There is just no way that you can get shoes from the market without having to bring home all the different shoe boxes they come packed in. Each one has its own design and is following its own design. The more expensive the shoes, the more beautiful and classy the shoe boxes would be. In fact, if you go for designer shoes, you will realize that their shoe boxes are a class apart too and have a lot of life and feel to them. The cardboard shoe boxes are strong, sturdy and definitely worth keeping. So, what do you do with all these shoe boxes piling up in your home? You use it to organize your home and workplace. Certainly, a shoe box can be used to store much more than just shoes. Depending on the design they follow, you can do so many creative things with them. In fact, the custom shoe boxes give us even better options, to begin with.  So, let’s take a look at some points you will have to consider when it comes to buying the right kind of shoe boxes so that you know that it is worth your money.

Shoe Boxes 1.     A box with a lid is a must

This has to be the first and the primary rule, to begin with. Be it the ones made of glass or a cardboard shoe box, it must have a lid on top so that you can use it to create storage space around your home. A box with no lid will not allow piling and layering and would ultimately be of not much use to you anyway. Depending on the material and purpose of use, the shoe boxes with lids often come to play a great role at our homes.

2.Collect before you order

While getting custom shoe boxes for decluttering seems like a reasonable affordable idea especially when shoe boxes wholesale allow you to save even more, it is still a better idea to collect the things you would want to organize first. It will allow you to get in the groove and develop a basic sense of what type of cardboard shoe boxes you actually require and need to find for yourself. Another handy, take home tip is to be sensible when ordering. Always go for shoe boxes that are of the same size so that stacking and piling are easier. It will also help you turn these custom shoe boxes into DIY projects where you create little cardboard cupboards out of piles of cardboard shoe boxes or plastic even.

Shoe Boxes

3.Order some extra shoe boxes

Doesn’t it happen to us all that when it is time to organize things we always find more things that need ordering than we had intended and end up running short on the storage boxes? You might have some extra running around your home too but when you are ordering wholesale shoe boxes why not order extra and save money on the extra ones too? So the rule is that if you need 10, you order 14 and if you need 20 you order 25. The point is that a few extra boxes have not killed anyone but seeing the things still a mess even after you have spent days decluttering them certainly will frustrate you to your limits.

4.Match the colors

Ultimately the shoe boxes will go on to become a part of the décor of your home. So make sure that the custom shoe boxes you order follow the generalized color scheme and decoration theme of your home. If the whole house needs ordering then it is always a good suggestion to order shoe boxes that would go well with each one of those rooms and colors. This is the reason where point number 2 would come into power. If you have it planned and thought through properly, the whole pieces would fall into pieces else all you would be left with would be a mess. If however, you can’t seem to find the colors you are looking for then you can order away from the plain cardboard shoe boxes and decorate them on your own in colors and styles that please you. With kids and summers, it will be a good project to keep them occupied and busy during the days.

Shoe Boxes 5.Label them. Always

Since you would be ordering shoe boxes with lid, it would be difficult to locate what lies where when you are in a hurry. If you can’t seem to find anything and rummaging through all the boxes at that time would feel like an even bigger pain. It is always a better idea to label the boxes after you have sorted out your things. It will save your time and prevent things from reaching points of disorganization after a couple of months. This is even more important if you have kids at home. Since they are usually impatient with these things, labels would help them find their lost things better. The labels should be placed where you can see them instantly and not after the whole mess has been created.

These are just some of the many points you might want to consider before you go rushing away to order those pretty looking shoe boxes online. They might be the most adorable things you have seen that day but a little strategy and thinking have never done anyone any harm. During this whole process, it is better to stay in constant touch with the custom shoe boxes provider so that they keep informing you of any lucrative wholesale shoe boxes offer you might want to avail.

Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes can help you in a lot of ways. From helping you sort the old clothes to being there as your personalized gift wrapping idea, there are many ways you can reuse them once they are of no use to you. How do you use the cardboard shoe boxes at home? Do let us know in the comments below.