Hey, I am getting bored, let’s play something.

And what is that you want to play now with your broken leg?

Hmm… let’s play cards. Oh, I am so good at this.

This game is an interesting and enthralling activity, which people like to have in their free time. Moreover, cards are the product that is used again and again on various occasions. As all over the world people this game is played in homes, casinos, and restaurants on various parties, to tell you the truth it is the best time pass for the adults. Therefore, to reuse them on several occasions they need to be packaged properly. However, for this packaging purpose playing card boxes are essential. Therefore, if you are the owner of a retail shop get playing card boxes wholesale of various size, shapes, and colors to attract the customers. Together with boosting of the sales, these stylish custom printed boxes will become your shop’s style icon.

Playing Card Boxes

Designing and Printing

I truly believe that nobody wants to have unattractive playing card boxes to display on their counters. For the solution of this problem, there are variety of playing card packaging boxes. These custom printed boxes can help in bringing your brand into limelight. Imprint these boxes with different designs and patterns to allure the customers. Moreover, you can print these custom playing card boxes with various color schemes. For such printing, the major aspects that need to be considered are proper color implementation. For instance, you can have combination of light and dark color scheme over custom made playing card boxes. Moreover, if you have some ideas or not in both condition consult graphics engineers and get their professional assistance before making any final order. You can also bring changes in the usual color scheme of Custom Playing Card Boxes. For this, you really need skilled and professional people. If you really want to know who can help you for printing scheme read the full article and find the clue.

Quality Matters

Rise and fall in the business is a common thing. But custom printed boxes have always been the lifeline of packaging business. If this aspect is focused properly by the owner it can really boost the business to another level. In card packaging business, premium quality playing card boxes have dynamic approach. As they are used for packaging of specific product; therefore, if they are of good quality then it can build a good impression on the buyer, which will enhance the production of the product. These playing card packaging boxes define the level and the standards of your company as well. Thus, if the Playing card boxes are well manufactured that’s how the market demands will increases. Moreover, retailers always remember the quality products. The increase in retail is the result of the quality of the product. So, never compromise on the quality and never miss any chance to create a solid impression on your customer.

Custom Playing Card Boxes

Card Boxes turned Marketing Tool

Together with quality of the product, another aspect that increases the sales and revenue is the right way of promotion. Using different media fields is a good way to promote a thing, but with all this custom made playing card boxes can also play essential role in this way. You must be thinking how? It is very simple. As already told, personalize you’re playing card boxes with different patterns attractive, vibrant and elegant colors. You can print all the details of the company and brand such as product name, company name, contact number, web page address [if any] manufacturing address and a lot more according to your requirement. Use best designing and artwork on these boxes to enhance the finishing look. This will help your product in making recognition in business world as well as among retailers as a well-reputed company. For this, avail services of someone experienced in the field of custom printed boxes. Well as per my little knowledge CMYK and PMS are quite in use for printing. If you are still confusing then taking assistance from the graphics color experts for color techniques and schemes.

Customization as per Audience

As you are well aware of the fact that card playing is popular among different age groups; therefore, keeping this thing in mind playing card boxes can be customized as per the target audience. For instance, for middle-aged people, adults, teenagers and for kid’s same type of Custom Printed Boxes cannot work as an appealing factor. Now a day even many different animated programmers are also making their way in cards business and kids like them so much. Therefore, to attract all such categories of customers especially the kids get custom made playing card boxes theme wise customized. This will really give you a large margin to sell your product to a large number of customers.

Custom Made Playing Card Boxes

Materials for Box Production

Now you get to know a lot about customization and personalization but there is an important factor, which is the manufacturing material of these custom playing card boxes. For the production of the playing card packaging boxes, there are different materials that have their own qualities and specification for different types of packaging purposes. For instance, most preferred manufacturing materials are cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated material.  Here is some information about them.

Cardboard Material

Cardboard is the most advantageous material for playing card boxes wholesale manufacturing. For this, premium quality cardboard sheets are pressed together at high pressure, which provides a strong and reliable material. This compressed material provides strength to the custom playing card boxes to protect the attractive cards from outer damages. In addition, cardboard sheet can easily be given smooth surface from outside.

Kraft paper Boxes

The other material, which is preferred for custom made playing card boxes, is Kraft paper material. The substantial specifications of this material revealed that it is both flexible and sturdy at the same time that makes it suitable for delicate and at the same time heavy product like customized cards. Moreover, Kraft and cardboard both have the ability to be folded and molded into assorted sizes and shape. Further, both of them can have the feature of insertions. The die cut windows are easily inducing in both of the materials.

Playing Card Boxes Wholesale

Corrugated Boxes

Another type is corrugated cardboard boxes. This type of manufacturing material is used for heavy playing card packaging boxes. It is the toughest material, which provides assistance for shipping purposes around the world. The use of particularly this material is an unspeakable assurance that the consignment will be delivered safely to the customers. It protects the heavy and delicate cards and their wooden cases from jerks, unprecedented bumps, and other physical damages.

Packaging of Toys

As already told, above mentioned materials are opted to make packaging for a lot of other products like toys etc.  Nothing in this world is more alluring for a kid than to have trip in a toy shop. These toy shops are like heaven of their unlimited imagination that has all of their favorite toys packed in eye-catching Custom Toy Boxes. Kids are blindly in love with toys and do not want to share them with anyone. Simultaneously, they keep on increasing their love bond by purchasing more and more of them. To sell your product grab alluring boxes for this. As the owner of toy shop, these custom printed boxes are the best way to pack them up and display on the shelf as honey for the cute little bees.

Playing Card Packaging Boxes

Uniqueness of Window:

Well, another trait that can bring about a real charm and attraction in playing card boxes is to induce the windows. If you want to enhance the appealing feature of your custom playing card boxes, then windows are the right feature for this. This addition can be made according to the shape of the custom printed boxes either on the top or on the front. You have either of the choices as you can have rectangular, square or even bottle shaped custom made playing card boxes. Moreover, with the window on these boxes, customers will easily get the idea of the design and various other aspects of product inside.

Lamination and Free Shipping

Lamination a layer of thin plastic applied on the custom printed boxes. For this reason, various options are provided for custom playing card boxes. Through this coating, plain and smooth finishing look is achieved over these playing card boxes wholesale. The options that can opt are spot UV, aqueous, gloss, matte, semi-aqueous gloss. These coatings of laminations enhance the protection of the custom printed boxes and also increase the shelf life.  In the frame of the company’s services, there are a lot of features provided, which force customers like me to prefer this company. One of the most important is free and safe shipping worldwide, which is done with great care. Moreover, for sampling, plate and foiling you do not have to worry, as these are also provided free to the wholesale clients.

To cut short, all the quality measure is strictly checked before delivery. Furthermore, if you want to find out more about anything about custom printed boxes or services that Printcosmo offers, then get in touch with them on their web page or contact them on the given number. The availability of their representatives ensures their welcoming policy.