Boxes in general play vital role in your life. Everywhere you go everything you do custom made boxes will be waiting for you in one way or another.  Lunch boxes has a great importance in your personal and professional life for packaging and for promoting purposes. For fulfilling all these purposes, cardboard lunch boxes are used in many ways. You can use them on various occasions and on business platforms, in both professional and personal ways.

If long-term storage of custom food boxes in high humidity is expected, then extra strength and moisture resistance are applied. It is not just some boxes to wrap up the product, it also has a long list of benefits with it.

Categorical features for foodstuff

In these boxes, you can put all sorts and categories of edibles, ranging from salad to all type of fast food etc. These take away boxes are the major source of advertising your company. Instead of using plain brown color boxes, you can customize it by placing your brand name and business moto that would make them portable advertising channel for you. Custom food boxes are designed on the specific demand or requirements described by the customer. My supporters have the right people for this purpose. They take the full details of the food item that will be pack in it and investigate all the factors related to that item and design the Custom Lunch Boxes accordingly. They mainly focus on at what temperature the product should be placed, for how long they have to stay at one specific temperature if temperature changes than how long would it take to make the food not useable.

Lunch Boxes

Durability and reliability

After considering all this factors manufacturers manufacture lunch packaging boxes that are durable and long lasting.  These custom lunch boxes are highly innovative and elegant in their designs. These lid-designed boxes is a great solution for storing up. Moreover, this lid facility also provides a protective shield from harmful atmospheric effects and bacteria attacks. Instead of using simple and ordinary cardboard lunch boxes, you can have printed boxes that are artistically designed with different color combinations. These cardboard lunch boxes are extremely useful as they are remarkably spacious for packaging. The most appealing part of these boxes is that they also have the option of dividers that can help you to arrange your edibles in way that is more decent.

Size and Shapes

These lunch packaging boxes are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Your customers can use these boxes with or without dividers according to their own liking and convenience. There is variety available in the form of square boxes for sandwiches, rice and oval containers for soups. These lunch boxes are the best option to pack lunch for your family members including your own self for schools, offices and even for outing or picnics.

Custom Lunch Boxes

Dimensions of the lunch boxes

These are available in different capacities as well. These food containers are available with interlocking tabs that provide a safe cover and closure, with impactful resistant creation that will not let these boxes rip apart, fragile or be smudge easily. Furthermore, they can be used for packing candies, cookies, muffins, fast food, homemade sandwiches, pastas, chines food and much more. The other detailing includes windowpanes and handles, which made these custom food boxes more convenient and efficient to handle for your consumers. The die-cut window is beneficial as the product inside box will pulls your customer to buy your product leaving all other substitute or options behind. In addition, the twisted lid when closed, units can stack on top of each other. These boxes have different windows in it that helps to visualize the product at the time of purchase. The important functions of these boxes are to provide crush resistance means product protection and adequate strength for stacking in warehouses and it is assured that these windows would not affect the strength of overall box.  These types of boxes are highly in demand in every sector of industry especially in food market and toy industry.

Product placement

When the time comes for adjustment or placement of the products, these printed custom food boxes are remarkable in their space. Printcosmo specifically manufactures these lunch boxes. The company provide interconnected tabs that will protect your food items from falling. There are lot more things which needed to be checked when you order such Custom Food Boxes. As an example, you also have to take care that lunch packaging boxes must have the ability to hold the greasy food items properly. This quality measure is highly considered by the company as there packaging materials does not get greased when items are oily and hot in temperature like finger chips, pizzas, cakes, brownies etc. are placed in them.

Wholesale Lunch Boxes

Manufacturing materials

Cardboard lunch boxes are the best option to replace the plastic and polythene bags.  Company provides 100 percent quality services and maintain the quality for the customer. As the company’s primarily factor is to satisfy the customers with the services and quality products. These custom made boxes are cost-effective. To make these boxes durable, they are made from acid-free, lignin-free, buffered material. Gloss, matte, aqueous and UV spot coating protect the printing from damage. Together with these glazing, these boxes are completely budget oriented. The material used in manufacturing these custom lunch boxes are not harmful to the environment in any way or at any stage of production. Instead, they are environmental friendly. They have recyclable ability so that you can re-used or recycled once they serve their purpose without any fear.

Paper lunch boxes

As per the range of diversity, paper lunch boxes are also making their way in both personal and professional worlds. These paper lunch boxes are replacing by these lunch boxes. These boxes also have the potential to contain the logos or graphics to publicize your brand name. These bags have foiling inside to protect the paper from outside from the grease and smudge of the edibles. The company does not demand extra charges for providing foiling inside these paper boxes. These custom food and paper boxes can be used to store food in refrigerators. This airtight technology helps to preserve food items for long period. Our company also provide die-cut window capacity on our client’s demand that helps you to have a clear view as what you have place in the boxes.

Lunch Packaging Boxes

Benefits of variation

Visit markets and find the reason or any difference between your assortments of lunch packaging boxes. You will find that the packaging boxes are the real difference, which creates the difference in sales. When people come across many similar or identical products, the packaging helps in making the final decision and the product that have classy packaging has more chances to be bought first. Innovation is Printcosmo specialty. They create new designs to make their customers’ brand look more appealing and attractive. In addition, they do it periodically so the brand and product remain fresh in my people’s minds. They act as if they are not your lunch boxes supplier they are more than that. They are like your business partner who thinks for your business as you do yourself. Being a printing company, they fulfill all quality checks during the manufacturing these boxes. While producing them, their company highly focus on the toughness. These boxes also have impeaching reliability. They provide printed and laminated stuff with matte and gloss coatings. For this purpose, they use spot UV and aqueous coating over printed boxes that make these boxes eco-friendly and heat resistant. That is how it protects the products pack inside.

Personal opinion

Therefore, the best option for printing and laminating in the market right now is Printcosmo. They have the right amount of skills and expertise to satisfy all kind of customer’s requirements. They give an option to their customers in Custom Made Boxes to share their own ideas and once you share, your design Printcosmo will present you attention seeking wholesale lunch boxes adding some uniqueness in your idea and making it out of the world. You can also print them with important details of your business in such a way that it will be an eye catcher for the customers and will advertise your brand in the market in a way that can never be forgotten.

Cardboard Lunch Boxes

Comparison with other suppliers

Together with quality, this company also focus on the turnaround time in which they deliver the shipment of wholesale lunch boxes on its customer’s desired location. Since they are known for its quality services, they also maintain the quality checks of the product. The company also give real-time information to their valued customer for their satisfaction. To satisfy the customer they even replace any inaccurate piece that might have slipped away from the sight. Furthermore, these custom food boxes can be used to store food in refrigerators. This airtight technology helps to preserve food items as long as possible.

To conclude, if anyone of you require quality product with quality services then contact Printcosmo. All contact details are available on their official website page. Their representative is 24/7 available to answers every general query.