The ultimate sweet treats that are both loved by kids, as well as adults, are yup, you guessed it right, CANDY. Chocolates, caramel toffees, chewy sweets, quality streets, lollipops. these are all the memories of childhood. When we used to stuff our faces with these candies and run on a sugar high. But coming back to the topic that we are discussing today which is from where to buy candy boxes. Print Cosmo printing service is here to serve and accommodate you in designing the best candy boxes wholesale for your company.


Aside from just packing candies, candy packaging boxes are promptly utilized for various purposes. Such as storage for other products when the candies are all finished. Be that as it may, in the event that they are structured nicely. Print Cosmo has the top-quality printed custom boxes whether it is truffle boxes wholesale you are looking for. Chocolate gift boxes or macaron favor boxes, we print everything.

Candy boxes wholesale that are planned at the PrintCosmo Printing Service is done in such a way that they satisfy the majority of your necessities. premium Quality and engaging highlights are two of the essential things we focus the most on. I hope that we answered you are where to buy candy boxes question. So, moving on, let’s talk about design.

Candy Boxes


While designing your candy boxes, keep in mind one fact. These candy packaging boxes will not be used only but again and again or other purposes. For example, on the off chance that you are planning for Thanksgiving or Halloween. You can use these specially printed Custom Cardboard Boxes as sweet and macaron favor boxes amongst your guests.

As these boxes will be passed on, you can use this to your advantage and print the details of your company on the Custom Boxes. So that more and more people can learn about your brand and products. By making use of attractive color schemes, you can lure in more customers.

Our in-house graphic designers are ready to help you any point if you ever feel the need to seek help. By giving us the necessary details, you can get the most premium all kinds of sweet boxes and truffle boxes Through our printing service. You can get chocolate gift boxes, Truffle Boxes Wholesale, and candy packaging boxes, all in pocket-friendly rates!


On the off chance that you prefer making your candy boxes at home. We have devised a little guide for you that lists all the steps that are required to design a Sweets Box.

Candy Packaging Boxes

  • Purchase double-sided cardstock at any stationary shop. These crafty papers more often than not have a solid shading on 1 side and design on the other.
  • You can likewise purchase sheets of plain cardstock in art stores, scrapbooking stores and on the web.
  • Download the layout for the Candy packaging boxes. There are uncountable options available on the internet.
  • Scan for “Candy box format” on Google pictures to discover a shape you prefer.
  • Print your template on the cardstock paper. Cut out your format with scissors.
  • In the event that you can’t locate adorning cardstock, you can utilize the other designed layout choices on the internet. Your printer will print the bright structure on 1 side and the inside can be the white shade of the card.
  • Trace the winding shape onto a bit of double-sided cardstock. Cut it out with sharp scissors.
  • Overlay the side folds into the middle. overlap them as you fold them in. When you touch base at the fourth fold, fold it inside the main fold to close the box.
  • Unfurl the folds and put candies inside. Crease it up and your homemade candy boxes are ready.
  • Using these same directions, you can also make Macaron Favor Boxes, truffle boxes wholesale and chocolate gift boxes at home.

Chocolates are a great present for birthday celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, weddings or different festive days. Giving store-bought or homemade chocolates in beautiful custom boxes can upgrade their look and significance. You can design single-serving Chocolate Gift Boxes, to be utilized as favors or little endowments.

You can embellish boxes for a few chocolates for bigger presents through our printing services. To give us a vague idea about what type of box you have in mind, you can send us a U-line box as a sample. These chocolate box undertakings can be redone as indicated by your shading decisions and different inclinations.

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