Candle Gift Box – Six Practical Ways to Recycle

Don’t know what to do with the candle gift boxes? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you some practical ways to recycle candle gift box. Do you prefer to recycle candle boxes instead of throwing them? Then I will provide you some practical ideas to recycle these boxes easily. Read on to check it out.

  1. Storage boxes;

The best way to recycle the Candle Gift Box is for storage purpose. You can use these boxes to store different items like clothes, toys and accessories. To solve the variance issue you can store the items in . For example, red boxes to store your clothes, green to store your toys and pink to store your old photographs.

  1. Jewelry storage boxes;

If you have a lot of jewelry, you can use boxes for candles to store the jewelry. By doing this, you can stop missing your precious jewelry.

  1. Decorative purposes;

You can use candle gift box to decorate your home and office. As we all know that pens and pencils are very common in the office so, to store these pencil and pens you can use small candle gift boxes. The best thing is that you can recycle the old boxes for a candle holder. If you have wooden candle gift box, then you can use it as the flower pots.

  1. Food storage boxes;

Apart from reusing the candle gift box for storing clothes, you can also use these boxes to store the food. If you have any plan to give chocolates as a gift to your friend or family member, then you can use boxes for candles to store these. Boxes for candles are available in different shapes like round shapes. Round candle gift boxes are perfect to pack the chocolates. If you want to store cookies, then these boxes are also perfect.

  1. Storing a lot of gifts;

If you receive a lot of gift boxes and you want to store all these gift at one place, then don’t worry, you can use candle gift boxes for this purpose also. Apart from that, you can pack any precious thing to give to your friend on his birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion.

  1. Treat storage;

You can also store treats in boxes for candles. Avoid the aluminum boxes always give preference to the cardboard or plastic candle gift box for hygienic reasons.