Ties…. A decorative accessory worn around the neck by men. However, it does not keep its wearer warm, cold, dry or wet but enhances the style and personality of men. Moreover, men love to wear different and unique variety of them like women loves to wear cosmetics and jewellery to improve their personality. Interestingly there is complete history of origin on ties. There are different varieties of ties available in the market such as usual necktie, bow tie, bolo ties so on and so forth. Therefore, for an assortment of such accessory custom packaging is important. In the world of apparel packaging, tie boxes are renowned and highly preferred.  These Tie boxes are like an outer layer, which further creates the attraction about the products. As per customers’ point of view if packaging is great and attractive then the product have premium quality. This is the very reason to have assortment of wholesale tie boxes at your retail shops.

Importance of Ties and preference for Occasions

There is various occasion on which men prefer or has to wear ties. Honestly, it really creates solid and strong impressions on the people around you. Moreover, through tie selection, one can easily understand the styling sense of the person. Interestingly, there are variety of fabrics with which ties are manufactured maintaining the delicacy of the weaved design. For instance, solid ties will ensure to leave a solid impression on several occasions including job interviews, presentations, and even on weddings. Another variety is of striped ties which further divided into university or regiment style neckties whereas foulard ties are classic for any situation. The list of expected fabrics includes silk, polyester, cotton, wool, nylon and so on and so forth. Therefore, to protect these stuff and fabrics Custom Tie Boxes are essential.

Tie Boxes

Friendly Manufacturing Resources

Mostly cardboard and kraft paper materials are used in the manufacturing of the custom apparel boxes. Generally, for custom made tie boxes rigid version of boxes is preferred than folding boxes.  The main benefit of using these materials is that they can easily moulded into different sizes and shapes. Moreover, kraft and cardboard made tie boxes have the capability to hold the printing by fulfilling all its parameters and requirements. With this custom packaging is made innovative and allures potential customers to buy them. The various designs include two-piece neck box, boxes with magnetic closure, sliding bow tie box, drawer style boxes, coupon clear window boxes with magnet closure. Moreover, you can also get the variety with divider inserts to place other accessories of men wears in them.

Innovation a key to Success

Innovation is a way to stand out and get success in the business. With custom made ties boxes you can enhance the perception of the end users. Innovation includes the shape, design and printing. All these features in the printed tie boxes increase the urge in the customers to make purchases. This, in turn, increases the revenue of your business. Moreover, they can be utilized for gift giving purposes. Tie packed in custom tie boxes are efficient enough to express your feelings toward your loved ones. They really have the capacity do such magic on the receiver of the gift.

Custom Tie Boxes

Theme Customization

Customization is an important and significant feature for printed tie boxes. There are various ways to customize custom packaging. However, for custom apparel boxes there is a unique way. In this uniqueness, boxes are printed as per the design of the ties. For instance, combination of red and grey stripes, polka dot, tartan or plaid necktie design, or these tie boxes can be covered with the same piece of cloth from which tie has been made. Moreover, these boxes are personalized with different colour combinations present in the ties. This technique is also beneficial in utilizing these boxes as display boxes in and on the counters, which further plays an active role in attracting the customers. Additionally, this type of variety enhances the perception of end-user and boost the value of retail shops. Whether it is small grocery shops, stores, malls, or designer outlets. These personalized wholesale tie boxes are essential for any tie or apparel shop in mall or designer outlets, which prove themselves dynamic in boosting the revenue and profit.

Printing and Advertisement

As I have already told that custom made, tie boxes are print friendly. Therefore, you can customize them in various ways. For this, you can bring your ideas or can have design assistance from the printing and graphics experts. Mostly the collaboration of ideas and skills of both the parties bring the real charm in the custom tie boxes. Further for printing customization, there are CMYK and PMS pallets are the best choices to make. That is my little knowledge about printing but you should consult a company, which will further guide you for such purposes. In addition to this, printing is made in such a way, which makes these wholesale tie boxes as marketing medium as well.  For this, the logo of your company, with some other comprehensive details will prove beneficial. To cut short, this type of personalization helps you stand apart with others.

Printed Tie Boxes

Finishing Look

After doing all such effort with printing, to preserve it for longer time lamination is necessary. Lamination is a process of applying a layer of plastic, which protects the Custom Packaging from various physical and atmospheric changes. For instance, heat, moisture, dust, dirt etc. it also helps in protecting such expensive and delicate products like ties and other apparels. The options, which you can prefer for laminations are gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and semi-matte AQ. This glazing gives a silky and polished effect that enhance the finishing look of the printed tie boxes.

Addition of Windows

Another addition, which will enhance the outer look of the custom tie boxes, is the induction of clear windowpanes. This helps in giving a proper view of the product without taking them out. Moreover, you can add foils, which will be graceful for the inside of the tie boxes. Both these factors are proved appealing for the customers and beneficial for the retailers. It helps in showcasing the designs, fabrics and assortment for tie lovers conveniently by the retailers.

My support in Packaging

Without any further delay, I would like to tell you from where you can get these custom made tie boxes. As per view of market, there are many companies and franchises advertising for custom apparel boxes.  However, if I reveal my well-wishers and supporters for custom packaging is none other than Printcosmo. This company really helps in maintaining the packaging system with premium quality products. The packaging they provide I assure you that one has such quality. I am saying this because of my experience. There would be no shame in saying that quality is their real asset. If you do not believe, then make comparison yourself and take your decision. In addition to this, there is list of significant features that increase its professional view. Those features are:

Wholesale Tie Boxes

Custom Quote

To get profited by this company just order one custom quote and you will yourself feel the difference. With this, they will tell you all the relative details about the orders like custom tie boxes. Interestingly, this facility of custom quote is completely free.

Design Assistance and Sampling

This company have free design assistance, which is like a treat for the customers. With this facility, you can easily contact them for their assistance for the designing process. They welcome your ideas, tells you about the possibilities, range and categories of printing with the applied cost. With the help of their skilled graphics engineers, you will definitely get polished work. Moreover, they also provide samples before you order the consignment. Both of these facilities are free for their customers.


Add-ons are other free feature offered by Printcosmo, which includes die cut, clear windowpanes, gold and silver foiling for tie boxes. Furthermore, there are no set-up and plate charges. These minute things are significant in creating a strong impression of the custom packaging boxes.

Custom Made Tie Boxes

Atmosphere Resistant Quality

The best part of these Custom Apparel Boxes is their ability to resist the atmospheric changes. All the apparel-related products like silk ties require protection from heat, inside moisture, dust, dirt, insects attack and other atmospheric changes. Moreover, they are eco-friendly. These custom packaging boxes are dynamic in providing such services.

Shipping facility

Another reason for preferring Printcosmo is the shipping facility, which is provided free throughout the world. Moreover, their delivery timing is praiseworthy. They make deliveries of your consignment of custom packaging at your doorstep in least possible time. In this fastest turnaround service, they take great care of the shipment, which is very delicate and needs extra care.

That is all about the company. Furthermore, if you like to know more about any of the products, services and even companies together with their updates, you are more than welcome by the company. You can contact them on their web page or contact them on the given number. This company is 24/7 available to answer your queries.