you would have to choose the color scheme, logo, and design of the pattern extra careful to not let the effort get overlooked.

handmade soap boxes

When designing the handmade box, keep the name of the company and other relevant information in the readable font at the front. It will help the user get all the relevant information about the product from one glance only. You can also add in a transparent cover to the boxes so that the consumer can have a look at the pretty soaps you have lying there in the carefully designed handmade soap boxes. If you want help with the design and arrangement of your handmade boxes then get in touch with us today. We deal with a variety of packaging boxes and have a whole team with us which can help you create the look you have been looking for. From the printing to the design, our team of experts will take care of it all for you in the most professional and efficient manner.