Hair extensions are ruling the fashion world these days. With their increasing demand, plenty of manufacturers have entered the scene and are looking for ways to come on top of others. They are looking for ways to promote their brand popularity in order to enhance the volume of their sales. If you are one of them, then you have landed the perfect guide to hair extension boxes which will help you advertise and store your hair extensions in a way that would make your product look enticing to the potential customers.

hair extension boxes

On the other hand, if you are on the buying end, then you would definitely be looking for ways to store your extensions in an orderly manner to keep them from getting tangled. Since hair extensions are a huge investment you would want to keep them safe and ready for use whenever you wish. Hair extension boxes would be the perfect match for your precious extensions to keep them safe. Keeping in view the popularity of hair extensions we have brought the complete guide to hair extension boxes in order to educate you about their types, how they can be used for different purposes and why you must go for them.

Types of Hair Extension Boxes

You can select your custom hair packaging according to your requirements from the types given below:

Corrugated Hair Extension Boxes
Corrugated Hair extension boxes are ideal to keep your precious hair extensions safe from high temperature as well as unwanted smell. These hair extension packaging boxes are made of up three layers among which the central one is insulated while the outer layer can be used for brand advertisement and marketing. So, get these hair extension packaging supplies to keep your extensions safe from external damages, unwanted odor as well as high temperature.

Kraft Hair Extension Boxes
Kraft is a brownish porous material used, ideal for custom hair extension boxes due to its easy availability. The porous surface allows the ventilation of air to keep your extensions safe from any damage and odor. These boxes give a simple outlook usually however, you can come up with creative ideas to make them look exciting. There are plenty of design ideas including windows and printing options to make these boxes look interesting while promoting your brand.

Recyclable Hair Extension Boxes
if you are an eco-friendly manufacturer and don’t want any part in increasing the pollution, then you can have your custom hair extension boxes made out of cardboard which is an environmentally friendly recyclable material and can be decomposed easily. You can customize their design as well as printing according to your requirements. Not only that you can recycle them as well to make them useable again for the next time and save resources in the process while being eco-friendly all the same.

hair extension boxes

Importance of Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extension boxes are very useful and important if you want your expensive human to be safe and ready for use whenever you will. These hair extension packaging boxes are important in the following ways:

  • You can re-use your extensions again and again.
  • Hair extensions do not get tangled in these boxes.
  • Keep your investment safe.
  • Keep them safe from getting damaged due to high temperature or from unwanted odor.
  • You can design your custom hair extension boxes innovatively to promote your brand and attract massive clientele to enhance the volume of your sales.
  • You can get them made in bulk to save money and time while printing your business logo and other details to provide awareness about your business to the audience.
  • You can achieve all this in a very cost-effective manner as the hair extension packaging supplies are really affordable and don’t put a burden on your pocket while keeping your product safe as well as increasing your brand popularity.

hair extension boxes

Keep Your Hair Extensions Safe

Do you want to be able to use your extensions again and again? Do the tangled and messy hair extensions get you’re your nerves each time you have to go out and find it difficult to style your hair extensions in time? We have brought some tips for you to manage your hair extensions properly in order to be able to use them whenever you have to step out.

  • Keep your investment safe from getting tangled by combing it each time you put it back into the box after using it.
  • Let it dry for a few minutes before storing it in the hair extension packaging box to ensure that they don’t smell bad when you use them the next time.
  • Use heat exposure serums and other hair care products to keep your natural hair safe from getting damaged due to the heat.
Custom Hair Extension Boxes for Brand Popularity

With the increasing popularity of hair extensions, there is a war going on between the competitors to promote their brand with enhanced quality of their product as well as packaging to ensure the safety.

Keeping this in mind, the hair extension packaging suppliers are giving dire importance to the production of enticing and high quality custom hair extension boxes. You can even hire professionals to design the cover of your boxes to promote your brand in the best possible way to lure in maximum clients and enhance the volume of your sales by marketing your product smartly. The long and short of it is that you can advertise your hair extensions in a very cost-effective as well as efficient manner by using custom hair extension boxes.

hair extension boxes

Keeping in view the numerous benefits that the hair extension boxes have to offer, it is the best idea to get them customized and organize your hair extensions properly while promoting your brand effectively. So, get in contact with a professional printing company to get your unique hair extension packaging supplies made to store as well as advertise your hair extensions to increase the popularity of your brand and enhance your sales cost effectively.