Are you in love with custom Apparel boxes as much as we are? Then you have come to the right place. When it comes to designing your own apparel box, it is important to know that you can unleash the creative beast inside you and come up with ideas as wild as you can possibly think of. From uses boxes that have packing space outside the box to coming up with weird handy shapes, there is a whole world that you can explore. When it comes to becoming the talk of the town with your amazing apparel boxes, you have the world at your feet. Let’s take a brief overview of some of the creative apparel packaging boxes that you can get designed to boost your business.

Apparel boxes

Box the shape

Yes, literally! Is there a fancy sign or symbol that is the trademark of your business? Well, now is the time to bring it to some good use. Simply have the boxes designed in the shape and stand out from your competitors. What separates a successful business from the struggling one is a creative idea that was able to hit home. Therefore, learn to take some risks and go where others haven’t dared to so far. Because once you are out of your comfort zone, only then will you be able to achieve the success you are after. Moreover, you can also come up with a packaging that would display the clothes for the client to see with a transparent cover. Get your company’s logo printed on the cover to give it a personal look.

Boxes that roll it up

Not only would it save you the storage space but would also help your customers take home the boxes in a comfortable way. Why would you want to create trouble for your customers with huge apparel boxes when you can save them the hassle and design the ones that they can carry easily in hand and might as well show around to their friends. Instead of lying flat the clothes, why not roll them up and have the apparel packaging boxes designed like a rolling pin to accommodate the shape.

Apparel boxes

Hangers that are boxes

This one might be a bit tricky to design but if you manage to pull it off,  you surely would be making a mark with your customer base. You can design an affordable apparel box which is in the form of a hanger but with enough space inside to easily hold in the clothes. To add your personal touch have a hook attached to the top so that you can carry it easily with your hands without having to stop in for another bag. It is a great way to market the brand since it would disregard the need for a bag and would prompt your bag to be out in the public eye.

Tissue rolls

Shape the boxes like a tissue roll so that instead of flipping it open, the customers would have to slide out their clothes in like a tissue paper. This idea would be a perfect hit with the kids as they often get fascinated with such things which pique their interests. The cylindrical box would have a lid underneath so that once the customer takes it home, he can use it for storage purposes too. You can even make it more interesting by getting some personalized message printed on each box to personally connect with all your customers.

Apparel boxes

Bling Bling

If you want to stand out, get custom apparel boxes made which have a bit of bling bling factor added to them. It would work especially in women’s clothes as they would like boxes that flaunt and compliment their styles. If you feel like it, you can always hand decorate the boxes yourself but since it will take a lot of time, we are here to help. Our team would be glad to add any sort of detailing that you would like on your boxes. It is one way of being creative but still managing to stay in your budget so that you can keep the customers happy and your bosses too as the same time.

Shapes that are worth stashing

How about coming up with an idea which would prompt the users to buy your affordable apparel boxes and hoard them up instead of just throwing them away? It will be a blessing for the planet too and the customer would get something to save up too. Moreover, making the boxes in material that they can reuse will be a good marketing tactic for your business. We offer many such designs which can be made on custom order. Our team would be all too glad to help you come up with innovative ideas on how you can play your part in preserving the planet while marketing your business too.  

Apparel boxes

We offer affordable apparel boxes that will meet all your requirements. After taking full instructions from you, we will work to prepare a sample for you. Once the sample is approved, only then do we go ahead to prepare them in bulk just the way you would want it. With years of experience behind us, not only would we help you come up with innovative ideas but would allow you to come up with strategies that would meet your budget limit.

Moreover, we have quite a range of pre-designed apparel boxes which are strong and sturdy. These boxes are designed to handle the weight of the clothing to make them reliable and trustworthy. So, if you are not looking for something creative and want to go for the simple designs, then we also have those to offer to you as well in various sizes. Get in contact with us today and order them away. We always have some discount deals going on that you can certainly use to your advantage. So, hurry up before you miss out on all the fun.