Hey look is that the new brand of lipstick in the market that I don’t know?

No dear it’s the old one. They’ve just improved the packaging to bring innovation.

We all know that foundation, shades, blush together with lipsticks are the real embellishment that enhances the beauty of the women.  Therefore, without these, they feel incomplete. Moreover, Lipstick Boxes is that part of the makeup that is not fixed for any special occasion. It is applied by ladies even casually at home. However, on special events, it just brings the real charm and for working women, this cosmetic product brings the real charm in their appearance. Moreover, there is no age limitation to use this product. This is the reason female of young age to adult to aged women, all of them apply it. Without this particular product, their personality becomes a cake without frosting and icing.

Therefore, for such an important product, careful selection of custom box packaging can play significant role. As lipstick boosts your personality, lipstick boxes enhance the value of the products. Lipstick packaging also helps in building the perception among the customers. To know more about the important ways to boost your cosmetic business stay connected with me throughout the blog.

Lipstick Boxes

The Packaging Purpose of Lipstick

Since last few years, the importance of self-service has brought a real change in the shopping decisions.  According to above mention fact, now a day a customer crosses thousands of products and various brands in just few seconds. Thus the only ways to get their attention is the right use of custom box packaging. There are some other ways as well that help in the same purpose like proper display placement etc. to tell you the truth, designing Lipstick Packaging Boxes is a complete psychological effort which includes testing of color and desire of customers’ mind through which they are attracted towards the product. Depending on this research and current demands competitors design their wholesale lipstick boxes from manufacturers.

Embossing of Lipstick Boxes

When it comes to the business, packaging is what defines the product collectively to its consumers with reference to the quality, classification, credibility and so on. Therefore, if you are dealing with the products like cosmetic that makes you beautiful then do think fancy appearance of cosmetic packaging boxes. It will silently do its magic in attracting the female customers wandering in the stores or malls, which eventually increase the sales revenue. Therefore, lipstick packaging boxes help you stand among your customers and buyers. Another important thing to remember is the consideration of the target audience. As your audience of lipstick boxes are women, who have the natural fluidity towards brighter and fancy designs. Thus, you can print the lipstick packaging in diverse range of design such as floral and vintage. You can go wild with imagination and have abstract design on them.

custom lipstick boxes

Manufacturing Details

Kraft paper and cardboard sheets are the best options to opt for a successful experiment with the assorted shape and size of the custom lipstick boxes. Both of these materials are perfect to die into any shape and size. Moreover, multiple types of fabrication are also handy over these stuffs. With the help of these stuffs, three different types of custom box packaging are produced and they are folding, rigid and corrugated. All three types of boxes are easily transformed into any particular type of lipstick boxes. For instance, tube canister, cardboard tube or paper cylinder container, lipstick display boxes, vintage lipstick case with mirror and so on.  In addition to these corrugated boxes have perfect capability to provide strength and sturdiness to make safe and protective deliveries of your consignment lipstick packaging boxes.

Some Common but Important uses of lipstick Boxes

There are several advantages of having premium quality of lipstick packaging which are:

  • Physical Protection

The product enclosed in a custom box packaging need the protection from as per to various things. In the same way, lipstick packaging boxes protect lipsticks from mechanical shocks, destructive bumps, other atmospheric changes like heat, moisture or oxygen absorbency etc. The shield of cosmetic packaging boxes around cosmetics helps them control the atmospheric effect attacking from outside. In other words, it keeps the content fresh, clean, sterile and safe for use. The custom lipstick boxes, having all the above mention qualities increase the shelf life of the lipsticks packed in them.  Moreover, it also reduces the security risk of the product getting deteriorated during shipping, distribution, stacking and sale display.

lipstick packaging boxes

  • Marketing Customization

Thinking like a business owner, these lipstick packaging boxes can be way more beneficial than you think.  Custom lipstick boxes are ideal source of promoting your brand making you stand apart in the market. This promoting technique will definitely boost your business to another level. Select your logo; imprint it in on the lipstick boxes with important details like company’s name, brand name and contact details like number or website address if any.  Graphic design over Custom Box Packaging and its physical design have been very important. It is like an evolving phenomenon for promotion since last few decades. These types of application of marketing communications over cosmetic packaging boxes are showing dynamic results from sales point of view. These details are important but they should be printed in comprehensive way so that the customers can easily recall them in the hour of need.

Selection of Colours

It is important to consider the color selection over these lipstick packaging boxes during customization. You must be aware of the fact that our brain reacts to different colors in different ways. Moreover, there are multiple interpretations of them. For instance, the single blue color conveys various meanings like playfulness and sometimes professionalism. In the same way, white represents simplicity and decency in custom box packaging. These are the sayings of color experts but as I told you earlier target audience matters a lot. Moreover, there should be coordination in the product and its color scheme. Thus, you can even choose funky combinations over your lipstick boxes to attract your customers.

Uniqueness by Window

Well, another peculiarity that can bring about a real charm in lipstick boxes is to induce the windows. If you really want to enhance the appealing factor of your custom lipstick boxes, I would recommend you to go for this particular induction either on the top or on the front of lipstick packaging boxes. You have either of the choices but as per advice, the front part is better side to allure the females. This will really help your target audience to get the clear idea of the product inside.

lipstick packaging

Lamination and Free Shipping

Lamination, a layer of thin plastic is applied to the lipstick packaging boxes. This is a way to give these cardboard and Kraft sheets a smooth and shiny surface. For this reason, various options are provided for custom lipstick boxes. The list of options includes spot UV, aqueous, gloss, matte, semi-aqueous gloss. These coatings enhance the shelf life and protect the products packed in lipstick boxes from atmospheric effects like heat, moisture etc.  In the frame of the company’s services, there are many features provided, which force you to prefer this company. The most important is free and safe shipping worldwide, which is done with great care. Moreover, for sampling, plate and foiling you do not have to worry, as these are also provided free.

Design Assistance and Sampling

Printcosmo is the company, which was once recommended to me as I was facing the problem in customization of Cosmetic Packaging Boxes. And now I gladly recommend it to those who ask for a printing and packaging company. They provide free design assistance, which means their customers of wholesale lipstick boxes can take the services of their skilled engineers regarding the designs and color selection. Moreover, you can also bring your ideas, which they will further polish with their professional skills. Furthermore, their free sampling facility is really facilitating to all of its customers. With this, you can get sure of the essential in the design before giving the final order of the consignment.

wholesale lipstick boxes

Free Add-ons

In the list of free features of the company, add-on is very significant, which include die cutting, induction of windowpanes, gold and silver foiling. Windows brings even more uniqueness to these lipstick boxes. Either you can give die cut on the one side or it can wrap around them. It enhances the appearance of these boxes. I would recommend you to go for this.

To conclude, all the quality measure is strictly checked before making the delivery of custom box packaging. Furthermore, if you are interested to find out more about any of the products or services that Printcosmo offers, you can get in touch with them on their web page or contact them on the given number. They are available all the time to welcome you and your relative queries.