10+ Incredibly Cookie Gift Boxes Packaging Ideas

Are you expert in making the cookies and gift it to your friend or loved ones in this holiday season? If it is so then I have some chocolate gift boxes packaging  or Non-woven bags ideas for you to present your cookies in a stylish way. All the ideas are very simple to follow and give a fabulous look to your Cookie Gift Boxes Packaging. Let’s check it out these ideas one by one.

  1. Festive Favor Bags

Sealed, colorful favor bags are considered to be one of best Gift Packaging Box ideas. To make it more stylish, you can add holiday gift tags on the Festive Favor Bags.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Tea Tins;

Want to gift something different to your friend or loved ones on this holiday? Then tea tins are the perfect Gift Packaging Box for cookies . You can add a gift tag to give a personal touch to the tin.cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Plastic Bags

Are you running shortage of time? A colorful wrapping paper piece can help you in this regards. Cut the wrapping paper in a square shape similar to the size of the plastic bag and put it into a plastic bag and fill it with treats.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Glass Mason Jars

A simple glass jar can serve the purpose of the gift boxes and packaging. To make your cookies more attractive drift your cookies with the layer of colorful waxed paper.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Muslin Wine Bags

Mostly people prefer to gift wine on the party. If you also receive a wine from your host then don’t throw it and fill this wine bag with a homemade cookies tie, and place a gift tag on this bag to make it more stylish.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Newspaper Chocolate gift boxes packaging idea;

Want to give a unique look to your Chocolate box? Then take the Newspaper and wrap your Chocolate gift box with it. To give a stylish look to your box place the bow made of Newspaper on it.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Gift Pouch;

Do you have a gift pouch at your home? Then don’t throw it away and put your cookies or chocolate in it. It is one of the best Gift Packaging Box ideas to pack the cookie.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Fabric Gift Wrap;

Shortage of wrapping paper? Then don’t need to worry just take a piece of fancy Fabric piece and wrap your Gift Packaging Box with it. The perfect gift is ready to give without spending any sort of money.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Gift Packaging Boxes with Washi Tape;

Once you wrap your box, cover it with the Washi tape and put some Glitter on it or write your friend name or famous quote. This idea is one of the best and economical cookie gift boxes packaging idea.

cookie gift boxes packaging

  1. Cereal gift boxes and packaging;

If you like to eat the Cereal then I’m sure that you have many Cereal boxes at your home. Take one Cereal box and put your cookies or chocolate in it. After putting the cookies wrap the Cereal box with the wrapping paper and decorate it with the embellishments.cookie gift boxes packaging