Handle boxes are a standout amongst some multifunction boxes that are utilized for item stockpiling, for displaying items and for delivery. The best thing about this box with handle is how easy it is to carry around. This aspect makes them perfect for bundling and transporting items. You can have your cardboard box with handle altered in any shape and sizes as per your prerequisite. To give them an attractive look along with longer shelf life, modern printing equipment is used. To make the customized boxes increasingly safe for the item packed inside.


Handle boxes made out of cardboard are perfect for easy stockpiling of a wide range of items. These containers can be flexible when it comes to this sort of packing. Gift gable boxes with handle look very fancy. They add life to the gift that you have packed for your friends and family and companions. For the shipment of bulky and heavy items, corrugated Box with Handle is favored. Since their quality comes in handy to lift heavy items without the fear of the box collapsing.

Other famous types of these boxes are Box handlebars. These crates make an amicable alternative for putting away nourishment, contraptions, beauty care products and any sort of product. Several types of mediums are available and can be utilized for modifying these handle boxes. Moreover, there are different finishing alternatives accessible to make your handle display packaging boxes increasingly attractive for your potential clients.


On the off chance that you are searching for handle display packaging boxes. PrintCosmo has all kinds of printing and finishing options available for your boxes. You can make your handle boxes in the material of Kraft, corrugated, cardboard or some other medium. You will also get the option to add silver or gold foiling along with glossy and matte coatings.

At PrintCosmo, you will get 100% free design assistance from our graphic genies. You can approach them anytime you need help with your cardboard box with handle. The team will guide you about what energizing text style you should choose, what designs and shading choices will go best with your boxes, etc. Other than this, you can reach out to our customer support service team and they will answer all your queries about Customized Boxes.


The PrintCosmo has earned an honorable place in society from an enormous number of fulfilled happy customers. Because of the wonderful quality of our items, free and quick delivery and super caring customer service. Cardboard box with handle, Display Packaging boxes, sleeve boxes, and gable boxes are among our top selling items. You can have these customized boxes imprinted in only a couple of days.

To pay attention to our customer’s needs are our top most priority and we guarantee that each and every item we print is as just as accurate as of the order they placed. If you are thinking as to where can I find printing near me that is not too expensive then we are your answer? We keep our clients up to date regarding their parcel when it is in delivery. We don’t cost any additional charges for transportation. The relationship with our client is formed through genuineness and trust that we have earned by manufacturing reliably premium quality items.

Box with Handle


Take a creative stance and emerge in the market with an entirely new and different kind of packaging box! The Gable Boxes that we produce are an inventive path for your business to sparkle more brightly. These customized boxes are flexible in the sense that they are a bag and a box simultaneously in one container like the package. You can utilize Gable boxes for packing in your food, fancy gifts, and many more things. Also called barn boxes, these customized boxes are adaptable holders which give the advantages because of their multi-function properties.

When it comes to Food Packaging, our gable food boxes are utilized in many restaurants and cafes. A very famous example is the happy meal box from Mcdonald’s. With the availability of a vast assortment of sizes. You do not have to worry about finding the right size for your box. At our station, we have various structures and sizes, including specially printed alternatives for manufacturing your boxes. You can take inspiration from other online printing companies as well such as U-line if you are thinking of trying to find printing near me.


Whenever when at a store whilst paying our bills, there are a few items put in the Display Boxes on the shelves that unwittingly attract you towards them. These Presentation Boxes more often than not display things like desserts, bubble gums, mints, chocolates, cigarettes and other appealing things that people buy on a whim. But for display packaging boxes to work, the customized boxes must be designed carefully. By adding a company’s logo, you can get the attention of the clients effectively. We as a whole realize Custom Display Packaging Boxes has its very own significance with regards to pulling in the clients so order yours today and get premium quality boxes at your doorstep in just a few weeks!


If you are interested to learn more about the different types of customized boxes available at our store. Then keep on reading the next article to know more about what Sleeve Boxes are and how these are utilized.

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