Our go to comfort food for every occasion is pizza. Whether we’re sad, happy, excited or simply just hungry in the middle of the night, we reach out and dial the number of our favorite pizza bar to get the freshly baked snack delivered to your home. This is where the importance of pizza boxes come in. Their main focus is to keep our food hot and fresh for us, the second purpose the pizza boxes serve is the promotion of the pizzeria parlor. Hence, the boxes become the face of the company. The boxes are specially crafted in a specific manner ranging from different shapes and sizes. Therefore, they can be designed in whatever way you want, you don’t need to hold back on anything. From adding funky taglines, tacky color schemes to hip printed sketches, you can add a personal touch that will connect mostly with the large ratio of consumers of the teenage group. In the food industry, presentation is just as much important as the quality of food. Hence, Good quality pizza boxes more people every day to try out what you’re offering.

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Print cosmo company excel in delivering wholesale Pizza Boxes at retail prices as we understand the huge orders that the fast food companies receive every day on an hourly basis. So, you will need a cost-effective wholesale pizza boxes supplier to earn a decent profit. Not only boxes manufactured by us are more economical but they are also of premium essence which will leave a lasting impression on the minds of the consumer which will consequently make them remember you in the future. Numerous food chains make their debut in the market almost every day but what they lack is good promotional skills, poor advertisements are mostly the cause of their downfall. Infect, in order to stay on top of the food chain ladder, you have to utilize pizza boxes as a conventional tool of marketing and profit to double your everyday sales. We will supply you wholesale pizza boxes in bulk and we ensure you that these boxes will reach you on time as we are very punctual in our services. Now you’re wondering as to why you should choose us instead of any other brands, most printing companies do not stay true to their words, they use half the material to produce double the quantity which results in poor quality boxes that are not durable for carrying heavy food and consequently, don’t keep the food warm. This will automatically cast a bad impression of your company. Print cosmo makes sure that you get the best deals with additional services so as we believe in benefitting our customers to the maximum.

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Print cosmo delivers you with the best custom packaging options. You have complete freedom to choose in whatever way you want to design your boxes. In your Custom Packaging deal, you can either get mini cardboard boxes or full size large boxes depending on the requirement of the delivery. There is not one standard box size for a pizza because the sizes of the pizzas vary from small, medium, large, xl and so on. If the box of the pizza is larger than the actual pizza, then the food will get swooshed around and lose its shape and form. Small boxes of pizzas are usually designed with tacky colors. We excel in manufacturing mini cardboard pizza boxes. Moreover, another benefit of the cardboard is that the paper quality soaks up excessive oils from the food and keeps the pizza warm for a longer time.

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Moreover, the elements in the cardboard are all natural and devoid of any chemicals hence, they pose no chemical contamination for the food. We also care greatly about the general people as well as our customers. You can add additional information on your custom packaging such as list of ingredients, nutritional facts, promotional offers, address of your location along with weekly and monthly deals can be printed on the box. On top of that, you can get your preferred shape cut out from the cardboard box for example square, circle, rectangle or triangle. In our custom packaging offer, we have a bunch of free services provided such as free custom quote for quick access-able invoice, free sample, free shipment worldwide, fast turnaround time, low minimum order quality, our 100% free design assistance is available at all times, our team of skilled graphic designers is accessible 24/7 to assist you in choosing the most appealing designs and colors. Other than that, we have a policy of no-setup and plate charges, free die cutting with silver and golden foils are available.

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Food packaging boxes play a vital role in leaving the first impression on foodies, it leaves an impact on consumer’s mind to spend money on food items. The main function of Food Packaging Boxes is to preserve the food inside from harsh environmental factors such as dirt and damage, to keep the food warm. Furthermore, 100% Lack of air makes the food moist and soggy and too much exposure to air makes the food dry and hard. For that reason, it loses its freshness. Correct utilization of materials in the manufacturing of food packaging and wholesale pizza boxes plays a significant role in the final outcome of the packaging and whether it will come up to its duties or not like keeping the food fresh and warm, delivering the right amount of informational details along with the food. Materials generally used for making the food packaging boxes are cardboard, Kraft, plastic, glass, aluminum. Cardboard and Kraft are ideal for the market as they are easily available in the market and contain natural ingredients such as wood pulp which is biodegradable and 100% recyclable, hence it can be used several times. Conceding that, this procedure not only saves the planet but as well as the budget for your production. Print cosmo company will always be here for our loyal customers to print whatever you desire at cost effective rates so that our services are accessible to everyone.