Son: Dad, I need a stationery box for my school

Dad: Ok see, which one you like to have?

Son: that one with the colorful drawings on the box, it looks beautiful and have my favorite blue color….

It is not wrong to say it is the eyes, which buy a product and the colors that sell them. Packaging has valued place in our life whether it is professional or personal. Have you ever thought that they really brought ease in our life for various occasions? In addition, without them, our lives would have been jeopardized. They also help in packaging products for shipping purposes in bulk, to pack the products in the retail shops. There are variety of boxes available with different colors and patterns. However, there is another variety named Stationery boxes. These custom Stationery boxes have their own grace, which attracts the customers. As per business point of view, uniqueness in various sets you apart in the market. This blog will definitely clear many queries lots of you have in your minds in comprehending important factors of stationery packaging boxes and their usage in the business sectors. Moreover, there are many companies offering their services for wholesale Stationery boxes. By the end, you will have a clear path to choose and definitely be able to make the right decision with justified reasons.

Stationery Boxes

Stationery Boxes Manufacturing Details

Kraft and cardboard are the best options to have successful experiment with the shape of the custom Stationery boxes. Especially Kraft stationery boxes are perfect to mold into any shape, size, and design. Moreover, multiple types of fabrications are also manageable over these stuffs to make it more decorative. With the help of these stuffs, three different types of wholesale stationery boxes are produced and they are folding, rigid and corrugated boxes. All three types of boxes are easily transformed into any particular type of Stationery boxes. In addition to these corrugated boxes have perfect capability to provide strength and sturdiness that work as stationery packaging boxes for shipping purposes to make safe and protective deliveries of your consignment.

Utilization in various fields

When it comes to packaging of the products Stationery boxes are utilized in various fields and business sectors. From books to stationery to hardware equipment. There is a huge variety of packaging boxes and using these Custom Shipping Boxes, the deliveries of entire consignment are made possible to their destinations. Moreover, their varieties are sub divided into folding and rigid kind. These Stationery boxes are usually found to pack software and hardware in stylish box without lid that can be used for various purposes such as to put different action figures and designs on the top to attract sweet, little cute customers. In addition, gable boxes, setup boxes, rigid window boxes, suitcase styles of custom Software boxes and so on.

Role as Gift Boxes

Buying a gift that the other person will like has never been an easy task for anyone. I believe that everyone will agree with me. Especially when the recipient is little cute ones. The problem rises to another level when you do not have any idea what to buy for the person. As toys should not be considered only solution. For this reason, eye-catching and beautiful stationery boxes are the best way to attract the children towards creativity. In addition, these custom stationery boxes help to make it stand out and look special among the other gift. They are really a viable solution. A huge variety of stationery and custom software boxes helps on all such occasions to present your gift in a different way. There is another variety that referred to as deluxe sympathy gift box or crate filled with various study related equipment. For events like middle school and high school graduation, these Kraft stationery boxes will essentially work as a lifesaver.

Kraft Stationary Boxes

Various Options to Avail

There are multiple styles, which let these boxes work as stationery packaging boxes. Well, availabilities of such stock of Stationery boxes will bring attention to your product also bring good reputation and impression for your company.

To mention a few down below;

Two piece Set-up Boxes

Two-piece box is a perfect solution for packaging purposes. It has variety of colors, sizes whereas the finishing look completes with corner lock design. In addition, they have telescoping tops and bottoms, which made storage easy in them. From geometry and mathematical equipment, such varieties of Stationery boxes are efficiently working in accumulating the sales and revenue.

Archival Boxes

The other variety of stationery packaging boxes refers for personal usage on professional and personal scale. This particular range is called archive boxes. Archive boxes are widely used to preserve the chronological records, specimens, documents, notes etc. in an organized way, because of this attribute these boxes have notable demand now a day.


Slipcase is another type of stationery packaging boxes manufactured in rigid type of style, which is manufactured from a high-density binder’s board similar to the archive boxes. The main features of these type of Custom Stationery Boxes are that they can easily slide in and out. These boxes are easily detached and reassemble; they did not collapse on any type of impact. This type of custom stationery boxes offers protection for your books DVD, CDs or magazines etc.

Custom Stationary Boxes

Role as Marketing Tool

Custom Stationery boxes are ideal and best source of promoting your brand in the market. This promotion technique will definitely boost your business. Select your logo; imprint it in on the Stationery boxes with important details like company’s name, brand name and contact details like number or website address if any. These details are important but they should be imprinted in comprehensive way that it gets stuck in people’s minds so the next time they are looking for the same product they should simply look for you. In addition, the customers will be able to easily recall them in the hour of need.

Outer Finish

The thing that completes these Stationery boxes is the design enhancing the beauty of it from the outside. The time for using plain brown boxes is over; it is twenty first century and nowadays people go for things that look more glamorous. In addition, this glamour can now be availed by using digital and graphic designing skills for remodeling them. Many types of shapes and designs of stationery packaging boxes are on the market as I told already according to the products. Just a little amendment and color selection can change the ordinary boxes into stylish, attractive and presentable custom stationery boxes. If you are confusing, then you have the option to consult graphic designers to manage your Stationery boxes for specified customers for specified events.

About Suppliers

There is number of companies working in the field of custom stationery boxes. Everyone needs to do the market research and compare the results with each other for making the right choice. You will be able to get your right partners to serve you as per your requirements with right services. I recommend you to go for Printcosmo as per my research and experience. This company is renowned printing and packaging company. Furthermore, this company has a list of features for its customers.

Stationary Packaging Boxes

Design Assistance and Sampling

Printcosmo provides free design assistance, which means you can take the services of their skilled engineers regarding the designs and color selection for wholesale Stationery boxes. In addition, you can bring your ideas, which they can further polish with their professional skills. Furthermore, their free sampling facility to all of its customers is really facilitating. With this, you can get surety of the required design before giving final order of the consignment.

Free Quote

Further, the list includes custom quote. You can order it at any time. Fill the form and their sales representative will provide you with all the data about the available stock of stationery packaging boxes, their designs, and price. Interestingly they give this facility for free to its customers.

Atmosphere resistant quality

The best part of these Stationery boxes is that they have the ability to resist the atmospheric changes. All the products really need protection from heat, inside and outside moisture, smell germs, dust, dirt, and other such atmospheric changes. Moreover, they are biodegradable. These Custom Software Boxes are dynamic in providing such services.

Wholesale Stationary Boxes

Free Add-ons

In the list of free features, free add-on is very significant. Windows brings even more uniqueness to these Stationery boxes. Either you can give die cut on the one side or it can wrap around them. It enhances the appearance of these boxes. I would recommend you to go for this.


Lamination is very important feature. The manufacturers apply thin plastic layer, which provides resistance from water, sun’s heat and from wear and tear of daily practicing while handling these custom Stationery boxes. There are multiple options given by Printcosmo like matte, gloss, traditional silk, aqueous, spot UV and so on. You can decide for them. However, their application over custom stationery boxes is important as it helps in sustaining the printed details over the boxes.

In the end, if you like my suggestion then contact the company on their given number or visit their site for new updates and for the innovative designs and variety in Stationery boxes. They are available at all times to answer your queries.