Biscuits are the best companions of the evening tea and midnight snacking. There are different types of biscuits and each one deserves a unique packaging that would help preserve its taste and texture alike. The biscuit packaging boxes come in various sizes to help the customers get their favorite biscuits in convenient packaging. From tin to paper, biscuit boxes are available in many different types so that you can get the one that befits your budget. So, what are the factors which are considered when ordering custom biscuit boxes? Let us begin by taking a brief look at some of the uses of packing the biscuits in custom biscuit boxes.

biscuit packaging boxes

Visual Appeal

Most of the times we look at the biscuit packaging and decide on buying that particular brand. Why is that so? It is because of the picture, name, and description of the biscuit on the front cover of the box. Most of the times, it is the unique color selection and innovative packaging that has us tempted. It is perhaps the biggest use of the packaging from the sales point of view. Our design team would be glad to help you choose the right design and color combination before you order biscuit boxes wholesale from us.


Each one of the boxes come in various sizes: 4,6,8,12 and so on. This allows the company to come up with many affordable serving sizes that will allow the customers to buy their product. While some might not be able to buy the whole pack of 12 at any given time can certainly try the smaller packs to get a taste of the biscuits and decide if they want to buy them again or not. The packaging too is supposed to be very clear about the collation of the biscuits in the box so that the customer doesn’t feel tricked or deceived in any way. In case you are going for a unique number for the biscuit arrangement, then you can always order for yourself custom biscuit boxes.

biscuit packaging boxes


The biscuit boxes are not just for selling but are also important as they contain vital information about the type of biscuit, its ingredients and weight too. How else would you know just by looking at the biscuit that it is gluten free and safe for you if it wasn’t for the packaging and boldly written claims on the front side of the biscuit boxes? The legislations are becoming very strict about the information which is displayed on the biscuit boxes and ensures them to be very accurate and precise. One of the most important information which is printed on the biscuit packaging boxes is that of the manufacturing and expiry date. It is an extremely information which is crucial for the consumer. These two dates are also required by the food authorities so that the consumer does not end up eating food which is not safe for consumption.

Protection of taste

While the biscuits are lying on the shelves waiting to be sold, they can deteriorate. It could be a drop in their taste or their visual appeal. Apart from moisture, it could be the biscuits picking up strong smells that may affect the taste or rancidity too that might end up harming the overall texture of the biscuits. There are chances that rats or mice may enter the packs of biscuits and make them harmful for consumption. This scenario is rare but definitely possible. Having strong and sturdy custom biscuit boxes that prevent all this from happening is very important.

biscuit packaging boxes

Plastic or different laminates are used to create a barrier that would prevent the moisture from going in the biscuits or escaping them. This barrier is sealed using heat so that the moisture content of the biscuits is retained. It is the quality of the seal and that of the barrier itself which helps preserve the taste of the biscuits in the biscuit packaging boxes. However, the plastics may be a good barrier for moisture but they are ineffective when it comes to keeping off the strong smells. Hence, it is advised to avoid taking any risks and not keep the biscuit packs close to detergents, washing powders or soaps. Moreover, it is ensured that the quality of the packaging material is good enough to prevent chemical changes in the composition of the biscuits. It is done by preventing light from entering the pack as it can initiate the process of oxidation which is mostly responsible for rancidity in the biscuits.

Protection of texture

The crispier the biscuits, the higher the chances of them breaking off easily. The packaging needs to be chosen very carefully to make sure that they are packed in a secure manner. When ordering the biscuit boxes wholesale, do keep in consideration the overall texture of your biscuits and how you would want them to retain their original shape. One way to do that is to make use of layered trays with separations that prevent them from rubbing against each other. Moreover, packing them tightly is also a way of ensuring that they do not move too much to break easily. However, packing which is too tight is also not safe and would defeat the purpose altogether. This is the reason a flexible plastic sheet is used for this purpose so that the biscuits are not in an extremely tight arrangement.

biscuit packaging boxes

When it comes to preparing biscuit boxes wholesale we pay special attention to the material which is used and the overall shape of the box as well. Our goal is to create a box which is visually appealing and serves all the aforementioned purposes of the custom biscuit boxes too. From using tests to measure the moisture control of the barrier used to the colors that are used for printing, attention is paid to each and every detail. So get in contact with us today and have us design the perfect biscuit packaging boxes for you.